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  1. Stay With Me

    Poem About Begging Someone Not To End Their Life

    How can I tell you
    How can I say

    What you'll miss

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  3. It Spoke The Word Suicide

    • By Stevie Winchester
    • Published: December 2007
    Poem About A Friends Suicide

    A smile, a laugh
    a tear, a frown
    a sad young boy none knew was falling down
    he was falling way too fast...

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    My name is Jessica. My best friend Sammy committed suicide a few days ago. On June 11th 2014 to be exact. It hit me hard. I was talking to her when it happened. She slit her wrists the wrong...

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  4. The Demons And Me

    • By Levari
    • Published: June 2010

    I got this feeling deep inside,
    Not sadness or hatred not even pride,
    A blank spot on a map,
    Where something use to be,...

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    You are special. Yes, there always is someone to help you, but you are special. You are one who cannot be replaced. I may not know you, but I know when people feel unhappy or on the very last...

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  6. Why, What If, And If Only

    • By Lucy
    • Published: January 2011

    Four years have passed and still I have to ask myself, why, what if, and if only.
    Why did you choose that day to die?
    What if I had been there for you?
    And if only I had gotten there sooner....

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    Hello, I love your poem. My mother took her life on Thanksgiving Day last year and I always wonder if there was something I could've done to change her mind. If only I called her more or...

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  7. It Is Over

    • By Cheryl Charette Johnson
    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About Life Changing After Losing A Loved One


    It is quiet,
    So very quiet.

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  8. Darkness

    When darkness falls you can not see the light.
    Your breathe is heavy as sweat drips from your brow
    and blurriness blinds your sight.
    You start to have second thoughts, ...

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  10. Alone

    • By Daniel Moreton
    • Published: January 2008
    Tried To Commit Suicide

    I feel so alone.
    I'm hopeless in life,
    I try to be happy but only find it with a knife.
    It slips through my wrists and flows from my veins,

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  11. Thank You

    • By Sarah
    • Published: July 2008
    A Suicide Note

    I can't take it, it's come to me.
    That this life wasn't meant to be.
    As I take this choice and let myself go.
    I think to myself, how you'd say no!...

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  12. Confessions Of A Cutter

    • By Sebrina Newman
    • Published: November 2007

    Only tears
    As I press the blade
    Against my pale skin...

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    I started when I was 9 but it wasn't serious to begin with. I started wanting to seriously kill myself at 11 though. Now I'm almost 16 and I'm on the edge of my life......

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  13. All My Life

    • By Nicole M. Preble
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem On The Effects of Suicide

    All my life my hands have been cold,
    And my eyes have never been seen.
    My voice has been stolen from a heart that was broken,
    And my mind has never been keen....

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    My father committed suicide when I was 16. He dealt with a lifelong drug addiction, and then the following year.. my girlfriend also committed suicide. She dealt with depression and was able...

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