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  1. She

    • By James Johnson
    • Published: July 2011
    Poem About A Husband's Only Love

    I found my lady dying
    Lying across our bed
    I pulled her to me gently
    And kissed her sweet forehead

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  3. Today

    • By Anthony Holbrook
    • Published: December 2011
    When Will The Hurt Stop? Poem

    They say time heals all
    Is today the day the hurt begins to fall

    They say that it will get better and time will ease the pain;

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  4. All Of Me

    Poem About Giving All Of Me

    With my hands I held you, I touched you and loved you.
    My hands are callused from very hard work
    to provide clothing, shelter, transportation, food, entertainment and more.
    I massaged away your pains and bound your wounds with my hands.

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  6. Dark Crying

    Poem About Losing Who You Are After Wife's Death

    My eyes no longer wet from the years of struggle and fear,
    I exist now only in thought and memory.
    My love is gone,
    A shell so cold.

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  7. Our Tale

    For The Dream Does Always Fade

    Even now, despite the time
    That's gone by since you were mine
    I find at quiet moments
    In my heart

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    I lost my wife almost 17 years ago and I was looking for something to say or read at her yearly memorial.
    Then I read this, and it so exactly described my feelings, that not only I read it...

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  8. Missing My Wife

    • By Ryan
    • Published: December 2011
    Poem About Being Lost Without Wife

    When I try to take a break
    and relax in my busy life,
    my heart, it does ache,
    and all I think is how I miss my wife.

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    Hello Calvin....

    Your story really, really relates to me. You see as I write this my wife is not with me, you see we still love each other.......she loves me and I love her dearly, and...

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  10. Gillian

    • By Robert Powell
    • Published: July 2011
    Wife Dies Of M.S.

    As I stand gazing out my window, I recall
    your Father telling me you won't be with us long.
    The trees were beautiful, their leaves the many colours of fall, some lay already on the ground, I remember our song.

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  11. Stars At Night

    • By Rebecca Sexton
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Wife Passing In October

    Beautiful stars in the night
    Beautiful stars shining bright
    Wondering what is beyond that life
    Wondering if it's my lost loved wife

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