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  1. 41. Stronger Than Drugs

    • By Alexandra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    I got a good idea for this poem and some good lines from someone on this website. Thank you for the amazing inspiration.
    This is about how crack cocaine ruined my and my mother's life but how I'm not going to fall into that trap and I'm going to break the cycle and make a beautiful life for myself.

    Crack Cocaine

    Most days I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.
    I want my mother back.
    Who is this monster you have become?

    I really haven't known who you are for quite a while,
    So I try to act tough and force a fake smile.

    You love someone else way more than me.
    Her name is crack cocaine...
    I don't think she will ever set you free.

    She's had you in her hands for about 7 years.
    You knew from the first hit she's never going to let you out.

    But all those years are nothing compared to my agonizing fear,
    Fear of finding you dead, fear of you lying,
    Fear of where you are and why you're not coming home,
    Fear of the anger and hatred you show me when you're high,
    And fear of having so much faith in you and just being left crying.

    You wrote me letters while you were clean,
    Said you were sorry and this time was really it.
    Many years have passed and it's been nothing but lies..
    Mom you promised me the sky.

    I've felt nothing but heartache, pain, and misery
    Ever since your journey into addiction began,
    But even that wasn't enough to make me see...
    The reality of it was drugs over me.

    All the mind games and endless guilt you've placed on my shoulders...
    Eventually it ended up crushing me like boulders.

    No more will I let your choices affect my life.
    I'm telling you now that I am through with you.
    I love you too much that you're killing me.
    This comes from my heart and every word is true.

    When you realize crack has finally got you beat...
    When you can't stay off the streets or out of a cell..
    Maybe then you'll see crack and drugs lead you one place...
    And that's to hell.

    I do thank you so much for one thing though,
    Thank you for showing me how important a good mother can be
    And to never show my children the pain you've showed me.

    So today I officially set myself free
    Because I have so much potential,
    And I know there's a stronger woman in me.

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  2. 42. I Never Asked You To Be My Dad

    As I've grown older I've come to realize that alcoholism is a disease. However, the fact that alcoholism is a disease does nothing to help all the young children that are abused on a daily basis by alcoholic parents. Let's pray they get the help they desperately need.

    I never asked you to be my Dad,
    To slap me around and treat me bad.
    I never asked you to drink alcohol,
    I never asked for anything at all.

    I never asked for the hurt and pain,
    Or for the nights that were half insane.
    I never asked for fights that were wild,
    Or to grow up a bewildered child.

    I never asked you to beat up my Mom,
    Or for a blanket to help keep me warm.
    I never asked you to leave me alone,
    Or to grow up in a broken down home.

    I never asked for this horrible life,
    Or for the conflicts, the quarrels and strife.
    I never once asked that I be defiled,
    Or to grow up a bewildered child.

    I never asked to be raised in prison,
    Or to see darkness though the sun had risen.
    I never asked you to raise Holy Hell,
    Or for my bedroom to be like a jail cell.

    I never asked to be used and abused,
    Or to sit in my room dazed and confused.
    I never asked for the crap that has piled,
    Or to grow up a bewildered child.

    I never asked for a brand new bike,
    Or for any toys that I used to like.
    I never asked you to throw me a ball,
    Or for the bruises when I took a "fall".

    I never asked once but I'm asking you now,
    I hope you make me understand somehow.
    How you could treat me so freaking bad,
    That I never asked you to be my Dad.

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    Your poems really touched me. I have a dad who drinks and parties a lot on weekdays. My brother and I don't like it at all. He beats me when he's drunk. I cry at night wishing my late mom can...

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  3. 43. Monkey Business

    • By Ashley Depuy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2015

    When I met my boyfriend he was a recovering heroin addict. He relapsed a month into our relationship and didn't get clean for 2 years until I finally left him. At one point I had found him od'ing on my bathroom floor and had to break into my bathroom. He got clean when he realized I would actually leave. We are back together now, and I am trying to help him stay on the right track! I have been writing this poem for a year and a half now as our relationship has continued, and I now feel it's complete.

    Poem About My Relationship With An Addict

    That monkey on your back,
    He's a tricky little guy.
    I thought that he was dead and gone.
    I thought he said goodbye.

    That monkey on your back?
    Turns out it was just a slumber.
    He woke up and came back into your life,
    Like the booming clap of thunder!

    That monkey on your back,
    He's grabbed ahold of you.
    His grasp is so insanely strong,
    I'm at a loss for what to do...

    That monkey on your back,
    He's creeping into your mind.
    You don't see what you're doing.
    You've gone completely blind.

    That monkey on your back?
    He only cares about one thing.
    He'll do anything to get it.
    He doesn't care about the sting.

    That monkey on your back?
    He'll distract you at all costs!
    As long as he has what HE wants,
    He doesn't care what YOU have lost!

    That monkey on your back...
    He made you lock the door
    So I couldn't get to you,
    When you were dying on the floor...

    That monkey on your back?
    I hope he dies and goes to hell!
    I'm scared that if he doesn't,
    You'll end up dead or in a cell.

    That monkey on your back...
    I want him to go away...
    But I'm scared that you'll go with him.
    I don't want that, STAY!

    That monkey on your back,
    He gives a false sense of love.
    But when you're standing on the ledge,
    He'll provide the final shove...

    That monkey on your back,
    With spoon and needle in hand.
    He won't stop until you're dead,
    On your last trip to Neverland.

    That monkey on your back or me.
    One of us has to go!
    The ball is in your court. Your choice.
    It's time, please let me know.

    Please let me know you love me.
    That I'm more important than that ape.
    Please tell me that you're ready
    To get your life back into shape.

    Please let me know I'm worth it,
    Because my love is much too strong!
    I can't lose you to this addiction!
    Please! Come back where you belong!

    Please let me know you hear me,
    That my cries don't go unheard.
    I know you're lost. I'll find you!
    I'll search endlessly undeterred!

    I'll search if there's a reason,
    Even the smallest glimpse of light!
    I'll search until I find you,
    If you're willing to put up the fight!

    This battle will not be easy!
    Don't worry! I'm on your side!
    There will be wounds and scars and blood and tears,
    But in the end you will feel pride!

    You'll be proud you won this battle,
    Against that monkey on your back!
    And next time you'll see him coming,
    With his surprise sneak attack.

    So you won't let him get you,
    Because you will be prepared.
    And I'll be there, on your side.
    If war he has declared.

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    I can relate a lot to this as well. I'm married to an addict. He just got out of prison this month and is already back in jail for meth. He's 40 years old and we have four kids together, and...

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  4. 44. Never Say Never

    • By Lisa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    I grew up with two parents who were both addicts. My mom now has 7 years clean!! My father is in prison till 2020, and I told myself as long as I can remember that I would never become like them, and by the time I realized that, I have become them. It was too late, and addiction slapped me in the face!!

    Addict Like My Parents Poem

    I never thought I'd live my life with a needle in my arm.
    I never meant to treat loved ones this way
    or cause any person harm.
    I never could have seen myself being a junky at 17.
    I sometimes wish that when I open my eyes all this would be a dream.
    I never imagined that I would do what I have done just to get high.
    I never wanted addiction to be a reason I could die.
    I never planned on throwing my life completely down the drain.
    I never took the time to think what I was getting myself in.
    So ever say never because you may be like me living a life I Never wanted to be.

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    I get on here every couple of years, I wrote this poem when I was 17. I knew that I was traveling a path that was not right. I also knew that it was the same direction as my father who today...

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  5. 45. What Happened?

    • By Angelita Alvarez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    She had a sister who was also her best friend. Now her sister is addicted to heroin, and all she can do is pray that her sister will win the battle against this powerful substance.

    Sister Addicted To Drugs Poem

    What happened is what I ask myself every day?
    What was she thinking knowing she'd be putting her life to waste?
    This is my sister, and I love her with all my heart,
    But doing drugs has only kept us far apart.
    I never thought she would end up this way.
    It hurts me knowing I can't help her, so all I do is pray,
    I pray for her to open her eyes before it's too late.
    Dealing drugs and stealing became her hobby,
    I guess she doesn't care if her kids end up without a mommy.
    Why can't she be the way she was before?
    Now that was my sister, the one that always loved me more.
    She was my best friend, we were always together,
    Nothing ever kept us apart because we promised we'd be sisters forever.
    I guess forever finally came to an end.
    She doesn't love me anymore now, heroin became her new friend.
    I cry every time something reminds me of my sister,
    I feel anger and pain inside knowing I can't help her.
    But I won't lose faith,
    Every night I will pray,
    'Cause I know someday God will show her the way.
    So now I put this poem to an end and wish only for the best,
    I pray it's never my sister who will someday be laid to rest!

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    Well I had been using heroin for 4 to 5 years and no attempt to stop worked..nothing worked! I was in a crazy relationship and we both used..I hid it from my friends and family but they knew...

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  6. 46. They Took You Away

    • By Aimee Fox
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2014

    My brother was an alcoholic. We could all see this, but he was in denial. We could see him slowly dying. It was really hard for us. He was only 28 when he died, and we were all there at the hospital. I prayed right till the very end for a miracle, but it didn't come.

    Poem About Losing Brother To Alcohol

    I was 25, you were only 28.
    A thousand times we tried to help you,
    But we were still too late.

    You told us everything was ok,
    But we could see your body and mind starting to decay.

    I prayed to God that I would help you if he would save you,
    But now I will never see that day.

    You were so brave, and I continued to pray,
    But then came that day when the angels took you away.

    I felt my heart stop beating,
    Like I was floating on air.
    All I could do was stand there.
    Then I realized those screams I was hearing were coming from me.
    I just couldn't stop; they had to let me be.

    They say it will get easier,
    But I don't think that's true
    Because every day I cry more for you.

    Now we have to try and live without you.
    It's the hardest thing we have had to go through.

    We love and miss you more than you will ever know.
    I hope you are happy now, if only you could let us know.

    We will never let you go from our hearts and soul.
    One day we will be together again, our family, whole.

    Poem About Losing Brother To Alcohol, They Took You Away

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  7. 47. Please Stop Drinking, Mom

    • By Kayla S. Birdno
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A daughter begs her mother who has become an abusive alcoholic to reconsider what she is becoming.

    Poem About Abusive Alcoholic

    I smell the whiskey on your breath.
    And you beg for me to put your temper to the test.
    You slap me around and call me names.
    Mom, I'm sick of playing these games.

    One day it's going to end up getting worse.
    It hurts me how you yell and curse.
    Stop it, before it's too late.
    Mom, this is not your fate.

    You used to care.
    You used to be there.
    Now you've gone away.
    Mom, please stop today.

    Bruises and hits.
    Temperamental fits.
    All is causing me pain.
    Mom, stop yelling. I'm not to blame.

    You're drinking away what's left of you.
    It's hurting me, and you're hurting me, too.
    I've cried. I've begged. What more can I do?
    Mom, I've tried to help. And I've tried to still love you.

    It's hard when I'm only neglected.
    When all I ever wanted was to be accepted.
    I know I'm not perfect, but look at you now.
    Mom, you've got to stop this somehow.

    You've beaten me down once more.
    My heart's broken, and I'm lying on the floor.
    How much more of this can I take?
    Mom, please. Give me a break.

    You brought me into this life.
    And you cause me all this strife.
    But are you going to take me out of this world, too?
    Mom, stop before that comes true.

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    Wow. This brought back so many painful memories for me, and I can relate to everything you have written. No one who has not been through this will ever understand our pain or our sorrow, our...

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  8. 48. No Stem Or Needles For Me Anymore

    • By Denise
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    I started drugs (alcohol and weed) when I was 13, and it progressed to crack and heroin. I am now in rehab and going through a hard and long process. I am here to talk to anyone. I write to get my feelings out and not use, and I just hope someone might just appreciate them even though they aren't the prettiest. Bless all of you who deal with family on drugs and good luck.

    No stem or needles for me anymore.
    No need to buy any rigs or chore.
    Collapsed veins were my biggest fear.
    When I'm sick and shaking no need for tears.
    No calls from the dope man asking, "You all good?"
    For I am changing and won't be that fool.
    My inside was decaying and dying inside
    With nobody special to call to confide.
    I have met so many special women who have changed my life.
    I never want to go back to that drug infested life.

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    Hello, my name is Sarah I'm 28 years old, and I've been an addict since I was 14 years old. For the first time in my life I am finally admitting that I am ​addicted to meth and downer pills....

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  9. 49. My Last Pain

    • By Monica Joyce
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007

    This is dedicated to the way my mom was when I was raised and some of the stuff I deal with today.

    Another spill down the drain,
    one more pill to drown my pain.
    Is it a cover up or a disguise
    I don't think I'll ever stop and realize.

    More hurt and dissatisfying tears.
    One more bad picture, then I face my fears.
    I'll always be scared deep down inside
    But yet I still continue to deny.

    I feel there is no one to turn to in my time of need.
    So I light up a big one, and smoke some weed.
    To me, my life is just one big joke.
    A life of heroine, alcohol, not to mention coke.

    These are substitutes to make me fly.
    I feel I have nothing to worry about when I am high.
    Some of the drugs hit so fast
    Then I say to myself, "This will be the last."

    But more pain and anger builds up in my heart.
    I know what I need to numb my parts.
    Suddenly I feel that high again.
    I don't care who I hurt or the sin within.

    I start thinking I just want to die.
    There is no one who cares or questions why?
    I decide to take that last shot once more.
    Then I am gone, there is nothing to live for.

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    My husband has always battled with addiction. We have been together for 14 1/2 years. About 3 years ago he was really strung out on meth and pain pills, to the point that I was completely...

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  10. 50. I Remember

    • By Lynne
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    This is a poem I wrote after looking back on growing up with an alcoholic father. All the stuff that happened when I was younger are memories I can never forget.

    Poem About Growing Up With An Alcoholic Father

    I remember when the police came to our house.
    You didn't want to go with them.

    I remember when my mom wanted to leave.
    You didn't want her to.

    I remember when you had your stomach pumped.
    You didn't want to stop.

    I remember when you said you quit.
    You didn't want us to know the truth.

    I remember when Mom left town.
    You didn't want us to know what you were buying at the store.

    I remember finding you passed out on the porch.
    You didn't think I realized what was going on.

    I remember you saying you were done drinking.
    You didn't mean that at all.

    I remember hearing you were arrested for drunk driving.
    You didn't think you would ever get caught.

    I remember breaking down because I had thought you quit.
    You didn't think it would hurt me so much.

    I remember you apologizing for what you had done.
    You didn't understand it didn't mean anything to me.

    I remember you talking about everything like it's not a big deal.
    You didn't know how it tore me up inside.

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    this really describes my life with my father

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  11. 51. Drug Overdose

    • By Alex
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2007

    The poet vividly describes a close encounter with death. He experiences the ultimate "bad trip" and lives to tell the tale.

    I saw death for the first time.
    My life was decaying,
    My body was cold and numb.
    My head was taking me away from reality.
    I saw a light; I walked towards it, hoping this nightmare would be over,
    yet the nightmare I lived in was real and there was no way out.
    My life was ending each step I took.
    I thought about the good and bad times.
    I thought about the people I love: friends, family, my mom.
    I did not want to die, yet the body was full of dangerous chemicals.
    My mouth was dry; I could not swallow the pain.
    I could not breathe; my body was shaking, my head spinning into hell.
    I couldn't move; my cries for help were useless, for I could not talk.
    I was choking in my own sins; I was lying on the floor ready to die.
    No tears came out of my eyes, no emotions were shown, for I was weak and helpless.
    I was given aid by my angel; he had saved me once before and he would not let me die.
    My dark angel, he stood by; he walked me out of the light back into my own body.
    I was starting to gain control of the drug overdose and I fought death
    I fought for my life, and I did win and I felt proud of waking up.
    I woke up; the nightmare was over; I made it through, although I did not remember anything
    With a nose and mouth full of blood, I woke up, my body weak from the pain,
    and I was alive, and I regret having evil take control of me.

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    The last time I OD'd, my mom found me. When I came out of my coma, I was told my mom overdosed.

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  12. 52. Addiction

    • By Christina Carbone
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009

    Dedicated to Dustin James. I miss you every day. May you rest in peace and live happier in heaven than you did on earth. I love you always.

    Me And You Hand In Hand

    I don't know what you're going through
    I just know the things you say
    and the symptoms that occur
    are the same each passing day

    Like the uncontrollable trembling
    and the racing of your heart
    the sickness in your stomach
    when you feel you're falling apart

    The feeling you're on the outside
    and you're barely looking in
    or the faulting of your memory
    of the places you have been

    Then there's the constant pounding
    and the blurriness in your eyes
    the days you just want to lay
    curl up in a ball and die

    Well I'm not ready to lose you
    so by your side I'll stand
    we'll get through this together
    me and you, hand in hand.

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    I really like your poem, and I understand your pain. I lost my husband to an accidental overdose 4 months ago, and I am really struggling and grieving. I miss him every second of every day....

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  13. 53. An Alcoholic's Daughter

    • By Kris
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013

    I'm a teenager finally revealing something that has changed my life drastically. Yes, this story is true. A day doesn't go by when I don't think of this night. It's something that is a hard topic to touch on, but it has had to been said.

    Poem About Abuse, Hurt, And Pain

    The story you're about to hear is not fiction or fake
    it's a sad story, about a man and his mistake.
    See, this poem is not about her or she, it's about a
    strong young girl, and that young girl, well, she's me.

    The first time I knew he was acting different that day,
    was the first time I had absolutely nothing to say.
    I was young at the time, gullible you might say,
    but I can still remember the hell I went through, even
    to this day.

    I never understood why he'd go from happy to sad,
    until one night, something happened, something that
    was bad.

    I was at a friend's house that night when I knew it was time
    to go,
    so I picked up the phone and called home,
    to find out there was a lot about my dad that I didn't know.
    He picked up the phone and told me my mother was on her way,
    but before he hung up, I heard her voice say,
    "Let me go, please, don't make me stay,
    this is not right, living life this way."

    She picked me up, her hand was covering her eye,
    that's when I knew and said
    "Mom please don't let this be true, please make up a lie."

    It's never been the same, not since that night
    but how could he act like everything was alright.
    He's tried to make it better, but try is a funny word
    see I thought when you try, you actually care, but you,
    you're just cold.

    I'm getting tired of the games,
    pretending everything's okay,
    and being called names.
    I never asked for you to drink,
    I only want you to think,
    think of the pain you've caused in this "family"
    because if that's what you want, then I'll leave, happily.

    I find myself mad, confused and dazed
    but because of you, I'll always be sad in someway.
    It's not my fault you let this addiction control you,
    so stop blaming others, and go do what you need to do.

    The story you heard was not fiction or fake,
    but it was about a man and his bad mistake.

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  14. 54. Help Me Momma

    • By Lisa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2013

    This is about a family that has a mother addicted to crystal meth....

    Poem About A Mother Addicted To Crystal Meth

    A 16 year old boy alone in his room,
    nothing left in his life but gloom.

    He cleans up the kitchen empty of food,
    stuck forever in this horrible mood.

    He looks in her bedroom and she is gone again,
    probably hanging with her new best friend.

    His 12 year old brother is hungry again
    while mother is gone with one of her men.

    Daddy went to heaven; he left us alone.
    Sister is outside, always stoned.

    Mommy, come home; I need you so bad.
    Mommy, please help me; I am so sad.
    Mommy, can't you please be here for me?
    Mommy, take this burden and set me free.

    A 12 year old boy alone in his room,
    nothing left in his life but gloom.

    Daddy loved him so much when he was here.
    He wipes away another stray tear.

    He was the baby, the apple of their eyes
    He thinks mommy doesn't love him 'cause she leaves and doesn't say goodbye!

    He doesn't want to ask for help; they may take her too!!
    He is so scared and doesn't know what to do.

    His sister is outside, and she doesn't care.
    What happened to them? This is so unfair!

    Mommy, come home; I need you so bad.
    Mommy, please help me; I am so sad.
    Mommy, can't you please be here for me?
    Mommy, take this burden and set me free.

    A 40 year old mother out again,
    hanging with her new best friend.

    Her kids at home don't enter her head.
    She can forget that her husband is dead.

    She can get high and party all night
    and somehow doesn't realize this isn't right.

    Mommy isn't coming home for you.
    Mommy won't help or care if your blue.
    Mommy will not comfort you or say goodbye.
    Mommy won't do anything but get high.

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    My mom and I used to be so close. We both had the same drug of choice, meth, and cleaned up in 2007 together. We bonded over it. Talked about it. Grew from it. I even lived with her for about...

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  15. 55. Letter To Drug Dealer From Mother Of Young Addict

    This is a letter to vent my anger towards the scourge of our society Drug Dealers. My son has been destroyed by drugs, and I want people to read the other side of pain, suffered by families at the ends of these monsters.

    A Letter To A Drug Dealer.

    As you read this letter
    I want you to know the devastation
    That you have caused to families.
    Perhaps you're beyond caring.
    All you see is the money you have made,
    Or perhaps you don't have a
    Conscience at all.

    I'm writing this letter to let you know
    The misery you inflict to millions of innocent people,
    People you don't know,
    The unheard cry of agony.
    Ordinary families trying to get by
    And do the best for their children,
    Sons or daughters that you don't care about,
    Lives destroyed at your hands.
    Kids that you deliberately set out to get hooked on drugs.

    When you're a parent and have children,
    You want the best for them.
    You want them to grow up to be happy,
    Independent, and make their way in the world,
    To be honest and hard working.
    What you can't protect them from is the outside world,
    Monsters like you,
    Who roam free to destroy lives.

    You look on helplessly as you watch
    The child you brought into the world
    Change in front of your eyes,
    And all you see is death looking back at you,
    And there's nothing you can do.
    As you see their personalities change
    From a bright, caring and loving person,
    A person who has a future
    Into something that you just don't recognize anymore.

    The family is destroyed because a Monster like you
    Has gotten another young person hooked on the filth
    That you make a profit from.
    You silently scream inside as you watch
    The child you reared doing things
    That you never dreamed possible
    In order to pay a Maggot like you so they can sleep.
    As families of addicts that you made watch helplessly
    As the cycle begins all over again the following day
    And you are dragged into a world you didn't know existed
    And you pray to God every day
    That possibly you will see some change
    In your son or daughter's life,
    But it never happens because a Maggot like you
    Has drawn them in a world of evil.

    You learn to live in fear
    As you watch the child that you brought into the world
    Jump as the phone rings and you know that he owes money,
    And the cycle of evil continues.
    There's nothing you can do.
    You're a Monster, and there are many more of you out there,
    And you may feel that nothing can touch you,
    But trust me, your time will come
    Where justice will prevail.
    If it's not in this world, it will definitely be in the next,
    And there will be no rock for an animal like you to hide.
    What comes around goes around,
    And for every bit of misery that you have caused
    To innocent and vulnerable kids out there,
    It will fall back on you a million times over.
    I hope when your time comes to leave this earth
    That God will forgive you.
    I, on the other hand, will never!!!

    Mother of one of the addicts you made.

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    My name is Dylan, and I am 17 years old. I started selling drugs when I was twelve because my mom and dad where dope fiends. I had to take care of my sister who can't walk. I had to feed her,...

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  16. 56. Red Light

    • By Brittney Elizabeth
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    This poem is about a teenager who is killed by a drunk driver. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated is inconsiderate!!!! Don't drink and drive!!!

    Teenager Killed By A Drunk Driver Poem

    He was the most loved with a million friends.
    Football star with so many wins.
    He had the cutest smile that you would ever see.
    He was the funniest person that you would ever meet.
    He had a full scholarship from a college in another state,
    But he loved football so he couldn't wait.
    A week after graduation, his girlfriend and some friends had a celebration.
    He was excited because it was the last party of the year,
    He kissed his mom goodbye as she told him not to drink any beer.
    He smiled at her and said, "Relax mom, I won't, I'll be home around midnight."
    She told him she loved him and to have a good time.
    As he cruised down the street
    He thought of how much he would miss his friends,
    And he thought of his girlfriend and how good things had been.
    He slowed to a stop as the light turned red,
    But the car behind him didn't seem to see the stop ahead.
    He flew from the windshield and onto the ground.
    He could see, but he couldn't look around.
    He tried to call for help, but his words wouldn't speak.
    His heart got slower and his body grew weak.
    Family and friends flashed in his mind,
    He thought about his girlfriend one last time.
    The medics worked on him to give him breath,
    But he was fading fast
    So close to death.
    His neck was broken, and his bones were cracked....
    So hard to be identified because his face was smashed.
    Time passed by and he opened his eyes to see a man.
    There wasn't a scratch on him, but he could barely stand.
    "I didn't mean for this to happen," he said with slurred words.
    The officer asked, "Have you been drinking, sir?"
    The man looked at the boy and nodded his head.
    And the boy closed his eyes remembering what his mother had said.
    A tear ran down his face as the light turned red,
    And around midnight, he was pronounced dead.

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  17. 57. Addiction Took Another Soul

    • By Natausha Henry
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    I am a recovering addict. I have come very close to death. I've also lost many loved ones to drug addiction. I am hoping this poem will help others to realize how severe an addiction can be.

    She puts it to her lips with ease,
    just hurting deep inside.
    Tried to hide the pain away,
    to get that one last high.
    She sees the lights over head,
    one by one they pass,
    going down an empty hall,
    they're trying to save her fast.
    She hears them say, oh no, we've failed,
    we've lost another one.
    This addiction took another soul,
    it started out with fun.
    Now her friends and family sit above her flower covered grave.
    She floats above and cries to herself,
    all I did was crave.
    Now there's a hand reaching for me.
    It's time to say goodbye.
    This disease just got one more.
    Promise me, don't cry.

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  18. 58. Just One More Day

    • By Kara
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    I wrote this when I was in rehab back in 2005. It was always my excuse to keep using. It is not promoting drugs; I just want to show the messed up thinking of someone who is addicted. There is always one more day when you're an addict. I could not see that one more day would kill me.

    Just one more use; it's not abuse
    To make it through my day

    Just one more day is all I want
    To take away my pain

    Just one more time to fly up high
    And touch those unreachable stars

    Just one more hit is all I need
    To make it all okay

    Today is hard, tomorrow will be better
    I will stop another day

    What can it hurt; just one last time
    No one has to know

    I need that prick so make it thick
    To stick in to my veins

    So let's get high and make time fly
    To end this worthless day

    One more time is all I ask
    It's just too much to bear

    Tomorrow I can try again
    Today was too unfair

    It's just one use; it's not abuse
    To make it one more day

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  19. 59. Truly Drug Free

    • By Elle M.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    Hi! I watched my brother-in-law "B" self-destruct...he is creative and passionate, funny and street smart...he was also an alcoholic and druggie. It was so sad to watch. Intervention came half a dozen times to no avail.
    "B" turned away from the Lord several times...but alas, he ended up in jail for a long stint, and there he met a pastor who helped turn his life around. Transformation is a credible miracle! I gave this to "B." I typed it, but I did not write it. The words are from Father.

    Poem About Being By An Addict's Side

    I was there when you fell in the ditch,
    I was there when cocaine made you itch.
    I was there upon your first cry.
    I was there when you wanted to know why.

    I watched you get hurt and learn.
    I know why the fire still burns.

    I have seen you at your worst and your best.
    I have let the devil put you through the test.
    I was there when your son was born.
    I was there when your heart was torn.

    I am with you now, I have never left.
    Being clean now, I expect your best.
    I have loved you, my son, with every breath.
    I am the way home, your light, your best.

    I have a job for you when you are free.
    It will be to put your talents to work for me.
    You will work with others just like you.
    Those that have been through hell and came shining through!

    You see, you know how to persuade and make others believe.
    Now you will do it for honor, love and dignity.
    I will give you strength, courage and love.
    You will give me pride and happiness, but the best of these, is love.

    I have plans for you son, I have joy to share.
    Forgiveness to express, a full heart that cares.

    You will now understand all that can be.
    The highest high you will ever be,
    is the day you say...
    I am in the Lord, and he in me.

    Today's the day, I am truly free!


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  20. 60. The Car

    • By Jennifer King
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A child writes about the terrible effects drinking and driving can cause.

    Driving And Drinking With A Beer Poem

    Children quietly play outside
    as one of the children suddenly cries
    the teacher ran for the boy's help
    so she could cure him for he wouldn't yelp
    the unsupervised children were still at play
    there were no clouds, it was a wonderful day
    five kids were playing ball
    when they lost it because it hit a wall
    it slowly rolled across the street
    thats when the little boy and the car were to meet
    as the boy ran for the ball
    the fast car didn't care to stall
    the speeding car hit the boy
    another life to destroy
    the little boy let out a cry
    then he slowly started to die
    the car driver was drinking beer
    then what he saw put him in fear
    the little boy was his only one
    the poor boy was this man's son
    so just think twice about what you do
    because this story could happen to you!

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    Oh my gosh! This is a GREAT poem! If only those who drink and drive will read'll be a great reality check for them!:) I love this poem!

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