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  1. 61. Who Are You To Judge?

    I've watched my husband deteriorate with his drug addiction. He's now lying in a hospital fighting for his life due to his bad decisions and possibly serving jail time. The media and community choose to see a criminal, but unless you know someone, you have no idea the pain that person suffers. This is a tragic story of someone who has made such an impact on so many people, and had the potential to be something great, but drugs took over his life and transformed him into someone unrecognizable.

    People want to say bad things
    And judge you for the monster you've become
    But they don't know the truth
    Of just how bad drugs have made you numb

    This is not a story of a criminal
    as you all would want to say
    It's a sad sad story of a great hearted man
    whose soul was slowly chipped away

    He's been many great things to many people
    But all you want to hear is the bad
    We know the real person he is inside
    Before the addiction, before things turned sad

    Every day is like living in a nightmare
    When you wake up to someone you don't know
    To know that he is completely gone
    The drugs have taken him and have complete control

    Do you know how it feels to lose someone you love
    To a drug that's more powerful than you?
    You feel so helpless against it
    You cry, you plea, "Please don't do this! I love you!"

    Is it my fault? Could I have done more?
    Am I the one to blame?
    Why wasn't I just enough?
    Questions that haunt me every day.

    So go on and judge and make your accusations
    Must be nice to be so perfect
    No mistakes, no wrong turns
    Always right, always correct

    Make believe you know more than me
    Go ahead and lie about every little bit
    Whatever amuses yourselves
    Because I really don't give a sh*t!

    You don't know the pain he's suffered
    The tears he's cried, he's taken a toll
    We've all had to watch him deteriorate
    From the great man we know to this lost soul

    You are still my husband,
    And I'll always be here to support you.
    I won't let them beat you down. I'll put up a fight.
    I'll do whatever I can to protect you.

    I am so lost without you.
    Many times I've asked God, "Why?"
    But one thing I always know to be true,
    I'll love you 'til the day that I die...

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    This poem really hit home. It reminded me so much of my oldest daughter's dad who is an addict and sitting in jail waiting to go to prison over his addiction. He was such a wonderful man...

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  2. 62. An Addict

    • By Mrs. Cordova
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    My sister has been an addict for several years and has been in and out of the hospital recently. I have tried to be tough, but something inside of me broke today. I am moving out of state soon, and I am afraid this will be the last time I see her alive. With tears running down my face I wrote this poem.

    For My Sister

    She chased the dragon into the night
    Now we fear she will never see the light
    She has so much to live for
    But nothing can fill her emptiness more
    She thinks everything can be fixed with a pill
    Yet the cold still gives her a chill
    And the hole she has dug
    Will never be filled back up with a drug
    She finds comfort in those who know her pain
    But they aren't the ones to blame
    Mommy tries so hard to believe the lies
    Still seeing her baby girl in those blood shot eyes
    Her sister gave up hope years ago
    Could not cope with anymore hurt and sorrow
    If only the love of your family could be enough
    Don't know how much longer we can stay tough
    We wonder where it all started
    And how much more we can bare
    What happened to my little sister with blonde hair
    Always at the top of her class
    Did she get cut when tasted the glass
    Will she ever mend her wings again
    Or is every breath she takes
    bringing her closer to the end

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  3. 63. What To Say

    • By Linda Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    My mom has a problem with prescription drug abuse. She isn't ready for our help. This was written during a bad relapse. I am at a loss and don't want to lose her.

    Poem About Wanting Mom To Get Help

    What do I say to the one who made me who I am today,
    Despite, or maybe because, of the bad times.
    I love her with all my heart, and that is why I am hurting.
    Her lies and broken promises fill my mind now.
    I want her to choose life,
    Not existence

    I want her to want the help others are offering.
    We have come to meet her halfway,
    Where is she?
    I pray to the Father to help.
    Help her find her way.

    Why can't she see what we see?
    Why does she think we are stupid?
    I long to know her again,
    The real her.

    She is so important in my life.
    I want my kids to know her,
    Remember her.

    I hope she will see
    Before it's too late.

    The madness has to stop.

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    My mom died in 2010 due to what they are calling multiple drug toxicity. I think it was suicide; others believe overdose, but watching her spiral into what and where she was before she died...

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  4. 64. To My Daughter

    • By Vicki Yates
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    I wrote this for my 17 year old daughter as she waited in the Detention Center for a bed to open at an Inpatient Treatment Center. After 2 years of struggling with Heroin we finally got her in.... Bless you baby.

    Don't Follow In My Footsteps

    To my daughter:

    Most parents want their children
    To grow up and follow in their footsteps ...

    Not me!

    Raising children while fighting addiction
    Is harder than you'd believe.

    You take their birthday money,
    The food from their mouth,

    Just so you can enjoy one more round.
    Another long night of flying high ...

    When tomorrow comes,
    It'll all be all right.

    You'll make that promise --
    over and over again.

    Then the cocaine is delivered
    And another long night begins.

    Yes, I was a bad mom
    And I can't take that back.

    But eleven years clean,
    I'm finally on the right track.

    I've tried hard all those years
    To make up for what I'd done.

    Then my baby comes to me
    "Mom, I'm addicted to Heroin."

    Why didn't I notice?
    Did I not see the signs?

    Or, because I think she is perfect,
    Did I turn a blind eye?

    Where did I go wrong?
    What have I done?

    The shame pours over me,
    The damage is done.

    She's just like her mama,
    She's proven that fact.

    Down the road to destruction.
    When will she hit bottom ... so she can come back?

    We will fight this together
    And the journey begins.

    But Mama can't win
    With her group of friends.

    I know that she's hurting,
    I know how it feels.

    But the Doctor will cure it
    With a handful of pills.

    She will fail over and over again.
    Just like her Mama, an addict 'til the end.

    I have to be strong now,
    She's getting the help.

    But it's so painful not sleeping
    Or eating,

    Knowing she's laying there
    In a cell -- crying herself to sleep.

    I'll see her on visiting days.
    I'll try to be strong.

    She's just following my footsteps
    And someday she'll be the mom.

    I love you baby,

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    My daughter has been addicted to drugs for the past year. She has disowned her whole family. I take care of my grandson. She hates me for that, but she gave him to me. Now she's losing him in...

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  5. 65. Daddy's Memory

    • By Kayla Hollandsworth
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    This poem is for my father who is no longer part of mine and my younger brother's life due to drugs and violence. I wrote this just to show him I still love and miss him dearly.

    Your memory is all I have left
    of our good times through the years
    you spent many years in and out of prison,
    and losing you again was one of my biggest fears.
    I thought the drugs were gone,
    but you covered it with a lie
    the pain from my heart goes to my eyes
    and all I do is cry.
    I'm angry at the choices you have made,
    but I can't lie, I still love and miss you dearly.
    The good times are blurred by the bad,
    I hated our fights, I hated the tears, I hated the violence,
    where is the man I shadowed those many years ago?
    There are many things in this life I will never know.
    I see the drugs have taken my daddy away,
    and I'm not sure I can ever get him back,
    but I just want you to know I still love you.
    I try and erase you from my memory but it's not working...
    Daddy, I miss you! Where did you go?
    Please come back...I love you, I need you,
    time is passing fast!
    Don't you wanna watch me and Travis grow?

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    Excellent poem!

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  6. 66. The Raging Tide

    • By Brian Francis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    Drug addiction and clergy abuse are the topics of this piece. Neither subject is unfamiliar to me personally -- I am sad to say. Yet all things pass, and life can get better if only we try.

    I walked away from home so early
    Set out across the nation wide
    I found in sorrow life's true measure
    With just a thumb I hitched a ride
    City parks with tramps and strangers
    A welcome to a fire's side
    Lurking eyes just beyond the shadows
    Swept away in reality's tide

    I met a welfare lady dancing
    Around a bush to praise the sky
    Her six kids had almost nothing
    Yet bathed in love they smiled wide
    She said she saw that I was hungry
    And took me to her family's home
    She fed me love by the spoonful
    It was like an amusement ride
    The ganja gods their mist seductive
    Lured me to a twist of fate
    A monkey appeared on my shoulders
    And always stayed right by my side
    Illusions cast a strange new vision
    A supple state of unawareness
    Neon flowers and melting faces
    A psilocybin and acid tide

    The monkey used his hands as blinders
    So lost became a natural state
    Family was little more than a memory
    Yet hidden deep were seeds of strength
    I met a man who promised pleasure
    And money too; it seemed a deal
    Piercing my soul to bind my spirit
    He carefully spread my defenses wide
    Soon it seems my senses found me
    And struggled hard to clear the fog
    Storms wreaked havoc and confusion
    And when it cleared I still was lost
    The man he said to seek redemption
    To call on him when I was through
    The monkey said he'd make it better
    His claws dug in to stay and ride
    Fears and frights soon came upon me
    And secrets tore my soul to shreds
    Yet I held tightly to the pieces
    Yearning for some daily bread
    Staring out from behind the curtains
    Paranoia held me in his arms
    Assuring me that they were coming
    And ever staying by my side
    Somewhere inside a seed had sprouted
    And for a moment the skies grew clear
    A ray of love somehow had found me
    To warm my soul, my mother's touch
    Strength grew fast in fertile soil
    My will somehow had found its voice
    Reaching out I grasped for security
    Resisting hard the under tide

    I pleaded for some help from Jesus
    And demons came in robes for me
    Openly they praised the glory
    On the altar robes held open wide
    Yet in the darkness of their secrets
    They stole the very best from me
    Without esteem and bound but anger
    I vowed to let the monkey ride
    I turned away from God and heaven
    And danced among the living dead
    Waiting for some insightful moment
    And dying slowly, no heart inside
    Then came a voice that brought back anger
    And a hand reached out from in the fog
    It grabbed and grabbed 'til it caught me
    And pulled me from the relentless tide

    There on the beach I found redemption
    My eyes were finally open wide
    The monkey left and found another
    Because he always likes to ride
    The storms were raging all around me
    Yet my mind was clear on every side
    I walked the beach and picked up morsels
    Left behind by the raging tide

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  7. 67. My Hero

    • By Krystal Guenther
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A sister lets her brother know he remains her hero though he has made some bad choices.

    My Brother

    You're more than just a brother to me,
    You are my hero, but you might not see.
    I care about you more than you could know,
    But sometimes I get mad at you and it just doesn't show.

    You found someone you loved, and she loves you back,
    It was true love, it's as simple as that.
    You were with her every chance you could,
    I missed hanging out with you, but you never understood.

    You hung out with the crowd and got hooked on drugs,
    You started to forget about the things that you loved.
    Baseball and sports were what you would do,
    But alcohol and drugs were what you would choose.

    You changed your life around, grew up and moved away,
    But you are my hero and that will never change.

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    Don't worry, you will see him one day. May god bless you, and don't forget wherever your brother is he still loves you. After all, you are his sister.

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  8. 68. You Saved My Life

    • By Mandy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I was using a lot of cocaine, and when my younger sister told me that she was expecting, I felt the need to change my life. Then a good friend stepped in and told me that she was there for me, that she would help me every step of the way.

    Poem About Overcoming Addiction

    Who knew the person to save me
    would come as an unborn baby?
    I know that I want you around as much as could be,
    but who would leave their child with someone like me?
    I know my sister loves me and it's not to hurt.
    She's told me all along I'll always have her support,
    but when someone is so wrapped up in drugs,
    it's easy to say things and hand out some hugs.
    but the love as an aunt came at me so strong,
    I knew I could change and it wouldn't take long.
    I have till September, I told myself,
    so I'm taking this life and putting it back on the shelf.
    A good friend I knew would help me get though,
    a friendship so long, a friendship so true.
    So I'll pack up my things a few months, that's all.
    I'll miss my loved ones but be back in the fall.

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    That was a powerful poem that spoke to me on so many levels. I am a recovering heroin addict. I've now been clean for almost two months. I'm in a treatment centre. Your poem really resonates...

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  9. 69. Your Life, Our Woes

    A lot of this poem stems from my experiences but not all of them. It was originally written for a project I had in school.

    Father's Addiction

    Your words seem slurred and jumbled
    As if you're not making any sense
    Eyes red like you're lacking sleep
    And you always seem to be tense

    Too bad you can't see yourself
    When you're in such a state
    Couldn't you ever come home sober?
    For that day, I'll have to wait

    Shattered dreams and a broken home
    It's all you've ever given us
    The good memories we've shared with you
    Are replaced with the not so wondrous

    A father you've never been to us
    A husband my mother once knew
    You've spent more time in bars than home
    With us it's less than a few

    What happened to our lives together
    Why did you throw it all away?
    We'd be there if only you'd say the word
    But liquor can't comfort you till you're gray.

    All our savings, every single dime
    You've squandered away with ease
    Spent on alcohol throughout the years
    You couldn't stop even when we begged please

    There were also the times of violence
    When you would throw things around
    Cursing us for no apparent reason
    As if you picked us up from the dog pound

    What did we do to deserve this treatment?
    Our whole lives are filled with dread
    If only you could feel what we did
    You'd understand the words I've said

    But now we've grown up, it's far too late
    The damage is already done
    I'll never regain lost childhood days
    And who knows where my mother has gone

    But you should be proud of my brother
    He's turned out just like you
    Alcohol seems to be his life now
    To your legacy he stays true

    I've learned from you in a different way
    Alcohol is my sworn enemy
    Sorry to say, I don't want to be like you
    To me the most important thing is family.

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    Amen. Prayers for anyone who suffers from addiction and for all of the lives that are touched by a person's addiction, as well. Blessings on you for the rest of your life.

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  10. 70. Dad

    • By Kevin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    Hey, I'm Kevin, and I wrote this poem to show my feelings toward my father.

    Poem About Wanting Dad's Love And Affection

    Dad and I never got along
    Our relationship wasn't very strong
    I love my dad so much
    I wish that we could keep in touch

    Dad always uses liquor as an excuse
    For all my child abuse
    He doesn't even seem to try
    And that's why I had to say goodbye

    He says he doesn't care
    But every night I make a prayer
    That someday he will realize
    That he's the one I idolize

    I don't want it to be this way
    I want to get along some day
    You're more of a stranger than a dad
    And that's why I feel so bad

    I want you to know that I'm your son
    I want to spend time with you and have some fun
    I know inside that you want to try
    But you always end up making me cry

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  11. 71. Dear Addiction

    • By Tiffany
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2013

    I wrote this poem during early recovery. It's one of my favorites. It's all true and it's all real stuff. Addiction killed me and everyone around me.

    Poem About What Addiction Does

    I've always made you first in life,
    and now for that, I completely pay the price.
    You've caused me so much pain,
    made me go crazy and insane.
    I've conned, I've lied, I'd steal anything for that next pill,
    anything for that next drink, never did I think.
    I've done so much I regret,
    I hate myself for and you I blame 100%.
    I've lost family, I've lost friends,
    now I'm alone fighting you and I'll fight you till the end.
    I'd lie in bed day after day,
    praying and praying for my life to drift away.
    The tears were never ending,
    the fears were descending.
    Insane fights. He left me alone tonight.
    Blood covering all my space,
    I'll never forget that look on Braydon's face.
    Grandma cried today,
    I wish more than anything I could take her pain away
    I made her cry. Why?! It wasn't me.
    Trust and believe, it wasn't me.
    Locked up. Steel bars surround me,
    reaching out to someone, anyone.
    I can't breathe, I can't see.
    Isolation, suffocation, what did you do to me?!
    I went out for drinks while he was sleeping.
    What was I thinking?
    The stuff you made me do,
    every day I continue to think through.
    I'm admitted again,
    I'm all cut up from beginning to end.
    The cuts relieve my pain,
    the pain that has been slowly driving me insane.
    To feel the blade dig into my skin,
    it's an amazing feeling, a comforting feeling.
    Yet every time it's over I feel I have sinned.
    Shame, Embarrassment, Loneliness, Heartache, and Emptiness,
    Let me go,
    Let me be.
    Dear Addiction, set me free.

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  12. 72. Hope

    • By Erin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2010

    Supporting loved one through addiction recovery...

    Will You Beat This Addiction?

    The kids are bathed.
    Everyone's teeth are brushed.
    As we lay down to bed
    The house seems so hushed.

    So lonely and empty without my baby
    So different in here with you away.
    I wonder what you're doing right now
    And how was your day?

    Did it get better after I left?
    Did you start to adjust?
    Did you start to form friendships?
    Or just do what you must?

    Will you beat this addiction?
    Will it ever go away?
    Or is it going to come back
    Day after day?

    History has shown
    How hard it can be,
    Wanting something so bad
    That you just can't see.

    You can't see the future,
    What wonderful things it could hold.
    You can't see past the next bottle
    Of what you consider liquid gold.

    Life isn't always easy
    And so you take yet another drink.
    Drown out your sorrows,
    Make you not think.

    You don't want to feel.
    For a few hours the pain goes away.
    But everything around you
    Is dying more and more each day.

    Relationships that were good
    Are fading fast.
    People that love you,
    Telling you this chance is your last.

    Where do you turn?
    Who do you trust?
    The bottle or the woman?
    Choose one you must.

    It isn't easy to admit you need help.
    You've always been the one in control.
    The strong one it seemed,
    Now you're the one in the hole.

    Down in the hole
    Screaming away.
    "Does anyone hear me?
    Someone help me, I pray."

    "I know I need it
    But I'm not sure I want it.
    I can't control it
    But it's hard to admit.
    I think I can do it.
    This time it will be.
    There's more at stake than ever,
    More than just me."

    "I want it for myself,
    But also there's more.
    I've got others to think about
    Before I walk out this door."

    You've hurt a lot of people,
    Broken a lot of trusts,
    Drinking the days away
    While others look on in disgust.

    It hurts them to watch you
    Bring yourself down.
    Killing yourself slowly
    As in the alcohol you drown.

    Please let this help
    I pray that you stay.
    I love you so much
    And can't stand to have you away.

    But away it must be
    As you sort out your life.
    Getting the help you need,
    Overcoming the strife.

    So we can again be a family,
    Together once more.
    I'll welcome you gladly
    When you go out that door.

    Out of a life of addiction
    And into a life anew,
    Back into my arms
    With a great big thank you.

    Thank you for trying.
    Thank you for staying.
    Thank you for overcoming.
    Thank you for not straying.

    I'm here for you always.
    You're making me proud.
    I know it's not easy
    To pull away from the crowd.

    It's what you've always known.
    It's everywhere you turn.
    The life of an addict,
    But for more you yearn.

    That's why I'm here to support you
    In any way I can.
    I love you forever.
    You'll always be my man.

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    This made me cry mostly because I'm am the addict and as I read this it was as if my children were speaking. I've been clean for over a year but they are with their grandparents and they...

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  13. 73. When We Think

    • By Mickey Cooper
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This poem is about my mother. She was addicted to hard core drugs and she lost us to the state. It has made us stronger. We were young. We live with our aunt now, and we will go home soon though.

    Druggie Mom

    When we sit and we think
    about our childhood and what you did
    We wonder why you did those things

    You made us cry and you didn't care
    you said you were sorry but you were never there
    Mom, I love you and I want you to know you made me brave
    and I thank you for that

    If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be so strong
    My sister and I are the strongest girls I know
    we have been through so much, you wouldn't even know

    I hope you are happy
    I love you though

    Love always,
    Your Daughter

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    I was an addict too. I've been sober little over a year once I found out my sober, drug free girlfriend was pregnant I knew I had to change and I did for my son and so we could be a family...

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  14. 74. It Was Your Choice

    • By Kaitlyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    This is a sad poem about my uncle whose liver is failing and is slowly drinking himself to death. My uncle has been warned and figures that his wife is going to leave him, his family is going to abandon him. He has not yet died, but this is my prediction. I loved him he was always there for me. If you know what it is like to deal with this, this poem could hit home and you know what I am feeling.

    My Uncle Is Slowly Drinking Himself To Death

    When you came to visit you seemed just fine
    But what we didn't know was that you were slowly drinking your life away
    You have been like a second father to me
    A second friend, an extra shoulder to cry on
    So why are you still drinking from that bottle
    The doctors said NO; this was your final chance of life
    Why when God gave you a second chance of life you secretly wanted it to end
    We all love you, and as we sit here and wait, the only thing we see is this sad underlying story
    Of a man who no longer felt life was worth living
    So we really don't mind now if it is your time to go
    We all tried our hardest
    But now we are letting you go
    If you feel this is the right decision then we support you
    But just remember your daughter will be sitting, never able to forgive you
    Your son is so young he will never be able to understand
    Your wife still loves you
    We all loved you, so please don't go
    But if that is the choice, the decision you make, we have no say in it anymore
    So your last and final words we hear are IM SORRY as you take your final sip that slipped you in a body bag

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  15. 75. Missing The Feeling

    • By Dawn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I am a recovering addict. Although I miss it at times, just the thought of never using again scares me, but what scares me more is missing the feeling of love with my kids.

    Drug Addicts Poem

    Wake up wanting and needing heroin.
    Go to bed wanting and needing heroin.
    90 days clean and I am missing the feeling
    Rushing through my veins like comets in the sky
    Eyes closing, head nodding low
    No pain to feel, no pain to worry about
    Life runs on while I fly on
    The dreams of using getting to me more and more
    90 days clean and I am missing the feeling
    Rushing through my veins like comets in the sky
    When I am bored that is the worst
    Thoughts start running through my head
    Questions of the reason I gave it up
    Questioning myself, is this what I really want
    90 days clean and I am missing the feeling
    Rushing through my veins like comets in the sky
    Then it hits me why I decided to stop
    I want to live to see my kids grow old.
    I want to live to love and to care again
    90 days clean and I will always miss that feeling.

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    I'm 21 and have been clean from heroin for 5 months now and its not any easier today then it was the day I quit. Addiction is so misperceived any how I loved this poem great job

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  16. 76. Daddy

    • By Lizzy Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    This is about a daddy's boy who changes his life just to do drugs and loses everything he had.

    Just To Do Drugs

    Daddy, thank you for being so proud of me.
    A football player, that's what I'm going to be,
    I score, I win one more,
    But now I'm doing things against the law.
    You told me to have so much pride,
    But now I cannot hold my head up high.
    Smash, bang, slam, shatter,
    Everybody is asking what is the matter.
    I'm covered in blood; I wish I did not do them pills,
    Daddy, all I'm seeing is bloody hills,
    I punched, I kicked him, I put a bottle to his head.
    Daddy, I'm not sure if he is lying there dead,
    Minus 10 degrees my body freeze,
    Daddy help me I'm on my hands and knees,
    My body has turned into a earthquake vibration,
    I cant make it to be a hospital patient,
    My small blue eyes as big as the sun,
    My girlfriend she was such a Hun,
    I feel like I have been stabbed by a thousand knives,
    My girlfriend said pills ruin lives,
    Oh yeah daddy I'm not with her any more,
    I broke her heart to go against the law,
    I think I'm going to have to say goodbye so soon,
    Daddy this was not to my expectations,
    The highs were all in my imagination,
    My teeth eating away at my gums,
    I just hope tomorrow comes.

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    This poem really has touched me. I know these things really do happen. I'm only 15, but it brought tears to my eyes. I have been through a lot with most of my family members on pills. and how...

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