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Uplifting Poems from Adopted Children

Adopted children are often referred to as chosen children. People with love to give and none to bestow it upon seek out a child to raise with love. Some parents choose to conceal their child's adoption thinking that it will only cause him pain and a sense of non-belonging. Others choose to tell their chosen child thinking that he will find out anyway. When a child finds out that he is adopted, it may give rise to feelings of confusion and alienation. The important thing to remember is that having parents that love you whether biological or chosen is a tremendous gift.

Poems by Adopted Children

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  1. Who Are We?

    Growing Up Adopted

    My mother was adopted.
    All the records tightly sealed.
    Now all she has are questions,
    Like wounds that never healed.

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    For some of us, meeting our parents saved our lives. I'm sorry things got hard. It is definitely hard to look at yourself and wonder where your nose, eyes, etc. came from. It's difficult to...

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  3. Bright Blue Eyes

    • By Ellie C. Hammond
    • Published: April 2018
    Biological And Adoptive Mothers

    My Mother gave me my talents and traits.
    My Mam taught me to embrace them.

    My Mother gave me my fears and doubts.

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    This story touched my heart deeply. As an adoptee, I relate to this greatly. Thank you so much.

  4. From The Love Of A Grandmother

    • By Sandy Mesquita
    • Published: September 2017

    From the moment I knew of you, so many emotions filled my mind.
    This wasn't supposed to happen, not right now; I cried.

    My love for you began to grow, which makes this so very hard.

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  6. Raelyn's Poem

    • By Leah L. Cole
    • Published: July 2016
    Poem From Teen Mother Missing Child

    Writing you is a lot harder than I thought,
    Because when I start I always seem to fall apart.

    I hate not seeing you or even having you near,

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  7. My Choice

    • By Becki C
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Taking Time With Child Before Adoption

    The first time I looked into your eyes I cried.
    You looked at me, knowing who I was,
    Falling asleep because you knew you were safe.
    I held you close as much as I could, knowing who you were

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  8. To A Mother I Never Knew

    • By Keith
    • Published: April 2015
    Adopted Child Misses Mother

    To a mother I never knew,
    From a son who desperately misses you.

    There were so many times I would imagine you,

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    I really felt this poem because I went through the same things. I was never really with my mother in my life. I was adopted by my aunt and uncle at the age of two. I used to always cry...

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  10. Chosen

    • By Tracy Garner
    • Published: February 2015
    Poem Of Gratitude Toward Biological Mother

    I may not be the one chosen to stay,
    I may always be the one that you gave away.
    But under your heart, I grew and I grew,
    All I ever wanted to be was a blessing to you.

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  11. Joined At The Heart

    • By Michelle Matthews
    • Published: December 2013


    A bond from birth we share every day.
    Not everyone understands what role I play.
    I am the person you call other Mom.
    Through heartache and hurt I keep you calm....

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  12. Wonder

    • By Klaudia
    • Published: December 2013
    Poem About Relationship With Adopted Parents

    You don't understand!
    Nobody ever does!
    You treat a dog better than me,
    And you wonder why I always sit in my room with the door shut....

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    Brianna, before you know it you will be grown. You will be moving out to start a life of your own. Just finish school. Get good grades. Try to make close friends. Don't ever be afraid to...

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  13. Lost In This World

    Lost in this world
    Nowhere to go, no place to hide
    Big open field, so long and so wide.

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