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  1. Dementia

    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About The Pain Of Dementia

    Where did you come from,
    you evil one?
    I cannot remember
    that tomorrow has come.

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    I lost my husband 6 months love my life my best friend. We shared a great 35 years but there isn't a day that's not filled with tears. I miss him so much & the nights are so long...I...

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  3. What Is Pain?

    • By Kathleen B. Hagen
    • Published: November 2008
    Alzheimer's Disease

    Pain is watching yourself fade into a helpless person.
    Pain is not being able to do what you did yesterday.
    Pain is not remembering what you did and why or where you bought things.
    Pain is not being able to see the flowers or the children on the other side of the room.

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    No story, just a big thank-you.
    Reading some of your stories made me cry. Lives touched, afraid of the future, of what might be. But together it won't be so hard.

  4. We'll Take Fall Together

    • By Gary Davis
    • Published: May 2008

    Shall we take Fall together,
    go sifting through the fallen leaves
    and gaze upon the golden hues,
    while waiting for the freeze?...

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  6. Forgotten Mother

    • By Suhaills Rodriguez
    • Published: February 2006
    A Woman Forgotten

    She sits in darkness
    memories serve as her only company
    a life so full of joy
    now ending in lonesome misery....

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    Reading this made me think of my grandma. She passed away in 2005 due to gallbladder cancer. I took care of her at home with help from VNA hospice...while she was alive family didn't bother...

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  7. Heaven Sent

    • By Teresa J. Kendall
    • Published: February 2006

    His shoulders are a little slumped now and his back a little bent.
    But to me he looks like he was heaven sent.

    His blue eyes may have glasses to see ...

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  8. Ode To The Mythical Mother

    • By Mike Smith
    • Published: May 2011
    Son To Mother Poem

    Ode To The Mythical Mother Owed To The Giver Of Life
    Take deep breaths she said to me.
    Where the three worlds did merge,
    Sky and the magic land across the sea....

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  10. Gift Of Life

    • By Tami Harmel
    • Published: December 2008

    No one knows the gift of life
    until it's seen in another's eyes.
    What's he thinking I ask myself,
    from this disease that he was dealt...

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  11. He Sleeps A Lot

    • By Edward J. Bricker
    • Published: February 2006
    Alzheimer's And Forgetful Father

    He Sleeps A Lot Again,
    He sleeps in his chair.
    This man who does not remember
    that I sat there...

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  12. A Lament Of The Aging

    Poem About A Changing Body

    I am old,
    So I've been told
    By magazines and TV commercials
    Portraying perfect complexions,

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    Continuous degeneration occurs in physical bodies of one and all with age. Realization of the fact that you are not alone in facing such issues helps in tolerating the pain. The mention of...

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  13. Loneliness

    • By Kelina E. Mortimore
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem From A Mother Don't Forget Me

    I remember when I could hold your hand in the palm of mine.
    When I held you, you would hold my hair in the palm of your hand.
    When you would sleep you would make sure you had a part of me.
    When you would smile I would cry. ...

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