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  1. Thank You

    Thank You Aunt Poem

    I'm sitting here in your living room,
    Listening to your stories about your experiences,
    Just from listening to those stories about the boat and the water I know...
    You're protective, you would do anything to save a life of a loved one.

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  3. My Aunt Charice

    • By Amber S. Copeland
    • Published: February 2006
    Tribute To An Aunt Poem

    My aunt Charice is really the best with her heart as pure as gold.
    To me she is just so genuine and spontaneous so in my eyes she will never grow old.
    So intelligent to me she with the same amount of beauty. ...

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    This Poem Touched my heart! So beautiful, my aunt is just like this. Very Very beautiful poem.

  4. Ruby

    Poem About Death Of An Aunt

    Graceful fingers and wispy hair,
    A prayer so soft you almost couldn't hear.

    But when she wanted, a voice loud and strong,...

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    Dear Ruby ,
    I am 15 years old and just wanted to send a blessing to you and your family. I have someone in my family who had cancer and could not imagine losing them. All I have to say is...

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