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  1. Nellie Louise

    • By Carolyn Wright
    • Published: February 2006
    Story Teller

    Her once shiny black hair is completely all white
    And her tall frame is now smaller and ever so slight.
    Her face shows the signs of her eighty-two years...

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    wow that was great I'm looking to give a poem to my aunt she is younger but I still had to read that poem.. and wow that was impressive, good job.

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  3. Thank You

    Thank You Aunt Poem

    I'm sitting here in your living room,
    Listening to your stories about your experiences,
    Just from listening to those stories about the boat and the water I know...
    You're protective, you would do anything to save a life of a loved one.

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  4. Aunt's Can Be Friends Too!

    • By Sara E. Jones
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem From Niece About Friendship With Aunt

    I saw my aunt who I haven't seen in awhile
    I thought oh great what are we going to say to each other
    We talked and talked and we shared feelings that we had held in for a long while.
    After she left I wanted to cry

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    I haven't seen my dad side of the family in a long time but I took that chance into talking to them behind my mother back. I knew if I told her she would keep me away it's my choice if I want...

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  6. What Will You Do My Sister?

    • By Cassie E. Martin
    • Published: February 2006

    You love my baby girl, I know this much is true, the light of love shines with-in you
    you hold her tight and when I try to take her you really put up a fight
    I know god has granted my jaynee with a love that will never cease to end, and an aunt who will always be her friend
    I know there will come a time when she comes to you, and I ask you this my sister what will you do? She will tell you she hates me, and that she doesn't want to come home, but will you take the responsibility of being grown?...

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  7. Ruby

    Poem About Death Of An Aunt

    Graceful fingers and wispy hair,
    A prayer so soft you almost couldn't hear.

    But when she wanted, a voice loud and strong,...

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    Dear Ruby ,
    I am 15 years old and just wanted to send a blessing to you and your family. I have someone in my family who had cancer and could not imagine losing them. All I have to say is...

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