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  1. Message To Absent Dad

    Poem Inviting Dad Back Into Daughter's Life

    Dad, why did you leave me when I needed you so much.
    I tried to reach out to you for that loving touch.
    I have realized now that I'm no daddy's princess.
    When I was younger, I actually felt much less.

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  3. Divorce

    • By Mary J. Kaapke
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Heartache And Tears

    The Divorce

    I once had a husband,
    We were wed 20 years....

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    I really miss my kids. It just hit home. The guardians I thought were my friends keep my two and four year old boys from me.

  4. Always Here

    • By Lisa Hildebrand
    • Published: October 2011
    Still Love You

    Child of mine, I am always here,
    though she took you away and filled me with fear

    Fear of being what we are today... strangers... though I never wanted it this way...and neither did you......

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  6. Precious Memories

    Poem About Losing Grandchildren Due To Divorce

    I will take those precious memories
    And frame them with my love,
    Then hang them in the hallways of my heart.
    I hope the fond remembrance

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  7. The Cycle Of Bad Relationships

    • By Ryan K. Farmer
    • Published: February 2006

    Since the day of your marriage,
    when you very much loved each other.
    you were thinking of children,

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    Amazing insight from a child of this age.
    It makes me stop and think about what we do to our children when we are so focused on ourselves.
    This child's parents are blessed!
    Cherish this...

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  8. Come Back To Me, Mom

    • By Yvette Johnson
    • Published: February 2006

    As I sit here drowning in my sorrow
    Wondering if there'll be another tomorrow

    I cry yearning for my mother back

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    To the author: thank you. She left us a week and six days ago and I feel this everyday, the loneliness hurts.

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  10. Spectator Dad

    • By David C
    • Published: April 2014
    Poem About How Divorce Feels As A Dad Looking In

    Life is hollow, a hole, dark and empty it seems.
    Expelled, cast out from the family that meant all to me.
    Feeling sorrow and heartache for my children am I
    And the loss of my wife, the first love of my life.

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    This is amazing! Wow, what a gift. In divorce there is always two sides and I'm grateful that you have shown me the other side. It's so difficult to ever understand what the other person is...

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  11. Betrayal

    • By Ladon Palmer Jr.
    • Published: February 2006
    The Effects Of Betrayal

    Pain in my heart as I watch the family split apart,
    Things might never be the same,
    Betrayal is the game
    The tears in my eyes as we say our bitter goodbyes,

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  12. From Family To Strangers

    • By Christine
    • Published: June 2009

    Raw sadness fills the house
    as the burning of fragrances is the only form of light.
    The lonely hearts barely live as people are torn away from them.

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    Hey. I know how you feel. It started some years ago when I was eight. I woke up one morning to an odd sound. It sounded like my mommy and daddy yelling. It stopped after about two...

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  13. Silent Tears

    • By N. John
    • Published: March 2008
    Child And Divorce

    I sat quietly by my window, as the rain fell outside,
    As a single tear slid slowly down my cheeks,
    The screaming sound was there again,
    Oh, those loud screaming, shouting voices.

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    Your poem is amazing I cried because it expresses my exact feelings. I write but not like this please keep writing. I hope some day I can write something this powerful and someone will feel...

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