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  1. Painful Tears

    • By Heather A. Richardson
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem By 12 Year Old Girl About The Trauma Of Divorce

    Waiting alone in a quiet room
    Bad things are what I start to assume
    I wait longer and longer for the word to come
    As my body starts to feel nervous and numb

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    This poem almost brought tears to my eyes. I have also been through 2 divorces... and it has left me feeling very depressed. the fights and the hate and then the next day the person I love...

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  3. Silent Tears

    • By N. John
    • Published: March 2008
    Child And Divorce

    I sat quietly by my window, as the rain fell outside,
    As a single tear slid slowly down my cheeks,
    The screaming sound was there again,
    Oh, those loud screaming, shouting voices.

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    Your poem is amazing I cried because it expresses my exact feelings. I write but not like this please keep writing. I hope some day I can write something this powerful and someone will feel...

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  4. Betrayal

    • By Ladon Palmer Jr.
    • Published: February 2006
    The Effects Of Betrayal

    Pain in my heart as I watch the family split apart,
    Things might never be the same,
    Betrayal is the game
    The tears in my eyes as we say our bitter goodbyes,

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  6. Flowered Heart

    • By Maeghan P.
    • Published: May 2008
    What Dad Missed Out On

    When you left me
    I was too young to see
    I was too young to tell
    how much pain you would make my heart dwell

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    I know most of you guys know how I feel. I never really knew what my dad did. I have a piece of advice for you: don't worry, you are special. God created you for a reason. Try and help...

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  7. Joint Custody

    Difficulty Of Sharing Your Child

    The torments of hell that I seem to face.
    The days turned to weeks, all gone up in waste.
    The hours so precious that equal the time
    Of minutes and seconds that should be all mine.

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  8. Spectator Dad

    • By David C
    • Published: April 2014
    Poem About How Divorce Feels As A Dad Looking In

    Life is hollow, a hole, dark and empty it seems.
    Expelled, cast out from the family that meant all to me.
    Feeling sorrow and heartache for my children am I
    And the loss of my wife, the first love of my life.

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    This is amazing! Wow, what a gift. In divorce there is always two sides and I'm grateful that you have shown me the other side. It's so difficult to ever understand what the other person is...

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  10. Not Your Little Girl

    • By Alex O
    • Published: October 2008
    Poem Showing Anger Toward Dad

    I was ten years old
    when a fight one morning
    destroyed my family
    without even a warning.

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    When I was 3, my mom and step-dad got married. It was my first memory. I got 2 new step brothers and a new step sister. Everything was fine, until one day. I was seven. My mom and step dad...

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  11. Danger At Home

    • By Anna
    • Published: June 2016
    Poem About Parents Arguing

    I'm looking at the ceiling
    Or I'm kneeling.
    Feeling tears fall from my eyes,
    I can see my family bleeding.

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  12. Living With Divorce

    • By Barry
    • Published: May 2008
    Poem From A Divorced Father's Point Of View

    The ramifications of divorce never end
    The hurt and loneliness never bend
    We try and move on each day and night
    We pursue our dreams alone each day with all of our might

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    I loved this poem! I'm on my second divorce its nice to hear a poem from a guys point of view.

  13. Staying Power

    Don't Divorce

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going
    that's a proverb we've heard before.
    That doesn't mean for your marriage
    you should be quick to use the door.

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