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  1. Daddy

    • By Ginger C. Smith
    • Published: February 2006
    Father's Day Poem For Stepdad


    I'm just sitting here thinking about what you mean to me,
    Remembering all the things you've done for me.
    You've been there for me from the start,
    Knowing what to say to keep me from falling apart,

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  3. Father And Daughter

    Unbreakable Bond Between Father And Daughter


    The bond between father and daughter happens instantly, starting right at birth.
    When a father first lays eyes on his little girl, he loves her more than anything on this earth.
    When a daughter grows older, her father is the first man she will love
    And the last one her father will have trouble letting go of.

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    My daughter recently lost her father. In a conversation with her, she was saying how sad it was that she had only received one card or written form of a message. Everyone had sent text...

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  4. Daddy, I Love You

    • By Laura Phipps
    • Published: February 2006

    You held me up when I was weak.
    You hugged me close when tears I'd weep.
    When things got hard, you pushed me through.
    You always showed me you loved me true.

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    My dad passed away 2 months ago and I can not forget and my mom and I are sad. I know that he is not in any more pain in heaven.

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  6. To A Terrific Dad

    • By David L. Helm
    • Published: February 2006

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    To a dad who is terrific,
    To a dad who's real neat,
    To a dad who makes the best of things,
    Even when they're not so sweet!

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  7. I Love Being Your Dad

    • By Tim Holtz
    • Published: June 2020
    Poem About A Dad's Love For His Son

    I love being your Dad because you make me feel that I've done at least one thing right.
    I love being your Dad because at the end of a trying day, I know I'll receive at least one warm hug goodnight.

    I love being your Dad every day that goes by

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  8. My Perfect Dad

    • By Samantha K
    • Published: June 2016
    Poem About The Greatest Man In The World

    I have the very perfect dad,
    That is something anyone could see.
    But I don't know if I've told him
    Exactly what he means to me.

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    Wow, this is a beautiful poem. I love it. I can tell you wrote this poem from your heart.

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  10. Daddy's Little Girl

    • By Ashley N
    • Published: June 2018

    In your eyes, I see grace,
    Full of love and encased
    With a hope that burns bright in the dark.
    Through your love, I know God.

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    My dad has always been there for me at times when I think I can't keep going, but he never stops telling me that I can accomplish anything in my life.

  11. A Soldier's Reason

    • By Jason E. Rose
    • Published: February 2006

    I can remember the first time that I
    saw your smiling face,
    I held you close to my heart, you could
    probably hear it race.

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    Wow!!!!!! A beautiful poem :D I love it, it's so touching

  12. Daddy

    • By Mindy P
    • Published: February 2006
    Dad And Hero Poem

    You were one of the first I laid eyes on when I came into this world.
    I didn't know you at first, but you were my daddy and later to become my hero.
    You were one of the first I loved.

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  13. This Is Why I Love You!

    • By Latasha Huffman
    • Published: November 2008

    I love you.
    Whenever I saw you,
    You would put a smile on my face.

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    OMG when I read that I was like, I should go and tell my dad that and tell him how much I feel about him

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