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  1. Congratulation Sis Of 09

    • By Lona
    • Published: May 2009

    To my sister
    I know time is tough
    With our family...

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  3. As You Graduate

    Graduation Poem For Son

    Memories flash before us
    As we stop and think of you
    If we could turn back the hands of time
    That's the first thing we would do...

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    Wow! I have two sons and they are still home.16 and 10 yrs. Your poem about your son. Graduated highschool and on his way to doing his thing. All those little and wonderful moments. Yes, we...

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  4. Time Flew By So Quickly

    Parent Reflecting On Child At Graduation


    We can't begin to tell you
    Just how loved you are
    We can't believe how time has flown
    And how you've come so far

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    I too was looking for some ideas to put in my oldest daughter's senior dance recital add. I found more than an idea - this poem was everything that I could have possibly wanted to say. Thank...

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  6. Paper, Paint, And Crayons

    • By Margaret Alliet
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Watching A Child Grow

    Eighteen years, a thousand fears,
    Yet countless joyful times.
    A tiny baby smiles just once,
    Her Daddy's heart it binds....

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    Congratulations on having raised a model child. This is exactly how I feel about my late daughter, Candice. Make maximum use of every moment you have with yours. The time flies too fast.

  7. Daughter's Graduation

    • By Crystal Rosas
    • Published: February 2006
    Graduation Poem From Parents To Daughter

    While looking up at the stars and moon,
    We realize that you grew up too soon.
    We remember the day you were born,
    And now look at you all big and grown.

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