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  1. Grandpa's Plow

    • By Terry Sledge
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About A Lesson Taught By Grandpa


    When Grandpa put his hands to the plow he walked a country mile,
    Sometimes I ran alongside or sat under a shade tree to watch,
    I would listen to Grandpa's words about life he told with a smile,
    To plow a straight furrow, focus up ahead and there you watch.

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  3. Great Grandpa

    My Great Grandfather And His Life's Work

    Great Grandpa is a wise old man who says he's ninety-four.
    He tells me that he lost his leg fighting in some war.
    When I was just a little tot with eyes and nose still runny,
    He swears that he forgot my name, so now he calls me Sonny.

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    Balter's poem reminds me of my own grandfather whom I lost 49 years ago when he was 94. I remember his two habits very lucidly. He was a frugal eater. He used to weigh his food every time...

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  4. The Definition Of A Gentleman

    • By Gary Bowdery
    • Published: June 2015

    The definition of a gentleman is clear to detect,
    it's one of warmth love and respect.

    When you're feeling low they will understand,

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  6. Our Scallywag

    • By Alex
    • Published: November 2008
    Poem About Remembering Grandpa

    We'll dwell on the times that we sat on your knee,
    In the garden at Colliehare, under the tree.
    Shelling peas, telling tales or singing a song,
    Sitting there until the shadows grew long....

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  7. Up Above

    • By Brianna Martins
    • Published: June 2008

    When you were here you brightened the day,
    with your positive attitude and charming smile.

    I loved when I came up to you for a hug,...

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    My grandad died a year ago of cancer and I've never been the same since. He touched so many peoples heart he made so many people laugh. He was such an inspirational person. Then he got sick...

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  8. Grandpa's Ways Of Love

    • By Mary Beth Graves
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About Memories of a Grandpa

    Grandpa, so thin and a twinkle in those
    Sparkling blue eyes.
    When you looked my way, I felt so loved
    With you every day....

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  10. Ode To The Gramps

    • By Andy
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About Wishing To Be Like Grandfather

    He was someone's son.
    He was someone's father.
    Perhaps he was someone's brother.
    But he was a little bit of everything,

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    My grandpa died 7 years ago on October 10th. I was only 8 when he was diagnosed with cancer he died when I was 12. I am 19 now and miss him terribly. My dad was not in my life till I was 16...

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  11. Loved Me

    Poem About Differences in Grandpas

    My Grandpas were very different,
    but no matter how much they would disagree,
    they both always loved me.

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  12. Remembered

    • By Katerin
    • Published: June 2008
    Short Poem About Remembering Grandfather

    I remembered you taking me to school every day.
    I remembered the smell of coffee that you used to make every morning.
    I remembered you taking care of everyone.
    I remembered you fishing every Saturday morning....

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  13. Missing My Pappa

    • By Christina
    • Published: September 2014
    Poem About Memories of Grandpa

    I can't believe that you are already gone,
    The years just went by so fast; it was not long ago
    That we walked side by side, you telling me your stories.
    I will never forget your smile, the smile that you had when you would see me,...

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