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Poems about Saying I'm Sorry

When you live in close proximity with other human beings there will be many times that you will offend each other. Families inevitably hurt each other from time to time. Saying "I'm sorry" are the two words that can repair your relationship. Without apologies the bad feelings are allowed to grow until eventually they grow into something so big and ugly that it is almost impossible to repair. It is difficult to humble ourselves and admit that that we may have made a mistake. However, when you think about the repercussions of not making a simple apology, you will realize that it's worth the effort.

Poems about Asking for Forgiveness


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  1. I Am Sorry

    • By Leon Weate
    • Published: May 2011
    I'm Sorry Poem From Husband To Wife

    Every time I see the pain in your eyes,
    A little part of my heart dies.
    No matter how hard and how often you try,
    All I seem to do is make you cry.

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    After reading this poem I knew I couldn't find better words to explain how I feel and how sorry I am to my wife for putting her second and ignoring her. Hope with this she can see that I do...

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  3. I'm Sorry

    • By Andrea P. Forster
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem For Forgiveness From A Mom

    Mom I'm sorry for all of the tough times I put you through

    There are many things that I did to you that I shouldn't have
    But I think it's about time that I say I LOVE YOU...

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    My mom just yelled at me for lying about not doing my chores. I do the smallest things and she yells at me. But when my sister does those same things, she gets nothing. What do I do? I'm the...

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  4. Forgive My Mistakes

    • By Anna Liz Williams
    • Published: March 2011

    I know I've made mistakes
    So why should I even try
    For when you look at me
    All you see is that I lie...

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    I lost my wife, the love of my life, today. Hold onto those close to you. Don't take them for granted. Just love them selflessly. I believe it's all that matters in this time on earth.

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  6. Now You Are Gone

    • By Quenette L. Hernandez
    • Published: February 2006

    A heart is torn open,
    A love is broken,
    A life is empty,
    With few words spoken.

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    It's funny how sometime it's the guy that says the wrong thing, and the girl disappears. It goes the other way most the time. As long as you're sorry and that they truly love you, they should...

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  7. Trouble

    • By Tanya M. DeVeer
    • Published: February 2006
    Troubled Times Poem


    Troubled times are here, as we knew that they would come
    Not because of the situation, just because life in general is not always fun
    But we can overcome them, together we must
    Because the love that we have shared was surely built with trust

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    This story has touched me, just because my family is a lot like that. My parents down me and don't help me walk the walk with God. I am the only one in my house saved. I go to church...

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  8. Broken Promises And Apologies

    • By Shelby K. Hudgens
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About Mending Relationships

    You promised to be there for me,
    You lied, but I forgave you.
    You promised to never hurt me mentally,
    You lied, but I forgave you.

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    You did the right thing for your brother. That's the main thing. Your dad will be struggling with the fact your brother was placed with you. A bitter sweet taste: happy he is with you, but on...

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  10. Three Famous Words

    • By Katelyn
    • Published: June 2007

    It was the first time that they met,
    They didn't have a clue,
    The future that would await them,
    The feelings they never knew....

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    This is really an amazing poem! It helped me through my struggles with my girl. We tend to fight a lot but I know that this poem showed us how much we care for each other and that we can't...

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  11. Truly

    I Am To Blame

    There are times I feel so lost and ashamed, these feelings are my own fault so I am solely to blame.

    Certain actions in my life I am not proud of, the looks from people who are close to me I know are not of love.

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  12. A Place Called Home

    • By Heather R. Tindall
    • Published: November 2007

    Feeling tense, it's so hard to breathe, as every night I cry so desperately,
    To put the hurt in the past, as I walk out my room, my heart beats so fast.
    You shouldn't feel so scared to talk, so scared to joke, or so scared to walk.
    You don't have it bad. Grow up You're immature! is what you say, then why do I hurt so bad each day....

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    This inspired me to tell my family how I feel, thanks so much.

  13. I'm Sorry Mom, I Do Love You

    • By Regina T. Curiale
    • Published: February 2006

    I told you I didn't love you with a smile on my face
    The smile quickly faded when I saw your heart break.
    From internal bleeding, your eyes turned red
    As red as the handprint you wanted to leave on my cheek...

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    My whole life my mother has abused me and mentally scarred me. I've never ever said I hated her till one day when I was down the coast. I needed the bathroom and asked to go and she screamed...

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