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  1. 61. Mommy What's Love?

    • By Shanice
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011

    I wrote this poem to show how a mother would tell a little girl what love is to let her understand

    A child who eyes glitter like sunlight
    Ask her mother one night
    Mommy what's love
    The mother with a gentle smile replied,
    Love my child
    Is my love for you
    Love that I share with daddy and little tommy too

    Love is when you hurt your knee
    And when I say there there Mee-mee
    Love is the that daddy gives us everyday
    And a smile that goes all the way

    Love is especially, my child
    When I tuck you in every night
    and kiss you sweet dreams each time

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  2. 62. My Heroic Mother

    • By Lindsey Sneed
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    To all the mothers out there.. this is a poem for you to your mother read it..

    I Love You Mommy

    My hero is my mother,
    She is a strong and wise woman like no other,
    She helps me through every problem, issue, and hard ship,
    I would say we have the best friendship,
    I have looked up to her over the years,
    As she bandaged my boo-boos and wiped my tears,
    She is confident and outgoing,
    Her love is over flowing,
    She's everything a mother should be,
    I hope my kids will say the same thing about me.

    I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!!!

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    I love the poem My Heroic Mom! Because it is amazing especially because my mom is AMAZING!

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  3. 63. A Mother's Moment

    I wrote this poem looking down from my mothers point of view and this might happen to me sometime soon

    Baby, I am here
    standing by your side
    holding your hand
    guiding you through life.

    We're just taking
    one step at a time.
    Going at our own pace
    not rushing anything.

    You fall down
    once again,
    and I'm there
    picking you back up.

    As each goes by
    you grow up more and more.
    Becoming more independent,
    not needing me by your side.

    Then one day
    you got up and left,
    without telling me
    or saying goodbye.

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