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  1. Mom And Daughter Best Friends

    Do you have a best friend
    I do
    She'll be there till the end
    I'll be here for her too...

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    A mom is our best friend who loves and guides us. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Remain patient. God is there to help you out.

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  3. Mothers Do It All

    Poem About The Love A Mother Provides

    The first person to provide you with love and care
    Confirmation that she'll always be there
    Learning to walk, saying your ABCs
    The first day of school and bruised up knees...

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    I love my mummy she is fun and interesting but she is mostly Busy like a bee
    My mum is my guardian angel I love my mummy as she loves Me!

  4. My Mother Is My Life Line

    My mother is my lifeline, she is my complete savior,
    She does everything she can for me, and for that I praise her,
    She went without when I was younger so I could have nice stuff,
    She worked herself to the bone, but never did she give up. ...

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    This poem is a special gift, precious and perfect to praise my mother. I highly appreciate it.

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  6. To Mommy Thank You! Love Jared

    • By Mark Krukonis
    • Published: April 2008

    To Mommy, Thank You! Love Jared

    Before I was born
    you kept me in love.

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    Your wife is a very lucky lady. Your gift, your poem, is priceless and worth so much more than some extravagant impersonal present. Your words are beautiful, I really enjoyed reading this....

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  7. A Mother's Soul

    • By Katherine Martinez
    • Published: August 2011
    Short Poem About Mother Being With You After Death

    Never really appreciated, many times ignored.
    She would give her life for you, never asking for reward.
    Her love is never ending, though sometimes it gets lost,
    For you must find your own way soon, through the cold of winters frost....

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  8. Mom

    Close Relationship Poem

    We are different ages
    We have different views
    We like different people
    We always have news...

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  10. A Mother's Love

    • By Kathy A. Walker
    • Published: February 2006

    There is nothing more special than our children,
    who touch our lives in so many ways,
    their smiles, love, laughter and tears,
    which we experience throughout the years.

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  11. More Precious Than Gold

    • By Jennifer Merkt
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About The Love A Mom Has For Children

    I have two things in my life more precious than gold
    They always warm my heart whenever it gets cold
    The smiles on their faces will light up your day
    Once those images reach your mind, they never go away....

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  12. Thinking Of Mom

    • By Catherine McGhee
    • Published: February 2006

    When I think of Mom, I think of all things good.
    I think of a time when I felt safe....

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  13. My Mom

    Moms Are Funny Creatures Poem


    Waking up to a new day
    I find my mother there
    Always up to awaken me
    And to help me brush my hair

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