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  1. Phenomenal Lady

    A Tribute To My Dear Mother

    That Phenomenal Lady...
    That fantastically raised me
    Lived life to the fullest,
    Extended love to the cruelest;

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  3. My Mother

    Mother Acrostic Poem

    M-My life would be a mess without you.
    O-Of many sacrifices, I can remember you made and ever do.
    T-The selfless love and kindness is an abundant blessing.
    H-Heart of yours as beautiful as the view of a sun rising.

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  4. Thank You, Mom

    • By Jennifer J. Hall
    • Published: February 2006

    Thank you, mom, for standing by my side.
    Thank you, mom, for trusting me enough to know there is nothing I hide.
    Thank you, mom, for believing in me.
    Thank you, mom, for seeing all there is in me to see....

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  6. Do What I Can't

    Taking Mother For Granted Poem

    Make sure to call mama on Mother's Day,
    Her birthday and the rest.
    You know she's sitting by the phone
    Wishing you all the best.

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    This poem resonated with me big time. Instant emotions falling from my eyes. It's been four months since I've lost my Mom. There will be no one ever that loved me the way she did. Thank You...

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  7. Guardian Angel

    • By Christopher G. Parham
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem From Son To Mom

    You make the sun shine on a cloudy day
    When I'm sick you kiss the pain away
    Your tender voice took away my fears
    Your hand that wiped away my tears...

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    I love my mommy!!!! she is one of the best things that EVER happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She Makes A House A Home

    • By Maggie Bernard
    • Published: May 2016
    A Mother Always Loves Poem

    The lady who has loved you as you've grown
    will always love and cherish you for all time.
    She has the greatest heart ever known.

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  10. My Best And Favorite Girl

    Poem About Everything Mom Taught Son

    You brought me my first toy,
    My first bike and baseball glove.
    You filled my heart with joy,
    And you filled my life with love.

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    I really love this poem and it is true - mother is the best of all!

  11. If I Could Build A Friend

    • By Lisa M. Farley
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Mother Being A Friend

    If I were able to build a friend, I'd choose the qualities on which I could depend.
    Her eyes would tell me how much she cared, and relieve my hurt when I felt alone and scared.
    She'd smile that smile that says it'll be okay, I'm always here for you night and day.
    She'd cry with me when my world fell apart, and I'd know the tears were from her heart....

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    Beautiful poem. True indeed. Lovely!

  12. Through My Mother's Eyes

    • By Jessica R. Nickell
    • Published: February 2006
    Thank You, Mom!

    My mother sees me as a bright, beautiful girl.
    Who's all grown up in this busy world.
    Who's funny, courageous, brave, and strong.
    Who's intelligent and knows right from wrong.

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    As we grew older, through her eyes we learn what wisdom is all about. She herself had attained wisdom and became knowledgeable enough to deter her undisciplined children back on the road to...

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  13. Poem For Ryan-Love Ma

    • By Robyn A. Blankenship
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem To My First Born Son

    To my first born son, eldest of four
    Whom I've always loved and adored
    You're such a good son, and also big brother
    You've always made me proud to be your mother...

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    This poem had made me realize how beautiful it is to be blessed with a handsome child like mine.

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