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  1. Chrystal Tears

    • By Chadwick W. Wallace
    • Published: February 2006

    A child made of sunshine, eyes as blue as sky.
    Long silken hair wet from the tears of an unheard cry.
    Moonlight shines down upon her face as her soft gaze whispers pain.
    All her prayers to a God unseen she fears are all in vain.

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    God gave me 4 sisters. Lost one last year. We miss her so much. This poem will be put on her grave. I know how you feel.

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  3. Little Sister

    • By Kayla Ulbrich
    • Published: July 2011

    You've changed my life completely
    the day that you were born.
    Never knew how wonderful it would be,
    to explore motherhood.

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    Hi this is my poem and I wanted to know how to post it on my account for the familyfriendpoems?? Ifyou could help me I would appreciate that.

  4. Thanking God For My Sister

    • By Diane Gardner
    • Published: May 2011
    Sister Has A Brain Tumor

    I thank God for my sister
    She's as awesome as can be
    No one can replace her
    She's in my heart you see

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    My sister has a brain tumor. Well actually she has 9, and about 30 on her spine, she has NF2. I don't believe in God though. All I believe is that life is random, cruel and painful.

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  6. Sister

    Acrostic Sister Poem

    Sister is a gem in the family
    Intelligent and kind to everyone
    Secure and provides our needs
    Teaches us to be good stewards

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