Teenager Poems

Poems on the Parent Teenager Relationship

Much has been written about the period of adolescence. This is a time when a child begins to question the value systems of his family and society and strives to form his own opinions. It is a time of great confusion and upheaval because he has thrown away the old values and has not completely formed the new ones. Parents often become shaken when they see their teenage son or daughter begin to question the values that he or she grew up with. Parents should not worry. In fact they can feel relieved that their child is beginning to become his or her own person.

Poems on Being a Teenager and Living with a Teenager


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  1. My Daughter My Friend

    • By Kristina Cyronek
    • Published: May 2013

    I see the pain in your eyes and feeling like you do
    I wish I could take it all away and skip these years for you

    Being a teen is so very hard, it really isn't fair

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  3. The Mirror

    • By Patti Evans
    • Published: October 2012
    To My Daughter

    Look into the mirror and tell me who you see
    Is it someone you love and in someone you believe?

    The mirror will not lie and it only knows you...

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    I am fifteen turning sixteen in about two months and this poem was so beautifully written, it just really makes me think about myself and how I should change the way I see myself and others....

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  4. Every Mom's Test

    You are special; you mean the world to me.
    You are my daughter, a reflection of my entity.

    Every year, as I watch you grow by my side,

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    I am glad my mother taught me about this including religion (I am Muslim). She taught me to not do things I don't want to do; saying no is something she says a lot, and I am glad because I...

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  6. Advice To Clueless Parents

    • By Rashida
    • Published: August 2009

    You are playing a broken record,
    The song is called Clueless.
    Your eye is a magnifying glass,
    Inspecting my life in close-up....

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    My parents think they know all about me. Sometimes I wonder if they can remember what its like to be a teen. They say when we try to tell our side of the story it is talking back but they can...

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  7. Take A Look

    Do You See My Heart

    Take a look at me
    Tell me what you see
    Do you see my forceful smile

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    This is such a strong poem. It touched my heart. I know what it feels like to be in that situation. This poem helped me realize that I'm not in this alone.

  8. Typical Teenagers

    • By Eddie Gee
    • Published: May 2008

    Typical Teenagers
    Happy, sad, sleepy, mean,
    Feelings often change,
    a common act of a typical teen,

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    This is so very true!!! It exactly describes me and my other teen cousins!

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  10. My Daughter

    What exactly have I done so wrong?
    I've listened to her cries and her pleas
    I tried to understand all of her needs, hopes and dreams
    Yet as time goes on she continues hating me

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    It just made me open my eyes and realize what my mom is going through. I need to make sure I change.

  11. A Teenage Boy

    Having a son to carry on the family name
    Was something to be proud of
    But since he became a teen, nothing has remained the same
    He has changed, thinking he knows all

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    I submitted my story along with the poem "Dad" this is just another poem that touched me with my son, we are having the same issues with mine he is such a mature 15 year old with dad but when...

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  12. To My Teenager

    • By Tricia Shanahan
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About A Parent Teenager Relationship

    It's hard sometimes, when people are changing their lives
    To understand each other or even talk

    You are struggling right now for independence...

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    God gave us our children, not to control them but to bring them up in the way they would go - not necessarily our way. It is a very sad thing when that happens to you. It has happened to...

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  13. Sweet 16

    • By Vanessa B. Walker
    • Published: February 2006

    I'm now 16 and you think I'm out of control
    How can I express to you I just want to be out more
    I know I'm too young to know what love is
    But, am I too young to know my own feelings

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    I too agree with the comments written above and all this things also happens with me too. We also have a life, we also need freedom, we also need to enjoy our life and our teenage... Why...

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