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  1. Thank You

    • By Cindy S. Baxter
    • Published: July 2007

    I thank you right now
    for being my friend.
    No strings attached, no being

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  3. Friendship

    • By Melissa A. Lynn
    • Published: July 2007
    Poem About The Test Of Time

    Do you think we will be this close... In 20...30... Or 40 years from now?
    What could happen in that time... a death, a birth, a marriage, a divorce, or all of the above?
    We will never know the future....

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  4. My Best Friend!

    • By Jana C. Souder
    • Published: July 2007

    I can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts,
    or fears. But I can listen to you, and together we will
    search for answers.

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    Wow! What a superb friendship poem

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  6. A Best Friend

    • By Markie B. Hylinski
    • Published: October 2007
    What Is A Friend


    A best friend is the one
    who you can
    talk to when no one is around
    A best friend is the one

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    A true friend listens and cares when you cry. True friends share laughter and enjoy the ride of life. A true friend doesn't use angry words that tear one down. No. True friends together raise...

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  7. Forever And Always

    • By Tanya M. Meadwell
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About Friends

    Whenever you feel sad and that no one is around
    Always know I will be around.
    When you think that nobody cares
    I hope you know that I will always care. ...

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  8. The Best Friend Of You

    • By Megan K. Crawford
    • Published: November 2007

    When I'm Lonely your there for me,
    and when I'm Hurt you care for me,
    when I'm lost in this world of great unknowns
    you help me find my way out, ...

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    I know you sometimes feel insane
    I know you think nobody cares
    But you can't always tell the truth
    And never can you tell their names
    But I know you, yeah I know you
    I know that you are...

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  10. Best Friends No Longer

    I have a lot to say
    About my best friend
    She has always been there for me
    When in need...

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  11. My Best Friend Connie Marie

    We Forgave And Forgot

    You are my best friend, and that will always be true.
    We've had our ups and downs, thick and thin we've been through.
    I can't even explain it, I'm head over heels.
    I love being your friend, and how great it feels....

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    thank you who ever wrote this poem it is touching and as I was reading it this poem sounds just like me and ma best friend

  12. A Friend From Afar

    A friend from afar
    who thought you would be my shining star
    you are patient and sweet even your generosity I would keep,...

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    My best friend, Jane, and I were the worst of enemies, and nobody thought we would become best friends, but now we are best friends. Nothing and no one can come between us.

  13. A Gift For You

    Sharing The Gift Of Friendship

    I was thinking today about the blessing of friendship.
    With this mind, I stopped and bought a gift for you.
    I would like to give it to you. Would you like to know what it is?
    I will tell you.

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