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  1. Thanks To You

    • By Elizabeth A. Nall
    • Published: February 2006

    To a friend who has always been there, to a friend who has listened to all my pain.
    Thanks to you, I have someone to turn to, someone to run to when things go wrong.
    All the frowns I've worn that you've turned into smiles.
    All the times I wanted to die, you have led me the way. Thanks goes to you.

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    I have a friend who has been abroad for a number of years and I miss him so much. This poem describes what he means to me exactly. Thank you.

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  3. Ryan, My Best Friend

    • By Kayla Basore
    • Published: September 2017

    You are my best friend,
    And you will be until the very end.
    You're always there for me,
    And I'm here for you.

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