Birthday Poems for Friends

Happy Birthday Poems for Friends

A birthday can be seen as a serious or joyful time depending on one's age and one's attitude towards life. Another year has passed and we look back on failures and successes. We think about our goals for the future and reflect on the past year. These are all thoughts that may came up on a birthday, but the main thing is to use a birthday as an opportunity to celebrate life and be joyful for the chance to be with friends and family.

Birthday Wishes for Friends


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  1. Birthday Wishes To A Friend

    Poem About Affection To A Friend

    So many people live around you,
    But not all get close to your heart.
    Some become so dear
    That with their thoughts, its beating starts.

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    This is perfect for my very best friend.

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  3. B - Is For Birthday

    Birthday Acrostic Poem

    H - is for the Happiest of all days
    A - is for All the wishes and praise
    P - is for the Presents you'll open with delight
    P - is for the Party that will last into the night

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  4. Special Day

    A Birthday Poem For A Dear Friend

    Here it is,
    Your special day,
    So I thought I'd take
    This time to say

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  6. My Friend On Your Birthday

    Wishing Your Friend A Happy Birthday

    Dear friend, let me say
    something on this special day
    Though we are far apart,
    You'll be always in my heart.

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  7. Happy Birthday, Far Away Friend

    Dear friend, I want to wish you a splendid happy birthday.
    We don't see each other anymore, but I hope everything is okay.
    You're growing to become the intelligent woman I know you can be.
    I'm so fortunate to have a friend like you who's gentle, loving, and sweet.

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  8. Still And Careless Within

    Poem For Best Friend For Her Birthday

    Within you, I've found the perfect friend,
    Someone I know will be there till the end,
    And they're not just thoughts I hope will fulfill
    But thoughts that will stand forever still.

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    This poem is just perfect! I feel touched reading it. It explains to me how much my best friend means to me. I love my best friend!

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  10. A Special Day

    • By Georgina Devlin
    • Published: January 24, 2019
    A Milestone Birthday

    Birthdays come and birthdays go,
    And some mean more than most,
    But you, my friend, dread all of them
    And never wish to boast.

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  11. Her Birthday

    • By Neha Meharde
    • Published: January 24, 2019
    My Best Friend's Birthday

    It's your birthday and I sit down to write,
    Reminiscing those times so bright.
    We've been together through thick and thin
    We've lived through the hurdles to win.

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  12. Sweet Birthday To You

    • By Cindy
    • Published: August 2011
    Short Birthday Poem

    A wish for lots of birthday fun
    To last until the day is done.
    Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
    and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!

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    This reminds me of my best friend. At our school we have teams. the teams are pink team, red team, maroon team, and black team. We both are in 5th grade. The teams don't spend time...

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  13. Maturity And Growing Up

    • By Dajanay
    • Published: May 2008
    Birthday Poem About Growing Up


    When you are young, life leaves you no choice.
    Do this. Do that.
    No room for a little voice
    When all you want to do is play and just have fun

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    This poem totally spoke to me. I love it! Looking forward to your next post!

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