Childhood Friend Poems

Childhood Friend Poems

Poems about Childhood Friendships

There are some friendships that we remember forever. These are the friendships that were formed when we were children. The quality of sharing is not the same as in adult friendships. However, in a certain way the friendship has a deeper quality. It probably lacked that drama and intensity that is shared in adult friendships. At the same time there is a certain carefree quality that exists between two young children at play. They don't ask themselves complicated questions like whether they have enough in common. It is enough that they are two kids and that there is playing to be done.

10 Poems about Happy Childhood Memories

  1. 1. Someone Special

    • By Annie C. Pless
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    An adult and child kindle the flames of a special friendship.

    Poem About Having An Older Friend

    When I first met you, you greeted me with a smile.
    I knew then I would be treated as a person, not a child.
    The way you talk is kind, gentle as can be,
    You make me feel like nothing will hurt me.
    I have found out that the way you treat people comes from the heart.
    It's hard to find someone special like you, to love people and be true.
    So they can take a lesson or two and be guided by someone special like you.

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  3. 2. Best Friends Forever

    To my best and dearest friend, Jennifer. Love for a friend, so truer words I do not know. Like they say, "Best friends are sisters that destiny forgot to give you." Stay with me always, and walk along beside me truly.. forever and always, just like you have been for the last 5 years.

    Every time I trusted someone, it blew up in my face,
    for I have no grace.
    But I've found my one true sound.
    The one girl who I care for will be just fine
    when I'd put my life on the line.
    I tell you everything because I know I can,
    and I'd never lie, you see.
    We are just teens as we grow,
    and it means so much to me that you know I will keep every secret,
    so let go.
    I would never ever hurt you with cruel intention,
    for I love you,
    my darling friend,
    hopefully forever and always.
    I wish us to always have an amazing blazing friendship.
    Who knew two girls so close could be so very different,
    and yet we already met.
    I liked when our long conversations grew,
    because I felt so strong when I depended on you.
    I wish I could say "best friends forever"
    and let it be true,
    because I feel as though it's you.

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  5. 3. A Letter To An Old Friend

    • By Taleshia K Glover
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    I'm Taleshia and I've been writing poems for a long time. I'm in the 11th grade and love to write.

    Poem About Childhood Friends Losing Touch

    Childhood friends? I hope we still are.
    Years have put space between us and now you seem so far.
    Childhood promises never seem to stick.
    Best friends forever is an old classic.
    What would happen in the future
    We were not aware.
    Who could forget that one special person who was always there?
    The arms into which you fall.
    The one to which you crawl.
    No more playing in the back yard.
    Growing up sure makes being friends hard.
    From kids to teenagers we have grown so much.
    I wonder how such good friends seem to lose touch.
    Maybe destiny will hopefully let us meet again.
    Until then this is a letter to an old friend.

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    Wow that is amazing! That is awesome that you two got to see each other again!

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  6. 4. What Is A Best Friend?

    • By Angela Franklin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    I love how I said this because it's for all my best friends. I love them all and thank them for being there for me through the bad or the worse.

    True Friends Love You No Matter What

    Every time I see you I show a smile to you.
    You were one of the girls who never overlooked me.
    Once you saw me I was your sunshine.

    You give me all these nicknames.
    You can't keep track.
    I can't either.

    You're the one who came to me when things went wrong.
    I just sat there and listened when you cried out to me.
    I came to you with everything, and yet you said,
    "I love you no matter what comes our way."

    You were the friend I came to and said,
    "Let's go get him," or "I'll handle it, Sweetie," or "You're better without him."
    No matter what I say or do, you'll love me the way I love you.

    We are always on each others sides.
    I guess what I'm saying is I love you and you're my best friend
    no matter who comes to the group.

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  7. 5. You Will Always Be My Friend

    • By Dharvi Shah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2017

    I had a very good friend in middle school, but during our teenage years we lost contact. This poem is about what I felt at that time.

    Poem On Growing Apart From A Childhood Friend

    You were my best friend.
    We did everything with each other.
    We shared every tear
    And felt each other's fear.
    You listened to all that I said
    And never complained.
    You truly understood me
    And always knew what to say.
    But somewhere along the road
    We drifted miles apart.
    It broke my heart
    And made me cry.
    Suddenly we were two different people with nothing the same,
    But neither of us could be blamed.
    It was like having a lock without its key,
    A shoe without its lace.
    You made new friends
    And fortunately so did I.
    But that could not mend my heart.
    The grief of losing you tore me apart.
    Things do change,
    But they do not need to end.
    We both have changed,
    But you will always be my friend.

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  8. 6. Friendship: One Of God's Greatest Gifts

    • By Lauren Manning
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    Hi! My name is Lauren Manning. I will soon be a senior. I wrote this poem for an assignment in AP English. This poem is true; my best friend Lacey and I met in daycare when we were three years old. Another girl in daycare yanked a book out of Lacey's hand and made her cry, and that is how our friendship began!! Truly, my life would not be the same without her, and I am grateful to God for her.

    Friends Since Childhood Poem

    I was the young age of three,
    and oh, so very small.
    I knew almost nothing,
    nothing at all.

    When I saw a cute little girl
    shaking with fear,
    all alone in the corner
    with her eyes full of tears,

    I thought to myself,
    I'll go be her friend.
    So I went over to her
    and touched her sweet little hand.

    I said to my new friend,
    "Do you want to play?"
    My new friend said, "Yes,"
    and her tears went away.

    It's been fifteen years now,
    and our friendship's still strong.
    I can hardly believe
    we've been best friends this long.

    As I went to her that day,
    I was the angel to be.
    How could I have known
    that God sent her to me?

    But angels need two wings
    if they don't want to sit and just rest,
    so God combined both our wings
    to show us we're blessed.

    We can't thank him enough
    for his gift of kindness and love.
    We are both each other's angels
    sent from heaven above!

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    I am very touched by this poem because the same thing has happened to many people, and everybody deserves to know how your friendship got started. I agree that friendship is one of God's...

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  9. 7. Times Are Changing

    • By Casey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    I wrote this about my best friend since kindergarten. but I am not so sure we are best friends anymore. We are two completely different people. I am more a fan of the "be yourself" type group, and she is more a fan of the "I'll do anything to get attention and be popular" type group. I'm just hoping that everything will be okay between us.

    Poem About A Friendship Changing

    We had our good days and we had our bad,
    I thought I would never forget the times we had.

    The times are changing,
    and our memories are slowly fading.
    Though times may change,
    we just have to hope and pray
    that someday things will be okay.

    The times are changing,
    but we can't keep holding onto the past,
    because we don't know if our past
    can be part of our future.

    And as I shed one last tear,
    I live in fear
    that as the times change
    I will lose you forever.

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    I am now a college student and the story I will share is about a friend from 11 years ago. She was my first very best friend; good in speaking English and almost everything. Who would have...

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  10. 8. One For All And All For One

    This poem is about my friends from childhood and how each was somewhat of an outcast, but together we were strong.

    Finding A Group Of Friends

    In the neighborhood where I was raised,
    My life revolved around my friends.
    And each day brought new adventures
    And endless games of let's pretend.

    We were just a band of misfits,
    Running wild in the sun.
    Living by our mantra,
    "One for All and All for One."

    Now Ivy was a little girl
    Who lived next door to me.
    She was a sweet and guileless girl
    Who was a loyal friend indeed.

    But poor Ivy had a stutter,
    So even in the midst of play,
    We'd stop and listen patiently
    If Ivy had something to say.

    It never had occurred to us
    To tease her or make fun.
    She was a cherished part of us.
    "One for All and All for One."

    Now Tammy was an aimless girl
    Who dreaded going home.
    Instead she'd cling to all of us
    Or roam the streets alone.

    She was always seen as strange or odd,
    So by many she was shunned.
    But we embraced her strength of spirit.
    "One for All and All for One."

    Terry and Peggy were sisters,
    And just as tough as they could come.
    They were always ready to stand and fight
    Before they would cower and run.

    In the neighborhood, they were infamous,
    Known and feared by everyone.
    But we welcomed their grit and moxie.
    "One for All and All for One."

    Now Dougy was just into puberty,
    And was viewed as a very bad seed.
    He was in and out of trouble
    And always full of tricks and schemes.

    But to us, he was our brother,
    And a better brother there was none,
    For he'd defend us to the bitter end.
    "One for All and All for One."

    Now I was a puny, cross-eyed kid
    Who had always been laughed at and teased.
    But I found my niche in this group of friends
    Who nurtured and watched out for me.

    We were truly a band of misfits
    When all was said and done.
    But we stood for each other through thick and thin.
    "One for All and All for One."

    How I wish today our youth could know
    Such camaraderie second to none,
    Finding strength and unity in diversity,
    Living "One for All and All for One."

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  11. 9. Child Memories

    • By Erika Romenesko
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    I dedicate this poem to my cousin, Megan, because when I was younger, we would always play together in her backyard in the field of flowers.

    Poem About The Joy Of Childhood Friendships

    When I was a young girl,
    We used to play
    Out in the field
    Of flowers all day.
    There were roses and daisies
    And lilies, too.
    We used to trade them,
    Saying from me to you.

    At lunchtime we'd have
    A picnic in the field.
    We'd go get the basket
    And eat a good meal.
    There were muffins and chocolates
    And berries, too.
    We would even get
    A cookie or two.

    Oh, the life of the young ones
    Was such a beautiful phase.
    We would look at the field
    And happily gaze.

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    Beautiful poem. My aunt passed away yesterday. She was 85. A couple of years ago just by chance, we caught her on video as she came across a swing. She said, "I want to swing." We were all...

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  12. 10. I Am With You

    • By Susannah Ross
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    This is the story of one of my best friends. When we started out, we were just so innocent! But as time moved on I realized that I liked him. I was a stupid, stupid child, and I let that get in the way of our friendship. But now, he and I joke and chat during our classes, and I can say with pride, I am one of the few people he seeks out to talk to. We are no more than friends, but the connection that I feel to him will never go away, he was not just my first crush, he was my first love.

    Poem About Having a Crush on a Friend

    I remember when we met,
    In kindergarten, we were set.
    Friends from then on, without a doubt.
    Said we would never live without,
    But time moves on and then we too,
    Got caught up in the 'cootie' schmooze.

    We wrinkled our noses and turned away,
    We thought we could go at least a day,
    But no, instead we played a fake war.
    Closer than ever, we fake argued galore,
    But time goes on and then we two
    Threw aside that stage and I was with you.

    Again we sided, it was us two as one.
    Who cares what others thought, we had fun.
    Many years had passed, and I developed a love,
    Each time I saw you, angles sang from above.
    Being a foolish child, I drifted away,
    Until the unthinkable happened one day.

    I never thought, even as I avoided you,
    That one day we would be fully through.
    You stopped searching me out, as I had done,
    You would walk past me, having much more fun.
    But time goes on, and on, and on.

    And even now, so many years far after,
    Even you remember our dear laughter.
    You came up to me, just around high-school.
    You didn't act different, you didn't even act cool.
    You treated me just like you used to,
    Time may have passed on, but I am with you.

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    I loved this poem so much! It made me think of my very 1st best friend from the start of my Kindergarten year. Her name was Chayanna and I met her on the first day of school. We met because...

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