Fighting Friend Poems

Fighting Friend Poems

Fighting between Friends

Fighting is part of every real relationship. The key is knowing how to resolve the fight without breaking up the friendship. Often it is the individual who knows how to communicate by sharing his feelings and not pointing fingers who can diffuse the situation. Since both members of the friendship are feeling defensive, it becomes a risky and sensitive venture. It may talk a couple tries to fully resolve your differences but you will come out with a stronger friendship at the other end.

10 Friendship Poems about Fighting

  1. 1. Words

    I wrote this poem in the early morning hours after replaying the thoughtless remarks that a friend made earlier in the day. It seemed better to get my thoughts onto paper than to have them run around in my head.

    Poem About How Words Of Friends Hurt The Most

    "Give everyone the benefit of the doubt."
    That's what I always teach.
    But even my own words of wisdom
    are now somewhat out of reach.

    I cannot begin to explain my disappointment and distress
    caused by a friend who has yet to acknowledge my unhappiness.
    Unbelievably thoughtless, inexplicably rude,
    my anger is boiling over at such undeserved attitude.

    My time, my energy, my support and my constant concern
    are apparently shrunk down to nothing when asked for just once in return.
    Selfish? Unthinking? Or simply careless remarks?
    Origins don't really matter to me once they have entered into my heart.

    Wait it out, do not respond at all
    is what I am sincerely trying to do.
    But I may eventually lose that battle
    and the friendship could become a wound.

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  3. 2. Best Friend

    • By Elizabeth K. Mackey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2007

    Once a close friend and now an enemy

    I hate the way we were so close,
    I hate the way I like you the most.

    I hate the way you look and me,
    I hate the way you can't see..

    I hate the way I still want to be your friend,
    I hate the way this won't mend.

    I hate the way I hurt because of you,
    I hate the way it was just two.

    I hate the way you went about it,
    I hate the way you didn't show it.

    I hate the way our friendship ends,
    I hate the way that this can't bend.

    I hate the way you involved everyone,
    I hate the way that this is done.

    I hate the way I think of you,
    I hate the way that our friendship wasn't true.

    I hate the way I can't let things be,
    But most of all I hate the way you hate me.

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  5. 3. Friends For Never

    • By Danielle Enros
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I want to dedicate this to my "friend" Victoria.

    Friends forever, you promised.
    Never to part, you said.
    But now we've fought,
    Words were thrown between us...
    And now I'm lying here crying on my bed.

    Part of me feels
    That it'll never be the same...
    Sure we've fought before,
    But they were always fixed,
    And we both took responsibility for the problem,
    But in this one fight,
    You said there was only one person to blame...

    I've always been there for you.
    And I know I always will,
    Because I cared about you then,
    And I care about you still.

    Friends forever
    Was what we said we'd always be,
    But look what's happened today,
    We've fought and now you are gone...
    So what I really need you to see,
    Is what you made it feel like,
    All the tears I've cried,
    The hurt I've felt all through the night,
    You said friends forever,
    But really,
    It was friends for never.

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    Latest Shared Story

    My friend and I are fighting and I hate it. Actually, both are hurting. This poem and a few others led me to believe my friend thinks I blame them. This couldn't be further from the truth....

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  6. 4. Feeling Confused

    I wrote this poem during a time when I was in a situation of choosing between two people and I didn't want to let go of either of them.

    Choosing Between Fighting Friends Poem

    I can't concentrate on anything I do.
    The sky is turning grey from being sunny and blue.
    I'm trying to stay out of every feud.
    At this moment, I am feeling confused...

    Those disturbing thoughts take over my mind.
    Torn pages of this book called life, I need to bind.
    At every turn, I was being fooled.
    At the moment, I am feeling confused...

    I need to find out, to get back what I had.
    I'll put an end to everything that turns bad.
    I need to stop being just used.
    I need to stop feeling so confused.

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  7. 5. What Happened To Us?

    • By Destinie Chambers
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    I wrote this poem because my ex best friend and I got into an argument about this boy she loves. We both went out with him, but he wants to go back with me. So she said a bunch of lies to me, and now I ask in this poem, "What happened"?

    Fighting With Friend

    What happened to us?
    We used to be cool
    And now we don't even hang out around school

    Where did the old days go?
    Where we use to laugh and talk, joke around
    Now we're never near each other on the ground

    I feel like we fought over stupid stuff
    And even though times get rough
    We are supposed to be tough

    Don't you feel like we created a wall?
    In between us when we walk down the hall
    I believe that it's not right
    That we got in a fight

    Worst of all we got in a fight over a boy
    Who was like a used up toy
    Why can't we understand that he broke our hearts
    And then, one by one, tore us apart

    And now he's buttering me up
    Saying that he loves me, but do you think I am tough
    Enough to say no
    To the little boy who is a ho*

    Now let me ask you a question
    And maybe people have new suggestions
    To what happen to us?

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  8. 6. Other People

    • By Alan Steinle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem provides a contrast between heaven and hell, as revealed by our relationships. Since we are all related and connected, our thoughts, words, and actions have a very real effect on others. The extent to which we value and affirm ourselves and others is the extent to which we create heaven on earth. And the extent to which we emphasize the mistakes of ourselves and others is the extent to which we create hell on earth.

    Poem On Heaven And Hell In Our Relationships

    Hell is other people.
    -Jean-Paul Sartre

    Hell is other people who
    No matter what you do
    Always find something to judge
    They drag you through the sludge
    And see through your thin disguise
    As they shred you with their eyes
    All their faults and lack
    They place upon your back
    Unable to see their own transgression
    It becomes their only obsession
    To find all of your flaws
    And all your broken laws
    And they won't even let you live
    Because they refuse to forgive

    Heaven is other people who
    No matter what you do
    Choose to see the best
    In you and forget the rest
    They don't dwell on your sin
    Since they want all to win
    They don't create divisions
    By their prideful derisions
    Of those with whom they differ
    For they know that the transfer
    Of their own guilt to another
    Will come back and smother
    Their efforts to be free
    And their search for unity

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    Latest Shared Story

    That's so true. I am from somewhere where flat girls are considered beautiful. My friends often make fun of me because I am not flat like them, and it often makes me cry, but now I'm used to...

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  9. 7. You're Fake

    • By Alicia
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    This poem is about a girl I used to know, but our friendship ended and I found out that I never really knew her.

    How can you call me fake
    When that is what you are
    How can you say we shouldn't judge
    On what we've seen so far

    Why do you think that your life
    Should have a happy ending
    We don't live to make you smile
    And we are so not bending

    So go and think you bring relief
    But relief is but what you take
    I just found out I've never known you
    And realized that you're completely fake

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    I had a friend I'd die for. I trusted her with all my heart until she revealed her true colors. I was surprised how she lied about me. Everything done is a lesson to learn, and what I learned...

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  10. 8. Monday

    A friend of mine and I had a huge misunderstanding that seemed to have a cruel life of its own. He is a friend who has grown into family. He was having a terrible day and I was having a "mental moment" all at the same time. The result was "The Perfect Storm." We finally did speak in the afternoon 3 days later and worked it out, but this poem was written in the early morning before our conversation.

    Poem About A Misunderstanding Between Friends

    I don't know what happened
    or why you cannot see
    The mistrust you have caused
    by how you treated me.

    My shock and disbelief
    were all I could feel.
    All your continued retorts
    were unbelievably surreal.

    I should have let it go,
    and assumed you were somehow pained.
    But I took it into my heart
    and now we're both emotionally drained.

    I finally reached out to you
    after two long days had passed.
    I found you were receptive
    and seemed much more relaxed.

    A phone call would solve our problem
    I told myself and you.
    You said you would call me
    and I believed this to be true.

    The day passed into night,
    the following dawn was spent.
    No call did I receive,
    no words could we repent.

    You promised you would show me
    you'd from now on be always true.
    But instead by your inaction
    our friendship has become unglued.

    You claimed to be a brother,
    more family than friend.
    How easily it was recanted
    so it must have been pretend.

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  11. 9. Not Worth The Fight

    • By Vinenessa E. Martinez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A friendship betrayed is the subject of this poet's poem.

    How could you hurt me,
    The way that you did?
    I'm here for you always,
    Isn't that what you had said?
    Now that you've lied,
    Our friendship is dead.
    It is now gone,
    Left in the past.
    Ours was a friendship
    I thought would last.
    Why did you lie?
    Why'd you pretend
    To actually care,
    To be my good friend?
    It pains me to know
    It's come to an end.
    Somehow I guess it just wasn't right.
    Our friendship's now cold
    And dark as the night,
    I've come to the fact,

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    Latest Shared Story

    I am so sorry to hear this! This does saddens me, but you will find a friend who will not lie to you and who will include you in things!

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  12. 10. Enough Hurting Those Who Love You

    • By Erin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem is about a person that is burning bridges and hurting the ones that love them. I think it can apply to family, friends, and relationships.

    Wondering why you have so much hate
    Before you see it will be too late
    Trying to accept who you are
    Just seems far too far

    All the pain that you have created
    Just sits within you with so much hatred
    Hoping you will come to see
    What everyone else seems to believe

    All I want is for you to realize
    You are burning bridges with the one who tries
    Open your heart and let me in
    Before I just give up let it end

    It will be years to fix these issues
    I just hope by then I can still trust you
    How much more do you think I can take
    You won't see until it's too late

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    Latest Shared Story

    Yes, it made me cry and get on my knees and pray to keep my relationship with my lady that keeps me in check.

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