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  1. Liar Liar, Dragonfire

    • By Tiffany
    • Published: October 2008

    To my face you're a friend
    nice and sweet
    you always have something nice to say
    but when my back is turned ...

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    My friend has been doing things behind my back. I've only been her friend for 2 years. I thought we would last longer but we didn't. She started going behind my back and telling all my...

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  3. No One Is Perfect

    You can paint your toes.
    And do you hair, all you want.
    You can kiss a million guys and see how it goes.
    But you're nothing but lies, and all you do is taunt....

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  4. You're Fake

    How can you call me fake
    When that is what you are
    How can you say we shouldn't judge
    On what we've seen so far...

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    I had a friend I'd die for. I trusted her with all my heart until she revealed her true colors. I was surprised how she lied about me. Everything done is a lesson to learn, and what I learned...

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  6. Where Were You

    When you needed me I was there for you
    I let you cry on me
    I let you talk to me
    I kept the secrets you told me...

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    I totally love what you've wrote, I've been through that but this time it's because of a boy. She went out with a boy that she said she would never would. We promised each other that we would...

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  7. Friend Changed

    What is the reason why people change?
    I can't get to them even though I thought they were in range
    I wish I knew where she went
    Where was she sent?...

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    My best friend last year promised me we would be bffs. And now she just says that all of our little group is. It stings to see her laughing off with a different friend. I love her and I can't...

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  8. Monday

    Poem About A Misunderstanding Between Friends

    I don't know what happened
    or why you cannot see
    The mistrust you have caused
    by how you treated me....

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  10. Why Do They Hate

    • By Damaris
    • Published: March 2010
    Sad Poems About Friendship

    This is me,
    I won't change.
    Love me or hate me,
    Doesn't matter, I'm to blame....

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  11. For Now

    • By Florence
    • Published: June 2008
    Friends Fighting

    Until today we were really cool
    That is until the end of school

    You're now saying you'll never speak to me...

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    yes it has I know how it feels to lose a friends. yes I am very sad to see my friend go.

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