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  1. Friendship

    • By Roberto C. Alico Jr.
    • Published: February 2009
    You'll Always Be My Friend

    We have been friends for not so long
    We've learned to trust and shared a song
    We used to laugh and used to cry
    We've been together and learned to fly

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    My friend and I are in a fight because of this girl. But I don't worry at all because we have an everlasting friendship.

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  3. I Am Here

    If you need a laugh, I am here.
    If you need a hug, I am here.
    If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here....

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  4. I Am With You

    • By Allyce~louise
    • Published: March 2011

    When you close your eyes, I am with you.
    When you sleep, I shall protect you.
    When you are angry, I will be there to calm you.
    When you are ill, I am there to care for you.

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  6. Rose Of Your Life

    • By Kasandra D.
    • Published: January 2014

    When you feel like the world
    has turned its back on you,
    there's always one person
    who loves you for you.

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  7. With You

    Poem About Friendship And Brotherhood

    No matter what sadness,
    I want to overcome it with you.
    No matter what race,
    I want to run with you.

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    I found this really touching and so true. Everything in here is what me and my best friend (Zara) are. This is an amazing poem. Good job.

  8. I Couldn't Pretend

    • By Stephanie
    • Published: September 2016
    The Bond Between Friends

    Friends indeed,
    Together we will succeed.
    Our dreams will come true,
    Forever me and you.

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  10. You Turn My World Around

    Even If We Are Apart

    I see you, alone at your desk.
    I think, she might be the best!
    As I walk over, you look at me.
    I smile goofy, you giggle at me.

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    I read this and I loved how it's so true. When your friend leaves and it breaks your heart but you remember the good times and you do your best always as if your friend is standing right next...

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  11. A Poem For My Friend

    • By Tooba I.
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About Always Being There For A Friend

    Staring into the horizon at the light of dawn,
    Truly fate is what we both stumbled upon,

    That memorable day playing at the park,

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  12. Don't Want To Know

    • By Lauren
    • Published: March 2010
    Best Friends Always Remembered

    3 years, 8 months, and 6 days ago
    That's about how long you've been my best friend.
    The first two months, we saw each other, but rarely talked.
    I sat at my desk, wanting to talk to you, but couldn't....

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    You're my friend till the end of time ,
    I got your back you got mine
    We laugh Till we cry,
    I won't forget you long after I die
    we've had our ups and downs,
    we smile and we frown
    But in...

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  13. That's What Friends Are For

    The Power Of Friendship

    A friend is not just someone who hangs out with you.
    A friend is someone who cares about you.
    A friend is someone who tells you the truth.
    A friend is someone who doesn't make you feel blue.

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