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  1. Don't Let Me Be Going

    • By Jenny L. Reece
    • Published: July 2007

    I don't quite know how,
    To write what I must,
    But on this one page,
    I'll write what I trust....

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    I know just what you're going through. I recently had the same experience. It's like she was the one who wrote this. I feel like I may have treated her badly. I'm not a good person with...

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  3. Family And Friends

    • By Joy Flake
    • Published: February 2006


    To all my family and friends,
    from whom I hear from
    now and then,
    Just wanted to say

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    This poem has really touched my heart with the remembrance of how friendship and family love is so important in the life of a human.

  4. Forgive Me

    • By Czarina Gutierrez
    • Published: May 2009
    Poem Asking Friend for Forgiveness

    friends come and go
    after you read this you may say so

    but I don't care ...

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    The poem is short and true to my heart. I always feel that special dream of her with me. Though time is running out so fast that I feel she will never forgive me. For she wants us to be...

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  6. Best Friend I Have A Secret

    Keeping Secrets From Friend

    Best friends should never have secrets
    But I keep this one from you
    Don't want you to think so badly of me
    Our friendship is deep and true...

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    My best friend was my best friend for 3 years. I've shared everything with her, and I shared laughs cries and food. Until about a week ago. That's when everything changed. She all the sudden...

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  7. I'm Sorry, I Should Have Listened

    • By Tyrsa Goodwin
    • Published: April 2011

    You know, nothing hurts worse than losing a best friend.
    I thought I could confide in you,
    Tell you everything, but when I tried to tell you something, something I knew you wouldn't like to hear,
    It ended up me losing the best friend I could ever ask for....

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    I was sure I had the best friend in the world, but it seemed like we didn't trust each other. Well, actually I didn't trust her and did some stupid things. I mean, not all girls get along,...

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  8. All I Want Is Our Friendship Back

    • By Nicole Krebs
    • Published: October 2008

    Where did I go wrong
    with being your friend
    Where did I miss up
    Please tell me....

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  10. I Can't Undo

    • By Nick
    • Published: March 2009

    I'm sorry for what I said
    the way I acted
    all you were trying to do was help
    but I would not accept it...

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  11. Friends

    • By Stacy Daykin
    • Published: August 2010
    I'm So Sorry Poem For All The Pain

    We were so close at heart.
    But then we suddenly drifted apart.

    I know it was my fault....

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  12. Words To My Friend

    I didn't sleep but two winks last night,
    Because with you I do not wish to fight!

    Our friendship had a very strange start,...

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    This is exactly how I feel as my best friend and I just had a huge blowout yesterday. This is an amazing poem.

  13. Trustful Friend

    • By Julie Martin
    • Published: November 2008

    there was this one friend I could always trust
    this one friend was always with us
    he saved me in more ways than one
    he made me smile when everything was wrong...

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    My best friend is named Ben, we text all day and all night every day. Ever since last year though I've wanted to be more then friends. turns out he did too he broke up with his girlfriend for...

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