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  1. Where The Street Ends

    • By Roberto Acuna
    • Published: July 2008
    Falling For Best Friend Poem

    There's a place on each road...
    Where the street ends...
    Well there's one in your life, too...
    It begins with your friend......

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    My best friend of 11 years has told me time and time again he is in love with me. I love him too but am so scared to lose him if things don't work. We are both single parents, and our kids...

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  3. Hidden Feelings

    I met you in the month of June
    since then my feelings for you bloomed.
    I'm always trying to impress,
    but you never notice me.

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    Your poem just brings out the bottled up feeling inside the heart. Your poem can relate to anyone's own story. My story is just the same as your poem. My friend and I are childhood friends,...

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  4. My Best Friend

    • By Eve
    • Published: May 2008
    From Friends To Lovers

    A beautiful spring night where the starts shine and the moon walks
    Here we are in a cozy bed not knowing how is going to end.
    Our friendship is strong but right now we don't know...

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  6. Crush?

    Poem About Having A Crush On A Friend

    Why do I feel this way
    I stutter, and don't know what to say
    What makes you so special
    I've studied your face and your eyes that sparkle...

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    You should try to get a hold of him again. I went through the same exact thing. Sure, we're still just friends, but I am patiently waiting until we get to know each other more. After all,...

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  7. Only A Friend

    • By Brianna
    • Published: April 2008
    Friends Stay Forever

    You tried so hard to win his love
    You put your heart out on the line
    He puts you on like he might love you back
    But he tells you he doesn't love you as more then you are...a friend....

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    I love this poem and I can relate to it because the person I love considered me to be his best friend and I just loved him and kept on loving him.... But the closer we got the more...

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  8. You Need To Know

    • By Nicole S. Kohli
    • Published: October 2007

    I need to know
    If something is
    Going to happen
    Between us...

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    Such deep emotions emitted in so few words. This speaks almost of a desperation... an obsession...

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