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  1. Do What You Want

    • By Jason
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About Crush Falling For Friend

    if someone asked me to describe you in one word
    I would say I couldn't
    if someone asked me to hurt you in any way
    I would say I wouldn't

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    This is so sweet. This type of thing happens all of the time in the real world, which is not the ideal world. The poet has such protective instincts--lovely!

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  3. not In Love

    • By Kendra
    • Published: April 2009
    Not In Love

    So often people say they found their lover in their friend.
    I just have to wonder if they've found a means to fit their end.
    I thought I knew you for so long, but now I've come to see
    That this man is a stranger, and you don't remember me....

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  4. Never Enough

    • By Sarah
    • Published: August 2008
    It Hurts To Be Just Friends

    Ten years too early or ten too late.
    Seven hours before or seven after.

    The looks you gave would still hold the same meaning. ...

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  6. Only A Friend

    • By Brianna
    • Published: April 2008
    Friends Stay Forever

    You tried so hard to win his love
    You put your heart out on the line
    He puts you on like he might love you back
    But he tells you he doesn't love you as more then you are...a friend....

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    I love this poem and I can relate to it because the person I love considered me to be his best friend and I just loved him and kept on loving him.... But the closer we got the more...

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  7. Perfect Ten

    • By Ian Vaillancourt
    • Published: September 2008

    I always thought you'd be tall with red hair
    And never knew that sitting next to I'd feel so scared
    To say the wrong thing or push you away
    But this is reality, for me, this is today...

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  8. When Lust Kills

    • By Whyte Lyon
    • Published: July 2011

    How could I?
    What a friend I used to have,
    he was great and nice and kind and loving,
    I killed his trust in me......

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