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  1. My Friend, I Miss You

    My friend, I miss you.
    I miss hearing your voice and seeing you smile,
    Just being with you and hanging out a while.

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    I really miss my three best friends. I've know them for 10 years. Now I am 13. We were in the same school till grade 7. I was forced to move my school in grade 8 and I went through the...

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  3. Farewell My Last Goodbye

    I cherished the times when we were together
    I hoped that it would last forever
    but now there's nothing I can do
    today I'll say my goodbye to you...

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    Good-bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart's the memory, and there you'll always be.

  4. Missing You Everyday :(

    • By Lilly
    • Published: June 2008

    I talk to you on the phone.
    I IM you everyday.
    I am missing you because you went away.
    I still keep in touch, but that doesn't matter....

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    it's been almost 1 year since I moved schools from my bestest friend and I miss her like crazy..we used to call each other everyday..talk to each other on facebook..go to each others house...

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  6. Best Friend Moved Away

    • By Madi Moody
    • Published: January 2014

    Sitting in class
    Thinking of you
    It's hard to realize
    I'm not with you ...

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    I can definitely relate! I moved twice, first was from my home Cape Town, South Africa and I not only had to leave my best friend but all of my family (except mum, dad, brother and sisters)....

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  7. The Bars Between Us

    • By Cindy Francis
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Prison Separating Us

    The bars between us keep us apart.
    The bars between us can't keep you out of my heart.
    The bars between us create hugs we have to keep.
    The bars between us make me weak.

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    These poem has really helped me get though my days AND nights while my husband's gone and I'm trying to play the single mommy of 4 role alone....

  8. Take Back

    We were always together,
    you plus me equals forever
    Now, all I have are pictures of the past.
    When you care about someone very much,

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    really.......very emotional poem. it reminds me my past loneliness. Thanks

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  10. I Miss You

    • By Tiffany
    • Published: November 2009

    Our friendship got us through
    so many hard and difficult times
    where is it now?
    the friendship ...

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  11. He Was

    • By Milica S. Rakic
    • Published: August 2016
    Poem About Being Incomplete Without You

    He was my everything.

    He was a tear in my eye
    And a blue in my sky.

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  12. Love Like Sunrise And Set

    The sunshine we once knew
    And cherished

    Is over as fast as it came...

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  13. Afloat

    Teeling A Friend You Are Worried About Them

    Pen and paper are my tools
    To tell you "good job" or to call you a fool.
    My praises aren't just given, they are earned.
    Mistakes don't just happen, they are learned.

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