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  1. A Friend, Who Knew?

    Fake Or Friend

    Here this stranger stands right in front of me
    Is she an imposter imposed to hurt me next
    Or a friend to be
    Questions pounded in my head, but I was willing to take the chance ...

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    This is all so true to me. I never told this Great Friend I have now of how badly my last relationship was. I gave it my all, I practically gave my entire heart to this person, and then she...

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  3. There Is Always Hope In Friendship

    • By Cassandra M. Cook
    • Published: June 2007

    It was a day in the life
    Full of sadness and of strife.
    You never thought you'd make it through.
    Feeling people think the worst of you,

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    This story is so true about my life and I finally had a friend show me the light.

  4. Special Friend

    Memories hurt when I thought back
    To the times I thought were sad
    The smile I wore disappeared
    Replaced with the foulest tears.

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  6. My Friend

    • By Carol A. Smith
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About Friends Growing Old

    As The Years Pass Us By As We Grow Old And Apart
    I Want You To Know That You're Always In My Heart
    You Helped Me With Problems Through Good Times And Bad Times
    You Helped Me Keep Smiling When I Felt Sad ...

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    Such heartfelt poems, that I've seen here today. Thank You for having such a page.. Was looking for a poem about When I grow old and found so many others on subjects I wasn't even thinking...

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  7. Do You Feel The Way You Love

    • By Amanda A. Rettke
    • Published: February 2006


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  8. Love Will Come Again

    What A Friend Means

    People say love comes and goes...
    I say let the truth be known...
    We have several types of love;
    for our children, ...

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    I had a friend from internet, I loved him so much, we were so close and all was great, but suddenly he left me, I am still missing him so much

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  10. The Constellation Is An Old Friend

    • By Stellae Lacus
    • Published: February 2011

    Like a gold
    Shines like the sun
    Like a diamond
    Shines like a star....

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  11. Once And Now

    • By Mike Critchfield
    • Published: January 2011
    Poem About Finding a Lost Friend Again

    As a cloud wafting through the sky,
    Blowing with the wind,
    Never quite complete in form,
    Ever sought, ever evading....

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  12. A Friend I Know As Father

    • By Bob Krug
    • Published: May 2011
    You're Like A Father To Me

    If you, like I, learned from your life,
    Then you too know it's true.
    That life is filled with miracles,
    for some, a precious few.

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    I have a friend who to me is my father too.
    This poem made me think of him.
    Thank you for this poem.

  13. Your Special Friend

    • By Amy
    • Published: August 2010


    Friendship is like life.
    It goes away,
    And comes again.

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