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  1. Love Will Come Again

    What A Friend Means

    People say love comes and goes...
    I say let the truth be known...
    We have several types of love;
    for our children, ...

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    I had a friend from internet, I loved him so much, we were so close and all was great, but suddenly he left me, I am still missing him so much

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  3. I Need You

    • By Reem
    • Published: April 2011

    My soul disappeared.
    My heart stopped its beat.
    My eyes can't see clear.
    My body is full of heat.

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    They are beautiful. They have teared me up because this is what I have been wanting to put on paper for the man I love.

  4. A Friend I Know As Father

    • By Bob Krug
    • Published: May 2011
    You're Like A Father To Me

    If you, like I, learned from your life,
    Then you too know it's true.
    That life is filled with miracles,
    for some, a precious few.

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    I have a friend who to me is my father too.
    This poem made me think of him.
    Thank you for this poem.

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  6. There Is Always Hope In Friendship

    • By Cassandra M. Cook
    • Published: June 2007

    It was a day in the life
    Full of sadness and of strife.
    You never thought you'd make it through.
    Feeling people think the worst of you,

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    This story is so true about my life and I finally had a friend show me the light.

  7. We Belong Together

    • By Taylor
    • Published: August 2009

    Here is a place for you and me,
    A special place for only us two,
    We have a special bond that no one can see,
    It's tightly wrapped in a cocoon,

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    I love this and I can completely relate with this. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. What Is A Friend?

    • By Barbara M. Zellner
    • Published: October 2007
    A Good Friend Poem

    A good friend is someone
    who cares about you.
    They are someone who will be
    there when you're down.

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    I have a oral English examination so my friend and I are doing about qualities of a good friend so that why this poem is just nice

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  10. Gift From God

    • By Ilde S.
    • Published: March 2011
    To A Friend Who I Love

    This is for the most amazing person I've met,
    the person that makes me feel awake.
    The only one that can make my day,
    by just having a smile on her face.

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    I just love poetry. The passion and heart that each piece is written with speaks to my soul.

  11. My Friend

    • By Carol A. Smith
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem About Friends Growing Old

    As The Years Pass Us By As We Grow Old And Apart
    I Want You To Know That You're Always In My Heart
    You Helped Me With Problems Through Good Times And Bad Times
    You Helped Me Keep Smiling When I Felt Sad ...

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    Such heartfelt poems, that I've seen here today. Thank You for having such a page.. Was looking for a poem about When I grow old and found so many others on subjects I wasn't even thinking...

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  12. For Julie

    • By Doogie
    • Published: March 2019
    The Happiness A Special Friend Brings To Your Life

    Many things can make me happy, many things can make me smile,
    many things can make life wonderful, make it all seem so worthwhile.
    But nothing makes me happier than the special friend I've found.
    Life couldn't feel more wonderful whenever you're around.

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  13. Long-Lost Friends

    It's Great To See An Old Friend

    To see that face you've missed so much,
    To feel that warmth inside.
    To see how much you mean to them,
    Reflected in their eyes.

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