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  1. A True Friend

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Before you became a friend of mine,
    We knew each other for quite some time.
    I hate to say we wasted a year and a half.
    I'm glad we can now look back and laugh.

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    I was alone for a good 2 years of my life and had no one to help me through anything. Then my friend Wade came along and made everything better for me. It felt good to have someone to talk...

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  3. Bestest Best Friend Forever And Always

    • By Reba Gibson
    • Published: May 2011

    You are there when I need you.
    You always have my back.
    You uplift me when I'm sad.
    You always make me smile.

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    Best Friends. They are sometimes wrong. And sometimes right. They are different and do different things. But the things they do together are the same. They love each other. They seem one...

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  4. A Time To Talk

    When a friend calls to me from the road
    And slows his horse to a meaning walk,
    I don't stand still and look around
    On all the hills I haven't hoed,

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    Excellent! The case almost unattended in today's crazily hasty waste of morality and spirituality in favor of modernity! A nice moral lesson for those entrapped in the network of virtual...

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  6. Friends Until The End

    • By Xoxo
    • Published: February 2011

    Day and night you give me light,
    Whenever I'm out of sight.
    You always ask the breeze
    To wipe away all my tears

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    I really want to know what type of poetry this is .. this really got into me. Thank you for the people who wrote the poem...

  7. A Friend Like You

    • By Jessica D. Elliott
    • Published: July 2016
    Good Friends Are Hard To Find

    A friend like you is hard to find,
    And that you're here still blows my mind.
    You're kind and caring, funny and smart.
    By just being you, you've stolen my heart.

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    Wow, this is a beautiful poem. I can tell you wrote this from your heart.

  8. A Friend Can Save A Life

    • By Paige Bryant
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About A Friend Making A Difference

    That girl's heart aches,
    Her smile is fake.
    The cuts sting,
    Her phone rings.

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    My BEST FRIEND FOREVER is in the exact situation but I can't knock at her door as she's miles away... her mum kicked her out of her own house, so my best friend is living with her aunt and...

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  10. I'm Coming

    • By Lucky S. Ducky
    • Published: April 2020
    Having Someone By Your Side

    When your heart is ripped in pieces,
    I will bring you my adhesive,
    called laughter.

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    An interesting poem which depicts solemn promises made by true souls.

  11. Friends

    • By Heaven Boatright
    • Published: October 2007
    Friends Being There For Each Other

    We have been there for each other most of our teenage lives
    Went through the worst, dealt with each others strife
    Tears that have run down our faces...

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    This is perfect for writing to my pen pal and for our special tradition.

  12. True Best Friend

    • By Daniel W.
    • Published: February 2010

    People tell me you hate me
    That you want me out of your life
    Well they can go on tell me all they want
    I know you wouldn't backstab me like a knife ...

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    I've been here before I've grown away from this spot because I've learned people are jealous .They want what you have so will do things to destroy what you have.

  13. Count On Me, My Friend

    An Assurance To My Friends

    When the world weighs you down
    When unfavorable situations make you frown
    Count on me, my friend

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