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  1. 41. Pigheaded Pete

    • By Louise Michelle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014

    Oh, dear, I'm not quite sure what to write. There isn't any particular story behind this piece, but I'm sure most readers can relate to obnoxious Pete. Perhaps the moral is one shouldn't lose one's temper no matter what the circumstances. Let's hope old Bill learned a lesson.

    Humorous Poem About An Obnoxious Person

    Pigheaded Pete was an obstinate fool,
    who argued no matter the topic,
    shredding opinions with outrageous drool,
    and anger that bordered psychotic.

    While most folks ignored him or called him a jerk,
    and shrugged off his need to be right,
    on one night Pete drove Bill O'Reilly berserk,
    who challenged our Pete to a fight.

    Now Bill was a boxer when he was much younger,
    and knew how to throw a good punch.
    Outside where he dragged the poor twit with his anger,
    young Peter's incisors went crunch.

    Bill got real nervous when Pete called the coppers,
    and shortly a lawsuit ensued.
    He had no money to buy Pete new choppers,
    and so Judge Alfredo was shrewd.

    Judge sentenced the boxer to ten months of labor
    inside Peter's house day and night.
    And Bill had to listen to rubbish and blather,
    to pigheaded Pete's great delight

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  2. 42. Topsy Turvy Land

    • By Agrawal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014

    This is a poem the land of Topsy Turvy!!!!

    Poem About a Made Up Land

    To see the land of Topsy-Turvy
    I was very surprised
    You will be in amazement
    When you see it with your eyes,

    The sun used to rise in west
    Children used to go to school at night
    During the day, people used to rest,
    The moon had its own light!

    The people used to walk on hands
    and that too on walls,
    Isn't this a weird land
    Where boys love to play with dolls!

    Women used to wear bindi on chin
    Lipstick was worn by boys!

    The plants could grow without water
    The cat was chased by the mouse
    Blacksmith's work was done by a potter
    Instead of people, animals used to live in house!

    Animals used to have humans as pet
    And discount rates were high,
    To eat pedigree humans used to get
    Instead of eagle, ostrich would fly.

    Roots prepared food instead of leaves,
    The most free creatures were bees.

    Ants were bigger than elephants
    Beggars were plump and fat,
    Adults used to cry like infants
    And rich used to wear rags.

    Gum was used to break things and
    Seconds were larger than minutes,
    So peculiar would this land be
    And this land of our creations!!!

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  3. 43. Unsubscribe Me

    Do you ever feel this way? I had to write it.

    Poem About Forms of Junk Mail

    Unsubscribe me from your mailing list.
    You must think I'm a sap.
    I don't even know you,
    and I'd never buy your crap.

    Unsubscribe me, friend, from e-mails
    that want to threaten me
    if I don't send them to ten others...
    Let it be the death of me

    Unsubscribe me please from Facebook.
    I find that I don't care,
    about the boring conversations
    that I'm always finding there.

    Unsubscribe me, too, from Twitter.
    What a waste of time.
    If I put a value on that site
    It would be less than a dime.

    My mailbox is so cluttered
    I beg you on my knees,
    Unsubscribe me, unsubscribe me.
    Unsubscribe me PLEEEEZE!

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