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  1. I've Fallen In Love With Mr. Muscle

    • By Jamie H Scrutton
    • Published: September 2014

    The typical skittish behaviour when my body begins t' bustle,
    All in the fact that I've fallen in love with the one and only Mr. Muscle:
    How his passionate vibe shines when cleaning down my decks,
    As his toned, articulate body moves, rhythmical with his pecs!

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  3. The Most Horrible Treat

    • By Clothes Like Those
    • Published: February 2015
    Funny Poem About Eating Anything

    It seemed like a good idea at the time,
    But looking back now I cringe just a little.
    I was so hungry and it WAS once mine,
    The week old milk and peanut butter brittle.

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  4. Unsubscribe Me

    Poem About Forms of Junk Mail

    Unsubscribe me from your mailing list.
    You must think I'm a sap.
    I don't even know you,
    and I'd never buy your crap....

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  6. I Love You/I Hate You

    • By Christina
    • Published: October 2009

    You're the love of my life and the cause of my strife
    You dirty cigarette
    I've made many mistakes in my many days
    But you are my one regret...

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    I love this poem! It really hits home. I've been a cancer survivor for eight years, and I'm still smoking cigarettes. Although, I've been cutting down. Now it's a half pack a day instead of...

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  7. Monkey In The Middle

    • By Sawyer Sewell
    • Published: October 2008

    There once was a monkey in a city's zoo,
    who dreamed of the outside sun.
    He did like hitting kids with poo,
    but he felt that that's been done....

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    Sawyer Sewell. This poem simplifies the struggles of modern day man globally.
    It's by random chance that I was illustrating the moral of this poem from another side of the world and I got...

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  8. Travel Blues

    Poem About The The Rigors Of Travel

    A voyage abroad with my good wife Maude turned into a real mess
    In need of some rest in Budapest, about all I got was stress
    Then in France I took a chance on some pork a little too rare
    I so regret that Monsieur's toilette was very crowded there

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  10. The Devil Beneath

    • By Ld Fisher
    • Published: May 2008

    All sweet and innocent she might look
    some people call her an innocent crook.
    Her simmering smile
    and make up on....

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  11. The Legend Of Flying John

    • By Joshua E Jahn
    • Published: December 2009

    Enter John Smit, your average kid,
    Ordinary things is what he did;
    He went to school, he played sports,
    He climbed trees, he built forts. ...

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    That was a good poem. I like it a lot. Good Job!

  12. Mail Box Blues!!

    • By Joan St Cyr
    • Published: May 2014

    My proud little mailbox stood upright and tall.
    No mailboxes on the street could compare, none at all.
    Till one day the blue demon was backing in reverse, I stood by the window watching the upcoming curse.
    Slowly I screamed as I saw what was to become, my proud little mailbox would soon come undone....

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  13. Office Policy Change

    Stepping into the boardroom meeting,
    Stepped out of character too.
    Put a red slipper on one foot,
    On the other a bright blue shoe.

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