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  1. The Tongue-Tied Lover

    • By William Brook
    • Published: January 2019
    Happy Birthday Card For Her

    I ask the heav'nly stars above
    how I might send thee words of love -
    for my impov'rished words won't do
    when sending words of love to you.

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    There are times one comes across poetry that captivates the heart,
    creeps inside never to depart...


    An exquisite ace of diamonds classic
    that only a magician could...

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  3. Birthday Wishes To An Introverted Wife

    Poem About Birthdays Being Special

    Joy of one's own birthday gets multiplied
    If your true love always stands by your side
    When you reminded me of the day today
    I could hear those words that you never say

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  4. Maturity And Growing Up

    • By Dajanay
    • Published: May 2008
    Birthday Poem About Growing Up


    When you are young, life leaves you no choice.
    Do this. Do that.
    No room for a little voice
    When all you want to do is play and just have fun

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    This poem totally spoke to me. I love it! Looking forward to your next post!

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  6. Don't Forget

    • By Vicki Fearnley
    • Published: July 2016
    Thanking Mom On Her Birthday

    Your birthday is the day I remember
    all the wonderful things you do.
    Time will fly; each day goes by,
    and I've forgotten to say, "Thank you."

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  7. Elaine's Sixty-Fifth Birthday

    A Birthday Poem To A Very Dear Friend

    Sixty-five wonderful years, every one of them filled with love and laughter,
    may all your fondest wishes come true, today and forever after.

    We all celebrate the fact that you've reached this age.

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  8. It's A Special Day

    • By Andee Siepman
    • Published: March 2008
    Short Birthday Poem For Child

    Hurry, it's a special day.
    Giddy up and play all day.
    Eating ice cream and chocolate cake.
    It's your birthday, let's celebrate!

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    A few words, painless and short,
    It's your birthday, be a sport,
    At your age, you look great,
    Have you been, lifting weight?
    With your health, and all the best,
    Joy and laughter, I...

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  10. To My Little Brother

    Watching My Little Brother Grow

    A year has passed away,
    Never to be back.
    I hope this little greeting
    Suffices as a plaque.

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  11. Happy Birthday

    • By Janel M. Perez
    • Published: February 2006
    Happy Birthday Poem To Young Daughter

    Dance among the ribbons
    of the birthday balloons.
    Smile through the lit candles
    and sing to the classic happy tune.

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  12. 21 Years Today

    • By Lauramay
    • Published: November 2010
    Happy Birthday Poem To Sister

    For thirteen years my sister you've been,
    and I'm quite sure you've not always been keen,
    on me ruining your stuff and copying your style,
    but you always forgot that after a while....

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    Lauramay, Your poem is great and I'm sure your sister is ecstatic to receive it. I know she will cherish it forever.

  13. Happy Birthday Dad

    Poem Appreciating Father


    When I was born
    I didn't know much
    I was introduced to this world
    By your kind words and soft touch

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    Take him out at his favorite place to eat. Buy him his favorite candy that he loves the most.

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