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  1. My Father's Words

    A Father's Way With Words

    My father is a man of his word
    A man interested in your word

    A man of many words

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    Wow, I was fortunate to actually give this lovely poem a vote today. Now it's published. Congratulations! Well deserved.

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  3. This Is Why I Love You!

    • By Latasha Huffman
    • Published: November 2008

    I love you.
    Whenever I saw you,
    You would put a smile on my face.

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    OMG when I read that I was like, I should go and tell my dad that and tell him how much I feel about him

  4. Loving Like A Daddy Can

    • By Shayna Montgomery
    • Published: February 2006

    Daddy, Daddy sit me on your knee.
    Together we will always be.
    Closest of friends,
    From beginning to end.

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  6. Father Like Care

    Your and mommy's love together had resulted into me
    All your traits are reflecting in my body if you carefully see
    Had you not supported throughout life would be nightmare
    No one in this world will give you a father like care

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  7. To My Husband On Father's Day

    I can't call you my Father,
    And you're certainly not my Pop.
    I wouldn't call you PaPa
    Because to me you're certainly not.

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  8. What My Father-In-Law Means To Me

    • By Candi Dudley
    • Published: June 2008
    Father-in-Law Father's Day Poem

    If I had to do my life over
    I'd chose you to be my dad.
    I love you and honor you:
    You take all of my sorrows away....

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    This poem describes what my father in law means to me. My husband and I have a disability and he and my mother in law as well as my parents help us in so many ways. He does lighten up our bad...

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  10. My Father's Love

    • By Wendy Nichols
    • Published: June 2014
    Father's Day Poem To A Single Dad From His Daughter


    My father's love never places judgment on me,
    his love comes unconditional and unselfishly.

    For all the things you've done to show how much you care, ...

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    I am so glad to have stumbled upon this poem. In my moment of grief, this has given me the strength to strive to be a dad like this for my two daughters. Many thanks and much love.

  11. On This Father

    From Husband To Daddy


    Being a father to a son,
    brings a man's heart so much joy.
    You can't imagine your world,
    without this wonderful little boy....

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  12. Happy Father's Day

    • By Elisa Garcia
    • Published: September 2008
    A Poem From My Heart

    I was not sure what to get you
    On this very special day
    So I decided to write this poem from my heart
    I have some things I need to say:...

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    Through you I have learned to show dedication. Even though it has been hard times but in future I know that you will always be with me as well as I will be with you Amen

  13. Special Dad

    • By Trinity Pratt
    • Published: May 2008
    Father's Day Poem To A Dad And A Friend

    My dad is very special,
    He's not just a dad but a friend;
    For he knows where there is a Difference,
    When one should start and the other end....

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    My dad is a fire-officer who loved his work very much but always had time for me. I always try to thank him, bless him, and tell him how special he is to me. By reading this poem, a strategy...

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