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  1. New Year's Resolutions

    Poem About Becoming A Better Person

    Here comes the New Year,
    And it's time to make resolutions.
    For I promise to be sincere
    And bring in me a revolution.

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    I was asked to write a poem on resolutions. Then I found this poem. This poem exactly fits to my activity. Fantastic!

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  3. Live Your Dream

    The Problem With New Year's Resolutions

    Another year is almost over.
    A new one's about to begin.
    Say goodbye to all the negative stuff.
    Move on with the positive things.

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    Brother John,
    Never look back in regret of the year that's passed.
    Remember the good times, hold on to them fast.
    Look forward to the new year and all that's to be,
    Making dreams come...

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  4. Let's Prepare For Another One

    • By Pankaj K. Negi
    • Published: January 1, 2019
    New Year New Start

    Completed another revolution around the sun.
    Let's prepare for another one...

    Ups and down, lows and high, yet more to come.

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  6. Happy New Year

    Inspirational New Year's Poem


    As the world celebrates
    With fireworks and cakes
    I'm standing here alone
    Far away from home

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    Dear Hope, I just read your poem and it really touched me. You are a wonderful young lady! I have enjoyed sharing this New Year's poem with some close friends and they, too, have been touched...

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  7. This New Year

    Poem About Possibilities Of A New Year

    Even during the worst of times
    When I feel the years go slipping by
    Life seems rife with possibilities
    When the New Year arrives.

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  8. Holiday Reflections

    • By Linda Murdock
    • Published: November 2010
    Poem About A New Year For Our Country

    Thanksgiving comes but once a year.
    It's a time when families gather near
    To reflect and give thanks for those we hold dear.
    We celebrate Christmas with parties and food,

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    The poem expresses the values all good people practice in their day to day lives. As a teacher, I would like to read it in my class and have a discussion on the finer feelings and sentiments...

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  10. January's Dawn

    Old And New Memories Of Each Year

    Deep on this dark, cold, last night of December,
    is one tiny flame of a flickering ember.

    like so many memories of Decembers gone by,

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  11. End Of Year

    • By Detlin
    • Published: December 2010
    Poem About Events Around The Holidays

    Daylight, my friend seldom seen
    Your absence tells which season's close
    Time to reflect on months gone by, but not yet
    Christmas nears, no time to think.

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  12. Happy New Year! :)

    • By Unique
    • Published: December 2010
    Poem About Luck Of A New Year

    December is fading away.
    There's a new year coming your way.
    All frustrations drowned
    with the chill of cold air around

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    I was searching a new years poem for making a dj's style song and I got this thanks to you

  13. Happy New Year!

    • By Colleen P. Beaudoin
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About A Wonderful Time Of Year

    We've reached the end of another year
    Where Christmas time is growing near
    Friends and family we hold so dear
    Will soon feel the warmth of holiday cheer.

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