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  1. Haiku About Starting Anew

    • By Lecco Morris
    • Published: July 27, 2020

    When it's all over
    what will begin in its place?
    Will it be better?

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    Beginnings are for sure in one's life as there's an end to a past life, however, the courage to see how the next chapter goes on matters too, even if it's for the better.

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  3. Change Is All

    • By Olivia Libby
    • Published: May 2011
    Be A Friend And Change Someone's World

    No one will ever know how I feel,
    For I cannot even explain it all.
    Nobody to love,
    Nobody to blame,

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    All I can say about this poem is "me." Thank you for sharing your story. Felt every word of it. I believe in doing the exact thing. Go help someone that's tormenting themselves. People who...

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  4. Do You Ever Stop And Think?

    • By Jordan Brown
    • Published: December 2009
    Poem About Growing Up

    Do you ever stop and think?
    Just reflect on everything that's happened to you
    in the last few days,

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    I love this poem. It's totally relatable. It really outlines the questions that have been stirring my mind lately. It turns out that you get to decide what growing up means to you. You don't...

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  6. Poetic Portraits

    Should Modern Poetry Rhyme

    I had decided that it would awaken my muse
    If I read the poems current publishers use.
    When I looked at what is marketed now,
    I couldn't help being puzzled, somehow.

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  7. We're Better Than Yesterday

    • By Mg.ra
    • Published: September 2016
    Moving On And Being Strong

    Don't be worried about the past.
    Things like that never last.
    We're better than yesterday.
    We never run out of things to say.

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  8. An Old Man’s Lament

    The World Is Changing

    When I was born
    The world was waiting there for me
    To smell, to touch, to taste, to see.
    What wonders filled my little eyes.

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  10. Yes, I'll Go On Laughing

    About Coping With The Hardships In Life

    When worries and fears I claim for my own,
    When I feel helpless and all alone,
    When my deepest memories come to mind
    And all my sadness I leave behind,

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  11. A Little Bird Am I

    Moving On To Pursue Goals And Dreams

    I ask but this one small thing.
    Give me the worldly skies
    For I cannot stay trapped here
    A little bird am I....

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    This poem touched me in a way I didn't know poetry could. I'm an aspiring writer myself and often use bird metaphors in a sort of way that my friends think is pretentious - but to see someone...

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  12. Men At Forty

    • By Donald Justice

    Men at forty
    Learn to close softly
    The doors to rooms they will not be
    Coming back to.

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  13. Butterfly

    Poem About Needing Love


    I was sitting on the bench in the park one day,
    And saw a butterfly coming my way.
    I opened my hand, and to my surprise,
    the butterfly landed; consumed in cries.

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    This poem is so cute. Good writing. My husband and I were in Branson, Missouri, visiting and while standing outside, a big butterfly came flying by. It flew around and around, so I put my...

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