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  1. Letting Go And Holding On

    • By Martha Turner
    • Published: March 2010

    Oh, how I love life,
    walking outside in spring and summer
    and smelling the honeysuckle floating on the warm breeze.
    Couples walking hand in hand,

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    I'm doing this poem for English class I am in love with it! But my English teacher asked me to find out her bio!! Can Martha please tell me a little about herself and how this poem has...

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  3. An Old Man’s Lament

    The World Is Changing

    When I was born
    The world was waiting there for me
    To smell, to touch, to taste, to see.
    What wonders filled my little eyes.

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  4. Seasons Yet To Come

    Poem About The Months Of The Year

    They gave us all a calendar
    At work this afternoon.
    Suddenly it dawns on me,
    The year is ending soon!

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  6. Seeds Of Growth

    • By David Rivera
    • Published: February 2006
    A Poem About The Cycle Of Life

    Water the seed, and a plant will grow.
    Feed the plant, and a tree will grow.
    Give a tree room, and it will bloom.
    A seed to a plant,

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    I had an idea of what being a father was. But, as I had my own children, becoming a father made me reflect and change completely my relationship with my parents and what I conceived as being...

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  7. Going Forth

    Inspirational Poem About Overcoming Fears

    What will it take to free this mind,
    Imprisoned long in apathy,
    Now reduced to mundane thoughts
    That stultify activity?

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  8. Love Is Better Than Hate

    • By Poppy Cooke
    • Published: May 2009
    Poem About Living A Full Life


    Don't judge a book by its cover.
    Love is better than hate.

    Life's too short to waste opportunities

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  10. The Mentor

    Overcoming The Fear Of Choosing The Right Path

    I paused to stand and watch a man who had come to the road's divide.
    My wonder soared as I watched his stare slowly shift from side to side.
    He stood as if not noticing that many passed him by.
    They moved without a second glance down the road most traveled by.

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  11. Butterfly Wings

    We all need
    some measure of comfort,
    the safety of a cocoon,

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    Great job. I really like it. Putting on our wings and taking another chance could be the very best thing for us.

  12. Forget

    • By Alexandra
    • Published: May 2014
    Poem About How To Get On With Life When Someone Hurts You

    Every time the wind blows
    Every time the sky cries
    It reminds me of you
    So you know what I did last night

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  13. Who Am I?

    Who am I?
    What is the real reason to why I cry?
    I'm having trouble opening up

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    This is a great poem. It makes complete sense to me. I was writing a song once and one line says, "How am I supposed to be myself when I don't know who I am?" so this hit home.

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