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  1. 41. We Are One

    • By Sarah Barsky
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2015

    The poem, written by an 8th grader, is in response to the recent violence in Paris.

    Poem About Coming Together As One Nation

    Floating blue planet
    we will
    to be together
    when we come
    ideas of nation
    we will move
    to the rhythm of eternity
    if we look out

    To the
    delicious colors
    of the earth
    the water
    becomes clearer
    invisible blue
    the ground cleaner
    pale and dry
    the sun brighter
    the light echoes
    in every heart

    Every heart
    one nation
    one nation
    the differences
    in the world

    We are
    as one
    in the
    the trees
    and people
    deep inside
    the people
    that develops
    into a nation
    we will
    to be together
    as a nation
    without borders

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  2. 42. One Day

    I wanted to write something positive and to give hope during these difficult times. It is the first poem that I have submitted.

    Giving Hope During COVID-19

    One day I will be back,
    And we'll be smiling face to face.
    The worries of the last few weeks
    Will be gone and all erased.

    See, I've been dreaming of this moment
    For quite a while now,
    Thinking what we will get up to
    Without a frown upon our brow.

    I may be a little older,
    Gained some wrinkles and some pounds,
    But I'm still the same old me
    That you liked to have around.

    We'll maybe take this moment
    To appreciate what we have.
    Give light to all the darker moments
    Yet to cross our path.

    For now, we must all toe the line
    And do as we are asked
    So we can meet again some day
    And all enjoy a laugh.

    I promise there will be sunshine
    And brighter days to come,
    But for now, all I ask of you
    Is for you to stay home.

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  3. 43. Goodbye Stars

    • By Barbara Lee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    I live alone with an estranged family. I write poems on Facebook to my friends; it helps my healing. I write very quickly in the moment, so my poems reflect emotional moments of how I am feeling at a particular moment in time.

    Losing Famous People In 2016

    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.
    We saw you smile,
    And all the while
    You were living a dream.
    Life in the movies, on the telly,
    Is not what it seems.

    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.
    You gave us music, laughter,
    A story on the screen.
    It was all worthwhile.
    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.

    May you dance and sing and tell
    A story up there,
    And we will share
    All you gave,
    So here's a wave.
    We loved you all.

    Goodbye to all the actors, singers, and musicians who passed away this year.

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  4. 44. 9/11/2001

    The events of 9/11/2001 are embedded in the memory of most, if not all, Americans. This is especially true for the combat veterans who had fought for liberty on the soil of foreign lands. When the fight was brought to our own shores, we were devastated. This is a tribute to the men and women who lost their lives as innocents or public servants. May God bless them all!

    Looking Back On 9/11

    When foreign people search the world
    to find a place to live,
    so many choose America.
    We have so much to give.

    Then terrorism viewed the world
    and sadly they would choose
    our own beloved America.
    We have so much to lose.

    When terror struck, our world stood still.
    We watched our comrades fall.
    With heavy hearts and steadfast thoughts,
    our servants took the call.

    We watched in helpless horror
    while terrorism slept.
    With swollen eyes and broken dreams,
    we went to bed and wept.

    Our eagle flies above us now.
    His talons are unfurled.
    His wrath has been both swift and just
    and felt throughout the world.

    The "Giant" is awake once more
    and once again we see,
    in light of all that we've been through,
    our freedom is not free!

    God Bless America!

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    This is good. Keep writing more beautiful poems.

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  5. 45. Our Queen

    • By Susan E. Gorst
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 14, 2022

    This poem is rhyming and a tribute to our late queen, Elizabeth II.

    70-Year Reign Of Queen Elizabeth

    Our wonderful Queen gave up her life
    To serve her country whilst a mother and wife.
    A 70-year reign of love and dedication.
    Steadfast to the end, serving her nation,
    Followed and adored from near and afar.
    A beacon of light and a bright shining star,
    With her family around her and grandchildren too.
    Rest in peace, your Majesty.
    We will miss you!

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  6. 46. Coronavirus

    This modern-day deadly virus has invaded our modern world and has caused havoc amongst the populations in many countries. This poem is about what happened when it first broke out.

    The Deadly Virus Of 2020

    Coughs, colds, viruses and flu,
    Bugs everywhere for me and you.
    To catch us out in wind and rain,
    Illness is here once again.

    Sniffin' and sneezin', hankies at hand,
    But then Coronavirus came to our land.
    It infected the old, young, woman and man.
    Its centre was a place called Wuhan.

    It came from animals it was said.
    By early February 2020, 700 were dead.
    "Try not to panic, it's not a pandemic,"
    But other countries got it,
    Whilst others were quarantined on a cruise ship.

    Brits left China in great haste
    And were tested for the virus before making their way,
    To the ends of the earth, mankind has been won,
    Still we don't know how far it has gone...?

    We've conquered space travel, built vast cities,
    Internet and missiles, yet it's a pity
    That we cannot cure the common cold
    And the Coronavirus that's invaded our world.

    We cannot cure the dying and sick
    With pills or a needle's sharp prick.
    We can only isolate victims and hope it will go.
    Just another problem, another cruel blow.

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  7. 47. Icon

    • By Randy Pela
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2011

    This is a poem I wrote about Michael Jackson and how he influenced my life with his musical lyrics since I was a little kid until now. I am saddened by his death, and I wrote this poem as a tribute to the man who helped me get through some tough times in my life with the power of his music.

    Poem About Michael Jackson

    You taught me the ABC's and my 123's. Your musical genius will go down in history.
    Your nickname was the King of Pop. You Never Stopped Until You Got Enough.
    People of all ages learned to Rock With You, Billie Jean wasn't your lover and you Beat It too.
    Your music was Black or White, Thrilling was your game. Now that you're not here the world will never be the same.
    No matter when life had me down and I'd run away not wanting to be found I took your advice and always looked at The Man In The Mirror and then I'd be alright. I knew I was Not Alone. I held my head high and remained to be strong.
    Your words stressed peace and you sang We Are the World with your lyrics you tried to Heal the World.
    I Remember the Time I first fell in love, and I wanted to Be Starting Something with the Lady In My Life. Through it all I made sure the Girl Was Mine.
    In my dreams I would Scream and I'd do the moonwalk across my kitchen floor, all the way to the hallway corridor.
    Other acts will try to imitate you and their performances aren't that Bad but they don't have the charisma you had.
    Michael Jackson will go down in history as a musical trend setter and in my opinion no one will ever be better.
    Thank You Michael

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    Michael Jackson saved my life when things starting falling apart for me. I believed in him and his music. His words of love and peace in each song he wrote and performed. When things got ugly...

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  8. 48. Pandemic

    • By Peter J. Frith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2020

    I am sixty-one, single and vision impaired. I have photophobia, so I don't go outdoors much.

    Anxiety Poem Over The Covid Crisis

    spreading like wildfire.
    No more public gatherings,
    close the borders,
    fiscal stimulus packages,
    stock market panic,
    the media frenzy,
    emotions running high --
    we should have acted sooner.
    Frivolous jokes
    in the shadow
    of a looming catastrophe:
    Toilet Roll Man will save the day.
    The daily figures:
    Overall cases
    Active cases
    Mild cases
    Serious cases
    Critical cases
    The mortality rate
    has risen to
    three point nine percent.
    No end in sight.
    This is the first wave
    of the pandemic.
    Will there be
    a deadlier second wave?
    A third?
    Will my family
    and loved ones survive?
    The contagion
    is our enemy,
    invisible, insidious.
    ghost cities,
    social distancing,
    isolation rooms.
    Where will we be
    by the end
    of twenty twenty?

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    I was touched by the poem as we helplessly watch thousands of the world inhabitants being sent to early graves by the deadly COVID-19. In spite of the movement restrictions and quarantine...

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  9. 49. Never Ending Fight

    • By Ryan Saleh
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010

    I am a 14 year old boy who is dreaming to be a famous poet one day. After what happened to Gaza, I was inspired to write a poem about Gaza. I hope it will affect you.

    Poem About The Conflict In Gaza

    Planes coming in at night.
    Tanks coming in at dawn.
    Dreams attacking us in our sleep.
    You can see that shadow creep.
    Everywhere you go you are forced to find cover.
    You just hear those rockets hover.
    Everywhere you look you see pieces of bodies on the floor.
    The sad thing is that we don't even get a chance to open that new door.
    You see kids watching their parents die.
    It's so sad that we are left with dry tears.
    Tears are not the thing to show how sad we are.
    The hearts are deeply crying of this deep sadness.
    The problem is that this was our territory first.
    Only Allah can feel how badly we're hurt.
    All Gaza could do is just wait.
    For in the end our message will be sent.

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  10. 50. Daddy Broke Her

    • By Marinela Reka
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I have written every poem with all my passion and all my heart.
    Most of my poems are about my super family and me.
    So I suggest that if you want to find out more about my adventures and me, my bad habits and what I get up to, then you are going to have to read my excellent poems. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

    There she lay in a room so low
    Only in that room, little did she know
    She saw no sunlight, she saw no snow
    No place to explore no place to go
    Never seen the beautiful Sandela
    Nowhere could she try to escape
    Hands tied, and mouth closed with tape
    She faces abuse she faces rape
    The beautiful Gabriella

    It's no way kind, it's no way lovely
    Dose he do it shameful, or proudly?
    Assume being cursed by your family
    Its all wrong, it can't be done rightly
    She wants to see Sandela
    Four grey walls, she had seen no other
    He must be evil, he is her father
    Never had a friend or a lover
    Always the same Gabriella

    In no means did she feel content
    She could not try to win an argument
    Getting caught he tried to prevent
    While her life was out for rent
    Stuck under the Sandela
    Wishing that one-day this torture would end
    And that in this dump no more time she would spend
    She would love to experience having a friend
    Not the lonely Gabriella

    How could she be gone for such a long time?
    Her room her body, dirt and grime
    The police did not search, this is a crime
    Surrounded everywhere with filth and slime
    Waiting for Sir Acapella
    He was so dashing he was so fit
    If she called to the policeman, she would get hit
    As she heard his voice she did not worry a bit
    Dreams were coming true for Gabriella

    She really had no other choice
    But to call someone save me at the top of her voice
    Knees knocking and forehead moist
    Finally, at last, it is her time to rejoice
    She saw Sir Acapella
    He looked at her surprised, up and down
    Turned to her father and gave him a frown
    Said: Maim you are now able to explore the town
    The individual Gabriella

    She thought is this all that happens to me?
    This is not really being free
    She still lived her life in misery
    She lived feeling nothing but envy
    Of the people in Sandela
    That girl had no reason to live
    She could never be joyful or festive
    After her past she will never forgive
    Daddy broke Gabriella

    The Josef Fritzl thing was absolutely horrible.

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  11. 51. Darfur

    • By Fortesa Veselaj
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    My name is Fortesa Veselaj. I am 14 years old and I am currently living in the U.S. I moved here when I was four, before the conflict in Kosovo in 1999.

    The colors of their faces,
    The tears that they shed.
    The writing on the walls,
    Their parents nearly dead.
    They sleep with their eyes open,
    They cry with their eyes closed.
    They pray without god's presence,
    And without a soul to hold.
    Who will cover their wounded faces, so that their young-ones won't be afraid?
    Who will notice the children's' shattering faces, when they stand near their parent's unmarked grave?
    God's presence is nowhere, so the children don't believe.
    They speak, in a low voice, as though their spirit was drained away.
    A piece of their heart is missing,
    It's rotting out there to decay.
    They step out into the light,
    To see the tyranny of their acts.
    They notice each other's fright,
    Now their just a fact.
    [400,000 dead.]
    [2 million forced to leave their homes.]
    They are left with no words, only the horrors of their past.
    The slaughter, the rape, the torture.
    That the Sudanese government had cast.
    It is written upon their faces,
    Through scars and through tears.
    Now all the genocide cases,
    Won't compare to this modern year's.
    They walk upon the Darfur ground.
    To visit their once-upon- a-time homes.
    To search for a quiver, to search for a sound.
    To look upon the distance.
    To search for the bodies never found...
    They will never forget.
    They can forgive.
    But the people who have died.
    Will never relive.
    So that questions their motives.
    And what they want to do,
    To try and be peaceful.
    Or to become one of the few...
    To rise against the many.
    And to do the same.
    To take the life of any.
    To start a new game.
    But they don't need to kill.
    They only want to be free.
    To make life still.
    To make them want to see.
    But {they} are just tyrants of war and of politics.
    That set people apart.
    Just by their statistics.
    The little girl can't find her mother.
    And the young boy has no brother.
    But now they can unite.
    To join
    And to fight.
    To rise.
    So that they can fall.
    Once again.
    Once and for all.

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    When ever I think of such crisis that covers Africa I couldn't save my face from getting choked, my eyes from precipitating, my shirt from getting wetted. All I do is pray to God to restore...

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  12. 52. Reflections Of A Third World Child

    • By Nnamdi Osu
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    most people especially those living in America and Europe don't really know what little kids in Africa go through. this poem was written in pain by a third world child who wanted to say exactly the way the children feel, children who couldn't express them selves, because of leaders who had no love for them.

    Child Living In Africa

    It's so hard living in a third world country

    That even if I somehow happened to win a lottery,

    I'll still be living in a poverty that assaults my country.
    It's an irony that a land filled with milk and honey,
    Still cries "no money",
    With it's leaders becoming millionaires every second,
    And the people, poorer every minute,
    Thus making the leaders billionaires every hour,
    And the people paupers every day.
    A nation that sighs and cries for debt relief,
    Deceiving the world to believe in it's grief,
    But in reality, the leaders are living in luxury,
    Embezzling without thinking of me -,
    A poor, poor child with no hopes of being who I want to be.
    It's so hard living in a third world country

    That even if I somehow happened to win a lottery,

    I'll still be living in a poverty that assaults my country

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  13. 53. Columbine In Fear

    • By Amber Marie Mchenry
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    This is a poem about the tragic high school shooting at Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999. Two senior students walked into their school, and killed 12 of their fellow students and 1 teacher. Only 40 minuets into the attack Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed themselves in the library where they killed 10 of their victims. After reading a book called Columbine by Dave Collen.

    Poem About Columbine School Shooting

    Please don't slip away,
    Please don't die this way,
    Just hold my hand,
    And breathe in deep,
    Today is the day to weep.

    Their eyes are bloodshot,
    The pain isn't going away,
    Gunshots and screams,
    Are coming down this way.

    Fear is in their eyes,
    Something they can't hide,
    Crying while they hide,
    Hoping to spare their lives.

    As bullets are flying,
    Parents are crying,
    People are dying
    While running for their lives.

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    Hi. I liked it. I just recently wrote a poem on Columbine as well. I found this site from your poem and decided to join thanks to you.

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  14. 54. Portrait Of A Politician

    A professional politician stands pen-sketched. The poem starts with three vivid pictures markedly nailing a thankless politician. The last stanza fixes him well.

    A canker
    Who cankers the very wood
    Wherein he stays.

    A climber
    Who sucks
    The marrow of those
    Who nursed and nourished him
    With pills and potions of power.

    A snake
    Who stings and bites
    Who managed milk for him.

    Makes promises
    Never means to fulfill
    Wears smiles
    Emerge not from the heart
    Preaches precepts
    Flouts with impunity
    Propounds principles
    Violates with a vengeance.

    Swears by poverty
    But shuns the poor
    Castigates riches
    But sheathes the rich
    Declares war on corruption
    But shields the corrupt
    Loudly advises frugality
    But rolls in regality.

    A living and licentious example
    Of service-above-self

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  15. 55. First Lady Michelle

    • By Ashley Marquita Nelson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    I am Ashley M. Nelson, a Senior Occupational Therapy/Pre-Law student at Florida A & M University and I just wanted to share my thoughts of First Lady Michelle Obama. She is such an inspiration to many women everywhere and she set the standards for young African American women when it comes to having patience with our ever thinking men. God Bless the Obama family and their supporters.

    She is a mother
    She is a scholar
    She has the style that made Barack want to holla'
    She is the full package
    Complete with poise, class
    She carries no extra baggage
    Like Africa, she is the mother of our future
    Malia and Sasha
    Beautiful children with names that suit you.
    You see,
    Mrs. Obama is not just a name
    It's a way of life
    She has to run her home, her state and be the President's wife.
    Madame Michelle, to you I give honor
    And I look forward to the day that we can sit, I ponder
    The thought of being in your presence,
    Amongst such greatness.
    I look forward to meeting
    The First African-American
    President, Mrs.

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  16. 56. Our World Today

    • By Aima Sohail
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    I wrote this poem to remind you that you're not the only person in this world. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!!

    Help Save The World

    The world is losing it's trees today,
    Do you think that's OK?
    Fights, Arguments and civil wars.
    Pollution caused by our own cars.

    A hundred trees are cut in one day,
    Just to make paper which is wasted away,
    Although it's a government job
    We couldn't bear to hear a child's sob.

    We could donate money to the needy,
    Plant seed so the world would be less weedy.
    Stand up for them and not just sit
    It shows that even we can do our bit.

    So my message to everyone,
    Be as helpful as the sun.
    Show people that you too,
    Can help people who need you!!!!

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  17. 57. Dead Zones

    • By Laverne Little
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2010

    This poem reflects my environmental concerns. I love the earth. The oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico has an impact on all of us and I am very sad about this event.

    Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico

    Here we go again with another severed vein
    You keep cutting them again and again
    Where in the world does this cut lead
    Like any fluid that pours - it lets the earth bleed
    Call the experts in and try to stop the flow
    Just how to stop it, you don't know
    This is what comes from your greed
    Generations to suffer - yes indeed
    Contamination - minus oxygenation
    Equal dead zones with no explanation
    To future generations -
    Need to let the earth's veins alone today
    Your greed isn't worth the price we all pay

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  18. 58. America the Beautiful

    I am 54 years old. I am new at writing. I have 3 grown kids. I stay at home. Love life!

    Poem About America

    America the Beautiful is that what we say?

    America the Beautiful of 2008, we have shamed our country with war and hate. Loss of life from war to guns how can we be number one?

    We say we love but we truly hate. Colors of skin are what keep us apart, but its wrong it's troubling it upsetting our hearts.

    We should love one another stick together like a brother that is what Americans do that represent our grand old flag of the red white and blue.

    Many people have died for the sake of the cost. What will it take for Americans to see that we live and die to set men free?

    The American Flag symbolizes freedom. It is symbolic of all things true. That flag that we love represents me and you.

    We are americans the brave the proud and the free! So why in the name of God do we hate our liberty? The stripes, the stars the colors so true we are America the red white and blue.

    April 24, 2008

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