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  1. My Mask

    Poem About Wearing A Mask During Covid

    I just want to be a good friend.
    I'm not here to start a new trend.
    I know I'm not the perfect fit.
    I know I may irritate you a bit.

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    So true! I love how it is told from the mask's perspective! If I were a mask, I definitely would have those thoughts. These times are so difficult!!
    -Raven Schewe, age 11

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  3. Prayer

    The World Needs Your Healing

    Protect us, Lord, and send your healing,
    Receive our prayers that keep on pouring.
    Allow your people to have their second chance.
    Yes, Lord, we are begging you hand in hand.

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  4. One Day

    Giving Hope During COVID-19

    One day I will be back,
    And we'll be smiling face to face.
    The worries of the last few weeks
    Will be gone and all erased.

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  6. War Why?

    • By Kylie Duke
    • Published: June 2008
    Poem Questioning War And Fighting

    Hurt, pain, suffering, people are dying.
    What's going on? We're both crying.
    Guns, hand grenades, and bombs too,
    People running scared; they don't know what to do.

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    I can see what you write and totally agree with you, I may not be in a war but my family lived in Iraq until my brother got killed there. His family lives now in Netherland but they still...

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  7. Icon

    • By Randy Pela
    • Published: January 2011
    Poem About Michael Jackson

    You taught me the ABC's and my 123's. Your musical genius will go down in history.
    Your nickname was the King of Pop. You Never Stopped Until You Got Enough.
    People of all ages learned to Rock With You, Billie Jean wasn't your lover and you Beat It too.
    Your music was Black or White, Thrilling was your game. Now that you're not here the world will never be the same.

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    Michael Jackson saved my life when things starting falling apart for me. I believed in him and his music. His words of love and peace in each song he wrote and performed. When things got ugly...

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  8. Human Beings

    Searching For Hope For Humanity

    Wars, wars near and far,
    Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes.
    All these natural disasters
    So close to home,

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  10. 9/11/2001

    Looking Back On 9/11

    When foreign people search the world
    to find a place to live,
    so many choose America.
    We have so much to give.

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    This is good. Keep writing more beautiful poems.

  11. Coronavirus

    The Deadly Virus Of 2020

    Coughs, colds, viruses and flu,
    Bugs everywhere for me and you.
    To catch us out in wind and rain,
    Illness is here once again.

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  12. Goodbye Stars

    • By Barbara Lee
    • Published: December 2016
    Losing Famous People In 2016

    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.
    We saw you smile,
    And all the while

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  13. Pandemic

    • By Peter J. Frith
    • Published: March 2020
    Anxiety Poem Over The Covid Crisis

    spreading like wildfire.
    No more public gatherings,
    close the borders,

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    I was touched by the poem as we helplessly watch thousands of the world inhabitants being sent to early graves by the deadly COVID-19. In spite of the movement restrictions and quarantine...

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