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  1. Never Stop Being You

    Uplifting Poem About Making Life Better

    Analysis of Form and Technique


    Never stop caring about the little things in life.
    Never stop dreaming, and don't give into strife.
    Never stop wondering are we on our own.
    Never stop thinking has your spirituality grown.

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    Well, it's true. No matter how tough life has been and may seem, the best thing to do is to keep moving forward, even when it hurts with the assurance that you are not alone. God is there,...

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  3. From The Heaven Up Above

    Motivating People To Live Out Their Dreams

    Why can't we sleep forever
    And live inside our dreams,
    Sheltered from the heartbreak
    That life can sometimes bring.

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  4. My Idol

    • By Gemma
    • Published: November 2007
    Inspirational Poem About A Positive Attitude

    A young man age 21 who I will always look up to.
    He plays guitar, popular with the girls,
    A friend to all, Strong as an ox,
    Not fat yet not thin, completely selfless.

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  6. While You Weren't Here

    • By Janet Michael
    • Published: February 2006
    Emotional Poem About Coping After Abandonment

    While you weren't here
    I cried every night.
    A million tears fell,
    Still my heart wasn't right.

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    This poem hit me like a truck. My mum's around, but she's never had an emotional attachment to me. My dad's a loser somewhere. I struggle daily with my feelings and am struggling after my...

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  7. Black Is Beautiful

    • By Sharon D. Brown-Rogers
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Self-Worth

    Black is
    Black is as beautiful as a bed of milky white clouds.
    Black is as beautiful as soft as a newborn baby hair.
    Black is as beautiful as standing up for what is right.

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    It really touched me and I am going to use it to motivate and encourage others. Some of our black brothers and sisters hate themselves because they are black.

  8. Promises To Keep

    • By Hemant Bohra
    Motivation For A New Year

    We resolve to turn a new leaf in our lives
    Yet go back to whining old ways in no time

    Why do we break promises ever so often

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