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  1. 61. I Am Worthy

    I wanted to share my current mantra with you all, with the hope that it might help you feel worthy + mindful today. The world is heavy, but we do not have to carry it all at one time, and despite all of the hard decisions and weight of the day to day, you are doing your best, and that IS enough.

    I am worthy. There is nothing
    that can or will happen today that
    could convince me otherwise.

    I am worthy. There is nothing
    that can or will happen today that
    could convince me otherwise.

    I am worthy. There is nothing
    that can or will happen today that
    could convince me otherwise.

    I am worthy. There is nothing
    that can or will happen today that
    could convince me otherwise.


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  2. 62. Never Let Go

    • By Sarah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    I wrote the poem as an experience in life. It happened to my friend, and it was very, very hard watching her learn to re-walk.

    Influential Poem Of A Father's Love For His Daughter

    One by one.
    Take one step at a time,
    Said her daddy, teaching her to walk,
    The little girl only one year old.
    She looked up and smiled
    And let go of his hand.

    Now seventeen years old,
    Out driving in the snow.
    Driving too fast, hitting a pole.
    After getting the news,
    Her dad rushes to her.
    Hearing the terrible news:
    She may never walk again.

    One by one, my dear.
    Take one step at a time,
    Said her daddy teaching
    Her to walk again.

    She looked up with a smile,
    As she did sixteen years ago and
    Let go of his hand for the last time.

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  3. 63. Thoughts For Life

    • By Annanya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020

    This poem is about life, as to what one should remind oneself each day. Life is about living this journey on earth. This journey of life might end any day. One ought to choose to live life.

    Living The Journey

    We are on this planet for a limited span of time;
    Validity of our life's visa can end anytime.

    Begin your day with enthusiasm and end with satisfaction;
    Work toward achieving your goals and do follow your passion.

    Waste not your energy on negativity;
    Find your opportunity to be better when faced with difficulty.

    Celebrate your honest efforts like you will when you attain success.
    Failures shall be there; learn and keep going, nevertheless.

    Avail the most of this very present;
    Never shall return the passing moment.

    The future is surrounded by clouds of uncertainty;
    Let hope and faith be your guide till eternity.

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  4. 64. In The New Year

    • By Trupti Paliwal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    I wrote it on January 1, 2017, when I was sitting alone in my house. I have so many friends online, but no one is free to talk.

    Live A Better Life

    In this new year,
    Let's talk more, chat less.
    Let's call more, text less.
    Let's meet more, Skype less.
    Let's travel more, collect less.
    Let's care more, ignore less.
    Let's do more, gossip less.
    Let's praise more, blame less.
    Let's share more, accumulate less.
    Let's experience more, fear less.
    Let's love more, hate less.

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  5. 65. Chasms And Bridges

    Ted L Glines has been writing since 1965, with many poems published in college literary magazines and the "underground" free press (Village Voice, etc.).

    Inspiring Poem About The Power Of Our Attitude

    Whether dancing the circle
    or sitting in the pews,
    the world is full of wonder
    and knee-jerk news.

    For those full of spite
    and woeful complaining,
    the world is full of darkness;
    no hope remaining.

    Diversity spawns,
    attacking spasms,
    elevating hate
    and deepening the chasms.

    You are who you are,
    smart as a fox;
    why confine yourself
    to a bleak little box?

    For those full of love
    and compassion caring,
    the world is full of brightness
    and warmth in sharing.

    Diversity spawns
    a chance to build bridges,
    elevating love
    and life privileges.

    You are who you are,
    smart as a fox;
    expressing yourself,
    you're out of that box!

    We can make this world
    a beautiful place
    if we toss away frowns
    and put smiles on our face.

    Abolish that burden
    of complaints you've been lugging;
    begin building bridges
    and get used to hugging!

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  6. 66. I Will Prevail

    My name is Phil Harris. I am 24 years of age and I reside in Georgia. This poem is one of the best out of a book I am writing called "Inspirations in Life." I have been inspired many ways in life to never allow anyone to cause me to remember that I have a dream that I can achieve. I hope to have the whole book completed within the next month.

    Poem Of Determination

    I have been told that I will never exceed.
    I have been told that I am living in a dream.
    I have been pushed to the side by many of my peers.
    I have heard of the struggles that were present before me.
    I have heard others speak of the struggles they were presented with.
    I have accepted I can't change everything in my life.
    I know the things that can be changed will take time.
    I have watched many come and fall.
    I have seen those who have raised to riches fall to pennies.
    I have started a goal.
    I have told myself that I will prevail.

    I have seen the evil in life.
    I have once been a victim to this life.
    I have learned that the only thing that can hold you back in life is living for the past.
    I refuse to give up without a try.
    I refuse to let anyone tell me that I can't reach the sky.
    I refuse to live for today.
    I will always prepare for tomorrow, even though it is not guaranteed.
    I will refuse to allow anyone to change my heart.
    I believe that God will lead me to a higher place.
    I believe that change has been accepted for my life.
    I believe that someone is watching over me.
    I will prevail.

    I apologize for the struggles others may have faced.
    I refuse to allow myself wait.
    I know that many have never received an apology for the struggles they have faced.
    I hope that you accept this from me as I am speaking through them to you.
    I know that for many of you this is the reason
    You have given in to the belief that you can't exceed.
    I will continue through the obstacles that step in my way.
    I will ask for guidance every day.
    I will not give up.
    I will not give in.
    I will not look back.
    I will not expect that this is all my life is meant to be.
    I will continue.
    I will prevail.

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    This poem hits me right smack in the heart. I feel it in the depts of my soul. You see, I lost my son, my only child coming up on 9 years. He was only 20 years old. And he was such an old...

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  7. 67. Smile

    • By Rish
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 14, 2021

    How a smile on one's face calms him and keeps him happy.

    A Smile On Your Face

    Keep smiling throughout the day
    To keep your tensions at bay,
    Like a stroke of magical ray,
    To make others happy and gay.

    A smile on your face can weave magic,
    Makes you forget all that is tragic,
    Keeps others around us ecstatic,
    Helps us forget our worries and be nostalgic.

    A pleasant smile just works like a dart,
    Warms your mind and touches the heart,
    Gives your day a perky start.
    A smile on your face makes you happy and smart.

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  8. 68. Keep Calm And Breathe

    This poem delivers the message we all need at times of stress: "Keep calm and breathe." It is written in the form of a Rondeau.

    A Rondeau is a French poetry form. A phrase from the first stanza is repeated as the last line of the second and third stanzas. It is made up of fifteen lines that consist of only two sets of rhymes throughout the entire poem: aabba aabR aabbaR.

    Staying Calm When Stressed

    Keep calm and breathe when feeling stressed,
    when life is tough. If you're depressed
    go for a walk, breathe in fresh air;
    talk to a friend you know will care;
    don't keep those feelings all suppressed.

    Be honest, say if you're distressed;
    those feelings need to be addressed.
    There is a message I can share.
    "Keep calm and breathe."

    You'll find when feelings are confessed
    and healing methods are accessed,
    tough times are easier to bear;
    and I will say a little prayer.
    These words will help you to destress:
    "Keep calm and breathe."

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  9. 69. Circle Of Life

    I am a student, a learner, a righteous person. I am a poet. I am someone who will sit down on my free time with my own free will and write a poem. When I write, I feel like my whole body is in balance. I am not a person who when disagrees on something will stand up and speak my mind right then and there. What I would do is go home, take out a sheet of paper, and write what I am thinking. Poetry is my refuge, my sacred thing, something no one can take away from me. I am a poet and proud to be one.

    Encouragement To See The Good In Life

    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Existence is a hard thing to keep when you stop trying.
    To live a life, you must want to live.
    To want to live you must find a way.
    When all hope is lost, you must stand tall.
    When all others retreat, you must prevail.
    You are the conscience inside your head.
    You create your own destiny.
    Life is a very hard thing to keep
    When your life does not always go the way you plan.
    Fight for your life and the right to keep dreaming.
    If you feel you were gifted, share your gift.
    If you feel you were cursed, fix it.
    As you get older, your life becomes a challenge.
    Who are you?
    What do you want in life?
    What will you be?
    What is your purpose in life?
    If you worry, these things will turn into burdens.
    But if you hold on to them in the back of your mind,
    All of the answers will come in time.
    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Look to the future, not to the past.

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  10. 70. Note To Self

    A short inspirational reminder to flow with changes.

    Metaphor For Dealing With Change

    Be like the willow that bends,
    shade that it sends,
    peace that it lends.

    During the breeze
    its leaves will appease
    and shift with ease.

    Enduring, alluring, maturing.
    Be like the willow that bends.

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    This is an amazing poem - saying so much in very few words. Things don't always go the way we want, and sometimes we have to adapt and do so cheerfully - a very important lesson. It is also...

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  11. 71. Life Doesn't Frighten Me

    Maya Angelou, an inspirational American poet, crafted a poem from a child’s perspective about all the frightening things in her world. Although this poem showcases many things that frighten a child, the greater theme in this poem is that no matter the obstacles we face in life, we can overcome them. The repetition of “life doesn’t frighten me at all” reinforces that theme.

    Shadows on the wall
    Noises down the hall
    Life doesn't frighten me at all

    Bad dogs barking loud
    Big ghosts in a cloud
    Life doesn't frighten me at all

    Mean old Mother Goose
    Lions on the loose
    They don't frighten me at all

    Dragons breathing flame
    On my counterpane
    That doesn't frighten me at all.

    I go boo
    Make them shoo
    I make fun
    Way they run
    I won't cry
    So they fly
    I just smile
    They go wild

    Life doesn't frighten me at all.

    Tough guys fight
    All alone at night
    Life doesn't frighten me at all.

    Panthers in the park
    Strangers in the dark
    No, they don't frighten me at all.

    That new classroom where
    Boys all pull my hair
    (Kissy little girls
    With their hair in curls)
    They don't frighten me at all.

    Don't show me frogs and snakes
    And listen for my scream,
    If I'm afraid at all
    It's only in my dreams.

    I've got a magic charm
    That I keep up my sleeve
    I can walk the ocean floor
    And never have to breathe.

    Life doesn't frighten me at all
    Not at all
    Not at all.

    Life doesn't frighten me at all.

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    I think this is a really good poem because it teaches kids not to give up and hide in the shadows and actually express themselves.

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  12. 72. I Am A Survivor

    I am not everything
    that has happened to me.
    I am everything I became
    while I healed.
    Stronger but softer.
    Focused but not obsessed.
    A teacher but still a student.
    I am not broken.
    I am beautiful.
    I am a survivor.

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  13. 73. The Time Is Now

    With this poem, I want to motivate the reader to live their life to the fullest, to make the most of their life...

    Making The Most Out Of Your Life

    We have but a short time
    On this earth,
    So value your life
    For what it's really worth.

    Your life has purpose.
    God sent you on a mission.
    To live, to love, to learn -
    Is His commission.

    The world needs you.
    Believe me, it's true!
    Some things need doing
    That only you can do.

    Character matters;
    Be your own person,
    Your own original self,
    Not someone else's version.

    Develop your talents;
    They are unique.
    Use your time well;
    Listen only to positive critique.

    Go after your dreams.
    Be bold. Be brave.
    Swim against the stream;
    It's more than okay.

    The time is now
    To find your passion.
    Time waits for no one,
    So get into action.

    To be free of regret
    In your old age,
    Never ever forget
    To fully live today!

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  14. 74. From The Heaven Up Above

    Nothing is as strong as gentleness.
    Nothing is as gentle as real strength
    Faith is not contrary to the usual ideas,
    something that turns out to be right or wrong,
    Give way to roads with greater bend
    and empty signs that still pretend. This poem is also posted on my poem-hunter.

    Motivating People To Live Out Their Dreams

    Why can't we sleep forever
    And live inside our dreams,
    Sheltered from the heartbreak
    That life can sometimes bring.
    You could live in a world
    Bordered only by your mind
    And never have to worry
    About running out of time.
    You could live out all your dreams,
    A life of love and laughter.
    Your every desire is fulfilled,
    You'd live happily ever after.
    You could take the stars
    From the heavens up above
    Then gift them to the one
    That shares your feelings of love.
    You could gather every rose
    For only their eyes to see.
    You would never have to question
    Will this love forever be.

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  15. 75. Successful Life

    People too often measure their success by the material possessions they have acquired or their status in society. I think a successful life is all of the troubles and experiences that a person goes through and what they gain from them.

    What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

    Death is an inevitable fate.
    Someday we have to go.
    You hope you did
    your best in life,
    but how are you to know?
    It's not the model of your car
    or brand of clothes you wear.
    It's not some fancy, famous name,
    sewn in your underwear.
    It's not the square footage of your house
    or what you keep inside.
    There's no material you possess
    that proves success in life.
    It's everything you sacrificed
    and choices you made.
    It's all the problems that you solved,
    your lessons from mistakes.
    It's bad times you've persevered.
    It's all the fun you've had.
    It's any time you've ever laughed
    and every tear you've shed.
    It's any time that you've been proud
    of others or yourself.
    It's every song you turned up loud,
    and every friend you helped.
    It's every wish you ever had.
    It's all your dreams and hopes.
    It's all the books you ever read,
    the movies that you've seen.
    It's all the stories you told,
    The places you've been.
    It's every sunset that you caught
    and every cent you spent.
    It's anyone you've ever loved
    who mourns you in the end.
    It's all these things
    and so much more,
    so don't stress.
    If you lived your life
    Then it's been a success.

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  16. 76. Stalwart

    We all have our share of struggles in life. I have mine and penned this, thinking over them.

    A Note To Life's Struggles

    Vagaries of this life can be
    Tough and hard to fathom,
    And yet have they conquered me?
    Look how far I've come.

    As I climb up its hill,
    Slopes and jagged edges and all,
    There are times I slip but still
    At no time did I fall.

    As I tread along its way
    Sometimes I run into bends,
    Stumbling blocks on some days
    But never into dead ends.

    As I sprint down its lane,
    Hurdles seem to abound,
    Yet the tripping now and again
    Still can't bring me down.

    Whims of life that lie in wait
    Though I may not have a clue,
    Firm is my will, strong is my faith.
    My God will see me through.

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    This is definitely an inspirational poem. Everyone has challenges in life, but how we deal with them is crucial to our own well-being. My favorite stanza was the second!

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  17. 77. Worthy

    you’ve got to look
    straight into the
    tired eyes of the
    woman staring back
    at you in the mirror
    and tell her that
    she deserves the
    best kind of love,
    the best kind of life
    and devote yourself to
    giving it to her
    all over again.

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  18. 78. Keep Your Head Up

    • By Matt McFarland
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    Trying not to get lost in life.

    Encouraging Others To Reflect On Lessons Learned

    Every time I try and sit and try and make a change,
    I always try and think of things that I could rearrange.

    And when I find the meaning of life and lessons that are taught,
    I'll take a look back and realize and tell you exactly what I thought.

    Life was never meant to be easy, and everyone has their days,
    But if you keep your head to the sky, you will find your way.

    I've been through hell and nearly back, and I still have some growing up to do,
    But I need to do this for myself and do what I have to do.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I connect with you totally. I think of this and that, try to do and live differently, yet I remain in the circle of life's hostility.

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  19. 79. Fly!

    • By Linette
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    I just wanted to take a moment to express my heart's creative desire to help uplift God's beautiful world with a short, simple poem offering a positive and caring vibration. I pray for an abundance of God's infinite blessings, health, peace and wonderful creativity to you all, dear friends.

    A Positive Take On Living Life

    Open heart and open mind,
    On a journey of a lifetime.
    Love and respect all,
    Get back up when you fall.
    Beat your drum like only you can;
    You're already part of the band!
    Shoulders back, head held high,
    Smile on.!

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  20. 80. Find You

    • By Abhishiktha R. Reddy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020

    I am Abhishiktha, a 14-year-old girl with a happy life.

    Find your soul
    In your thoughts.
    Find your character
    In your speech.
    Find your love
    Through your actions.
    Find your mistakes
    In your failures.
    Find your success
    Through your hard work.

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