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  1. Sorry

    • By Teona Johnson
    • Published: May 2008
    Comforting Poem About Strength

    We are sorry for all that has happened.
    It hurt us too,
    And together we will mend
    Your heart all the way through.

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  3. Black Is Beautiful

    • By Sharon D. Brown-Rogers
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Self-Worth

    Black is
    Black is as beautiful as a bed of milky white clouds.
    Black is as beautiful as soft as a newborn baby hair.
    Black is as beautiful as standing up for what is right.

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    It really touched me and I am going to use it to motivate and encourage others. Some of our black brothers and sisters hate themselves because they are black.

  4. Smile

    A Smile On Your Face

    Keep smiling throughout the day
    To keep your tensions at bay,
    Like a stroke of magical ray,
    To make others happy and gay.

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  6. Circle Of Life

    Encouragement To See The Good In Life

    Life is a carousel, always going forward, never going back.
    Existence is a hard thing to keep when you stop trying.
    To live a life, you must want to live.
    To want to live you must find a way.

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  7. Life Doesn't Frighten Me

    Shadows on the wall
    Noises down the hall
    Life doesn't frighten me at all

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    Maya Angelou may be dead, but her kids' poems are forever! Long live the kids' poetry of Maya Angelou!

  8. Don't Give Up

    Hope For Finding The Right Person

    We wait for what we long for.
    We long for what we need.
    Impatience and anxiety
    Give root to errant deed,

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    At 70, I gave up reading poetry and attempting to write it. At 77, I was diagnosed with cancer and do not really know how long I have left. Instinctively, I turned back to poetry to ease the...

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  10. Strength Comes In So Many Forms

    Strength comes
    In so many forms.
    In giving people
    Second chances,

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  11. Note To Self

    Metaphor For Dealing With Change

    Be like the willow that bends,
    shade that it sends,
    peace that it lends.

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    This is an amazing poem - saying so much in very few words. Things don't always go the way we want, and sometimes we have to adapt and do so cheerfully - a very important lesson. It is also...

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  12. The Time Is Now

    Making The Most Out Of Your Life

    We have but a short time
    On this earth,
    So value your life
    For what it's really worth.

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  13. Chasms And Bridges

    Inspiring Poem About The Power Of Our Attitude

    Whether dancing the circle
    or sitting in the pews,
    the world is full of wonder
    and knee-jerk news.

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