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  1. Life

    Love Will Help Overcome

    You never know what you got
    'Till someone takes it all away
    It always seemed so close
    But now I know it's so far away...

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    This poem is so true for sooo many people. one of those people is me. I have been teased and humiliated ever since I was a mere toddler. I have learned to deal with it, but deep inside I am a...

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  3. The Face Of Sadness

    Learning Lessons During Sadness

    It's happened again.

    The moment when I thought nothing would go wrong,
    That everything would be alright,

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  4. Lessons

    • By Jeremiah E. Fanjul
    • Published: January 2017
    Everyone Has Lessons To Learn

    There's beauty in struggle,
    There's feeling in pain.
    For every painstaking mistake,
    There are lessons you can name.

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    Well, my goodness!! You job and/or your girlfriend are not worth you!! Just remember that! You can find a new job; start looking, and you will find another girl. There is sometimes pain in...

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