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  1. 61. Indecisive

    I was born in the sign of "balance" popularly known as Libra. So it's been natural to my nature to be indecisive. Really, this character was with me since childhood. I can't get this out of my system. It's flowing in my blood.

    I just want to relay what's like to be a Libran, how it's like to have an indecisive character.

    A tag of war of rivals amid reciprocal sways
    My head and heart on floating question stains
    Innocent, naive which might will I surrender to?
    Whose aroma will my sense be persuaded to?

    Pushing and pulling, I felt so defenseless
    I had no power over my obedience
    The inconsiderate thieves snatched my right
    I couldn't craft a step, a move, and an answer

    How precious am I whose worth is to be robbed?
    An offer like a blood to a thirsty vampire throat
    What am I? A hand-friendly basketball
    Elastic from anyone's hand security

    How I wish my mouth wasn't stitched
    I could shout like an echoing bell kinetically
    Their ears would be plucked angrily like a gong
    Frightened, choice less- they returned my gold

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  2. 62. My Sanctuary

    • By Marci
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    Take a flower and examine it. Its peddles aren't perfect and they are in different forms and sizes from each other, but yet the flower seems to be still so beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Its much like people, if everyone was the same then life would be boring. No one is perfect and everyone has their faults and regrets, but that's what makes us stronger and more human. Be grateful for being alive. Forgive and move on. As for love, it is lifes greatest gift...

    The sun is setting
    The leaves fall-fall is setting in
    There's a slight breeze outside
    It's getting cold
    I walk outside to feel the breeze against my face
    I close my eyes and listen...
    I live in a world where there's so much life around me
    But for that moment I feel like I'm the only one
    The only one, and for that moment I picture myself in another place
    My Sanctuary
    I go over and sit on a bench and can hear the birds overhead
    My mind starts to wander
    Life wouldn't seem so bad as a bird
    They get to see the world
    I would like to see the world
    So much I have yet to see
    So many people I have yet to meet
    I open my eyes
    I go back inside
    Back to reality

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    My Sanctuary is being outside listen to the wind blow by and the sun shine on my face. Takes me to another world without worry, regret, or thought. A place I can let go and be carefree for...

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  3. 63. P.S. I Love You

    • By Anyah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

    Have you ever thought about the fact that the main time people say I love you is when they leave. How do you feel about it? I think that it is much smarter to say these words in the beginning.

    You say I love you right before you leave
    You act so kind then leave me to grieve
    You let me stand there in disbelief
    Thinking that it will give me some kind of relief
    That you end our conversation, letter, relationship with
    "I love you"

    Why don't you give me some time to enjoy
    The love that can be received
    To be happy that I am loved by you and you loved by me
    But you wait to see
    If we can be
    In a circle of love
    With all love to show
    Making sure and always letting me know
    That in the beginning and in the end
    Your love will always transcend

    But maybe you think that if you say it now
    It will Make up for later
    Or maybe it gives you of how
    To see me later
    Or maybe its because right before soldiers went to war
    They grabbed their wives hugged them tight and said,
    "I love you"
    Or maybe because when she broke up with him he said,
    "I love you" to change her mind
    But what ever the reason
    The size of the grieving
    The words unbelieving
    The eyes to be tearing
    Will always be less
    More time to caress
    my soul
    If only you let me know
    How great of your love
    Before you go.

    P.S. I Love you

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  4. 64. What Are Secrets?

    • By Rishabh
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2016

    I am a just a teenager who loves writing poems and sharing them with other people. I wrote this poem after I was consumed with grief due to my secrets. This poem came about as a relief for my grief.

    Poem Showing The Effects Of Secrets

    Secrets are things we hide,
    Things we hide from other people's sight.
    They are things we don't want anyone to know,
    Whether it be a friend or foe.
    Secrets have their own importance,
    They have their own risks.
    Secrets are like a weight on man's shoulder,
    A weight even heavier than a boulder,
    Which slows down his pace,
    And shows him a new phase,
    A new phase of life,
    A life full of strife.

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    Always tell them the truth the first time. I know from bad experience, and you might end up being able to be with the one you truly love. Trust Me. 'Cause they'll never trust you even if when...

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  5. 65. Life Is full Of Surprises

    • By Anjali
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    I always think about Life, whenever I thought everything was under control, something happened, which reminded me that the ultimate control is in his hands.

    Life is full of surprises and shocks
    while we are planning and deciding
    our next move,
    our course of action
    It moves in opposite direction,
    without warning
    while we spend a lifetime,
    thinking and planning
    about our future,
    our loved ones
    It takes a step further beyond our thinking
    everything about life is always uncertain
    the only thing constant thing about it is
    it is always moving
    so keep moving,
    keep smiling always

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    You're so right. Life changes in a second. That's why we need to be prepared and ready. Live life to the fullest through God, have peace, tranquility, do for others, set some standards, be...

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  6. 66. Life Is Worth Living

    • By V.sowmya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    Life is worth living

    Sometimes the days goes by
    And turns into years
    But the mind ponders backwards
    Trying to search, find and analyze
    The moment of glory, joy and anguish
    The ecstasy at its unreachable destination
    storming and swaying here and there
    The heart overtaking the mind
    And being in its own bliss
    The ever-growing passion of want
    Makes itself the king of existence
    Life still a merry to live and relish.

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  7. 67. Too Late

    about a girl who feels like it's to late to change or do anything about what she's become

    I feel like it's to late
    to apologize for everything
    that I've ever done wrong

    I feel like it's to late
    to change who I've become
    back to what I was

    I feel like it's to late
    because I've probably giving up
    and "I don't care"

    I feel like it's to late
    too many tears have already been shed
    and the past can't change

    they say it's never to late
    but then why does time exist

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    You can't change the past all you can do is make a better life than the one you had in the past.

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  8. 68. My World In Tears

    • By Eonis Cibrian
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    My life! Keeping my world going

    When I started to break
    You glued me together
    I began to suffer through pain
    and ignore all the rain
    but life began to tremble with a problem after another
    you scared me with blood
    and he hurt me with tears
    it's no lie
    I do wish I can die
    but I know death is not the solution to everything I hear
    I know he will be better
    and I know I can wait
    but if you're not wanting this
    stop giving me this race!
    I can stop at the red light
    but life goes green
    can I get a speeding ticket
    when my life turns grey
    help me to be the only color
    help me to escape from grey
    no more rain no more tears.
    let my world fly out of here!

    My World In Tears

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    Awesome poem. Life is a great place if you just let it, Sometimes it sounds easier to just forget but in reality it's not a good thing to ignore

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  9. 69. Strong & Steady

    • By Hannah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2016

    These last few months have been particularly rough for me. My parents just divorced, my mom is moving an hour and a half away, and my dad's girlfriend is moving in. I've been trying for a long time to capture my feelings, and this poem does that for me. This poem really means a lot to me. To me, it perfectly captures that longing for how my life used to be and how it is so much different now: the contrast between a steady life and a weak life that greatly represents the natural beats of life.

    Poem About A Full And Empty Life

    And out.
    Strong and steady
    Are the breaths.

    Strong and steady
    Is the heartbeat.

    Strong and steady.
    Is the clock.

    Strong and steady
    Are the raindrops.

    And STEADY
    And FULL
    Is the life of one who achieves.

    And EMPTY
    Is the life of one who is

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  10. 70. The Emerald Isle

    It's just something about Ireland. Someone once asked me to explain about where I am from

    Poem about Ireland

    Full of mystical folklore banshee's and fairies
    Endless searching for clover while leprechaun's hide
    under ground
    Mist in the air shadowy dance
    Bracken are the hillside's with bluebell's and romance
    A thorn between county's once driven apart
    Gaelic football and hurling playing under a golden harp
    Known for there talk fighting and drink
    It's people have big heart's and smile's with a nod
    and a wink
    It's most famous city with it's cobbled stone street's
    Walked author's and poets
    As musicians played in the street's
    Although the tenement building's no longer stand
    The bacon and cabbage is still in demand
    A pot of caudill was known as the poor man's broth
    The pawn shop by the Liffee bore everyone's cross
    The rag and bone man no longer calls
    No more horses and cart's everyone now has car's
    Steeped in tradition it's mythers so brave
    This country so green
    The emerald isle

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    I loved this poem; it has touched me so much. It's like you know me, the way you wrote it. God bless you...

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