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  1. Tell Me

    People Don't Understand Me

    Why do things always happen this way?
    Why does my heart choose to stay closed?
    Why can't you hear my pain?
    This is all I ask.

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    This piece really describes me. I feel the writer knew me through and through. Thumbs up.

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  3. To Live And To Love

    Poem About Life And Love


    We were put on this planet
    To live and to love.
    To cherish the ones in our lives
    And never let them get hurt.

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    A BLINK of the eye, time flies by, as tomorrow turns into the past. Focusing on the minute only to get caught up in the moment. Working towards prudent goals leads you in the right direction....

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  4. In A Blink Of An Eye

    • By Hana Kent
    • Published: February 2008

    Everyday I wonder and think
    How much am I missing with every blink

    Is the world spinning so fast...

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  6. Vanities

    • By Michael Monkhouse
    • Published: February 2008
    Senseless Acts

    It's senseless.

    The hand that rips the page of poetry.
    The snake that chews the eye of the skull....

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  7. Shadow Of Life

    • By Shelby Denham
    • Published: January 2008
    Being True To Yourself Poem

    Walking in the shadow of fear,
    drowning endlessly by a single tear,
    running alongside self-discovery,
    fearing the loss of self-recovery,

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    This poem makes me dream, dream of a life that one day might come true

  8. Rise

    I Will Rise


    I will rise
    After every fall.
    I will rise
    And stand tall.

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    I'm from a country which is famous for its literature. And it's Iran. So we, Iranians, know what a good poem is. I really like your poem. It teaches us never give up. It teaches us if birds...

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  10. The Ugly And The Beauty In Real Life

    • By Jose Cruz
    • Published: November 2007


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    I think life's full of people who care about you but also people who you dislike or people who will never give up on their true self. NEVER GIVE UP. Keep Smiling No Matter What Brings You Down!

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