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  1. The Music Of The Night

    Difficulty Sleeping

    When demons pick at my troubled mind
    And the passage to sleep becomes harder to find,
    I close my eyes, turn out the light
    And listen to the music of the night.

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  3. Life Is full Of Surprises

    • By Anjali
    • Published: February 2009

    Life is full of surprises and shocks
    while we are planning and deciding
    our next move,
    our course of action...

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    You're so right. Life changes in a second. That's why we need to be prepared and ready. Live life to the fullest through God, have peace, tranquility, do for others, set some standards, be...

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  4. What Is Life?

    • By Susmita Dutta
    • Published: September 2014

    Life is a mansion
    That stands on the pillars of hope.

    Life is a span

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    Yeah, life is a mansion that stands on the pillars of hope.

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  6. Fire Burning Inside Us

    Poem About The Light Inside Of Us

    There is a light
    in each one of us.
    Burning with delight,
    it lays deep inside of us,

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    WOW beautiful!!! I'm thirteen and I feel the exact same way!!

  7. I Am Trying

    • By Shawna
    • Published: March 2020
    Finding Your Life's Purpose Can Be Difficult

    I know there's something great in me,
    Something I struggle to find.
    The days and months keep passing
    As I lie here, stuck in my own mind.

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    The future of tomorrow seems so far away. Sadness filled my heart the day you walk away. I remember the little games we played with the memories that I have from yesterday. The future of...

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  8. Life Is Worth Living

    • By V.sowmya
    • Published: July 2008

    Sometimes the days goes by
    And turns into years
    But the mind ponders backwards
    Trying to search, find and analyze...

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  10. My World

    • By Xavier Mentor
    • Published: January 2018
    Hoping My Wishes Become Reality

    Heaven is where I wish to be,
    But hell is where I remain.
    Peace is what I seek,
    But war infects my world.

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    I can't imagine the amount of energy put into this work to make it as beautiful as it is. I have a deep passion for it.

  11. Too Late

    I feel like it's to late
    to apologize for everything
    that I've ever done wrong

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    You can't change the past all you can do is make a better life than the one you had in the past.

  12. Concealment

    • By Victoria
    • Published: February 2011

    So much anger is wrapped around my heart,
    Compressing my blood to stop it from flowing delicately,
    Tears drizzle down my bone cheeks as I bite my soft lips to avoid screaming.
    My heart is pierce, sharp hater and jealousy, ...

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    Sometimes people just aren't able to see the bigger picture. When the people we love so much don't seem to care about us as much as we care about them it hurts more than they know. I...

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  13. I, Too

    I, too, sing America.

    I am the darker brother.
    They send me to eat in the kitchen

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