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  1. Music

    Poem About The Power Of Music

    Music is a privilege to all who hear her sing.
    Joy, heart and happiness is mostly what she'll bring.
    Her mood is your shadow: anger, love and irritation,
    Her mood reflects your own in a way of imitation.

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    Can I just commend this writer on this amazing poem. I was dancing while reading this. It really did touch me as I feel that exact way when I listen to music. I really do believe that music...

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  3. The Masks

    • By Nancy Crosskill Longanbach
    • Published: June 2015
    Poem About Hiding Your Pain

    I have so many different masks.
    I wear them one by one.
    I see them in a pile
    When my day is finally done.

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  4. Celebrity

    Vibrant lights
    Roused clamor
    Flickers of light
    Extreme glamour.

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    I think this poem is fantastic because it really changes my perspective on the world around us. I highly recommend it.

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  6. In Memory Of Christian

    • By Sharon L. Heiston
    • Published: July 2007
    Poem About Living Life To The Fullest

    There are only a handful of people
    That you'll meet in life
    That truly touch your heart
    And make you glad you're alive...

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    Our son, Christian, passed away suddenly at the age of 26 on October 20th, 2006. I came across this poem; it reminded me so much of our Christian. He had that type of personality and the...

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  7. Awake Or Asleep

    • By Neha
    • Published: December 2011

    Everyday I think of something beautiful and deep,
    Before I go to sleep.
    It brings a smile
    And gives the strength to go another mile....

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  8. Those Who...

    • By Marijke Theart
    • Published: February 2016

    Those who judge are the ones who hurt the most.
    Those who preach are the ones who got preached at the hardest.
    Those who want to know everything are the ones who know the least.
    Those who have anger are the ones who really do care.

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  10. Life Is

    Poem About The Ups And Downs Of Life

    Life is great.
    Life is grand.
    Life is your feet
    and toes in the sand.

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    I am a teacher it made me cry and laugh at the same time

  11. Drop The Mirror

    • By Siobhan Bligh
    • Published: April 2009

    A silhouette upon the moonlight night
    Spawned internally by her mind
    A glance in a mirror, a shock of fright...

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  12. Live Life To Fullest

    • By Latangelia Hilton
    • Published: June 2008

    Life is like an old house; it gets used,
    worn-out and old.
    Then it's time to move to another.
    Life is just a place where your soul lives while it's on earth. ...

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  13. Brotherhood

    • By Gerry Anderson
    • Published: August 2008

    I walk slowly down the streets paved with sadness,
    Addicts begging for favors and pleading for change,
    Desperation plagues their dark hollow eyes
    And their hearts, they are empty and I ...

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    When my father died, I though my world had died too. I no longer cared about anything, things I once cared about had no meaning, no worth. Unfortunately, this included not only material...

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